2013 Marathon Thread



  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Teknik that sounds like a great midweek morning running club all the best with the charity workimage

    SC Might jump in a cold bath later I have a little niggle in my right calf and the cold bath will help. Kettle now on the boilimage.

    NN well done on the LT run and miles, I know what you mean about the rain but no macho me hereimage 




  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Forgot 4 miles recovery in the wind and rainimage. 14 tomorrow hope that wind drops.

  • Not a good forecast here for tomorrow.image

    And heres the boy who's  been getting all the exercise.  He is 4 today!



  • Wow, what's the birthday boys name Kaz, ? He looks a happy boy with all the walking etc image Bet he loves running around on all his walks !!
  • Blimey I wouldn't want to feed him for a month..he looks huge

    he is gorgeous Kaz image

  • He is rather big! His name is Joop(kidz named him after aftershaveimage). A very happy boy, and very much likes running around on walks but we have to be careful because people are rather intimidated by him!! He would never hurt anyone thou, and is just a big softy. Very much like Scooby Doo in mannerismsimage

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Happy BIrthday Joop image
  • Flying visit- only just got back in! Happy Birthday, Joop!image

    Had to juggle my schedule a bit- cos didn't get home from work until 7pm and tbh my legs are still feeling the effects of the enforced raceimage on Sunday! so 5.xx and 6.5m recovery runs today- no chance of doing tempo run- but figure i did that -effort wise at least- on Sunday.

    Eat and bed now- catch up tomorrow- good running allimage


  • He looks lovely Kaz.

    He even looks like scooby image brilliant.

    "I don't know" (scooby accent with shoulders moving ) image
  • Just back from session with trainer in the gym., more leg work and interval speed work on the treadmill, legs feel sore but all for the cause I guess .

    Kaz joop is one big unit of dog, looks like he can run and run and run!!
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Love the dog kaz! image He must be so happy with all the walks he's getting.

    Well I think the 50mph winds have hit here, never run into such wind and the rain felt like it was taking my skin off - really sore!

    Nice double NP, I see the wind got up for your recovery run! A good recovery double jason, not surprised the legs are feeling Sunday's race, that was a tough one!! image

    Good luck on the charity effort Teknik, that's a big number running for it. image

    NN fantastic pace on the LT run. image

    Pretty strong wind and rain here HM4, hope it calms down for you tomorrow.

    Did 7.4m tonight with first half into the strongest wind I've ever run into and the rain imageimage. We binned the pyramid session on the way out as just impossible, getting blown about all over the place. Flying on the way back tho'! image 



  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done on the gym work MG1. I tried to get my weights done after the run but weights room was full, will try again early at the weekend.


  • Kaz, he looks like a gentle giant,

    NP, good recovery run enjoy the14 tomorrow, it's going to be a bit windy tomorrow according to the forecast

    NN, you hit the pace well done, would have been tough in the wind

    Jason, rest up you've been working hard

    Tonight JS run was a 5 miler and it was blowing a gale here, kept the run flat as it was going to be hard enough.

    5.19 miles 54 mins
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM hope the weather's not too bad down there

    NP nice recovery - hope the 14 goes ok today

    Kaz wow what a great dog !image

    jason good double recoveries

    AGF lol

    MG well done in the gym and on the treddie

    Fiona well done in the wind - tough stuff

    Stewart well done on the 5m in a gale


    Breakthrough run here this morning - 4m at 70%max, got below 9mm at that HR for the first time this campaign. Feeling good!  MP run tonight...

  • 50kts gusting over 60kts here
    (just as well I'm grounded)
    Well done to all those battling the wind StewartC FionaC
    Tek - sounding good and on track

  • Hi Everyone. A couple of days of non running is over and I jogged with the dog this morning. So I am back on it. Legs feel rested but I am tired after two days or drinking late into the night !!.....I am not as young as i used to be image  Good fun though!

    Well done on the breakthrough Tek. 

    Be careful in the gusty wind folks !!


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason well done on getting the runs in yesterday image

    Fiona well done on yesterday's second run the wind here hasn't dropped its got worse image

    Teknik well done on the below 70% run.

    OH this wind will keep you out of the water.

    AGF well done on this mornings run not sure I could do the drinks thing.

    Just under 14 miles for me this morning avg 7:45 image
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done Stewart, last night was tough!

    Teknik nice breakthrough on the HR. image

    OH must be pretty wild with you, gusts of 129mph recorded not so far away from here!

    AGF I'm sure the rest will have done you good. image

    NP same here, wind seems worse than last night (although not as bad as through the night) but hope it calms down for later. Well done on the 14. image Meant to be a longer one for me tonight but will see how far I manage in this weather, might just run at an easy pace.



  • Fiona, there is no easy run in this wind, god luck this evening

    Tek, Well done on the 70% breakthrough, enjoy the MP run tonight

    AGF it takes me a couple of days to recover from a heavy drinking session

    NP, another good run

    Not sure if I should go to the gym or go for a run, it's rather windy at the moment.....I'll wait and see if it calms down before deciding
  • Kaz,

    He looks cute and trouble.  Is he a Great Dane?


    Today has been quieter.  On tomorrow's day off I'm going to be reasonably busy however if I get chance I'd really like to get out.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • 2nd run for the day. A few sprints up the local hill. Nice to be back running after a couple of days off image

  • Just a steady 4 miles for me to tonight tough against the wind but nice with it behind image need to rest as legs feel sore.

    Hope everyone has enjoyed the battle in the wind!
  • Good running, everyone!


    4.5 miles @ 9.35 this evening. Second half into a pretty strong headwind, almost bringing me to a standstill in places. Still, it was much less breezy than it was yesterday/this morningimage 

    11 or so tomorrow evening or Friday morning.

  • Fiona- nice running in the wind. Same problem here. seems that a lot of us are battling the elements at the momentimage Especially those in the North- heard it was pretty grim up your way, OH.....

    Stewart- nice 5mimage

    Tek- well done on the breakthrough- great when you get those!image

    NP- nice 14m and a good pace too thereimage

    AGF- well done on the doubleimage

    Somebody was smiling on me this morning as I drove down to my usual morning run route- it threw it down with massive hailstones, covering the road in seconds and my wipers were struggling to cope. I felt pretty anxious sat inside in my shorts... by the time I ran it had turned to rain and stopped within 10 minsimage of my 6.5m recovery. PHEW! This evening my achilles were still a bit sore after Sunday's bashing, so i treated  them with doing my 15m ML run on the nice soft trackimage. They loosened up enough for me to be able to run the last 6m at pMP, fairly comfortably. Very happy with this runimage 15.01m in 1.41.24 (6.45 av) splits: 7:10 7:19 7:21 7:23 7:08 7:08 7:12 6:58 6:48 6:13 6:10 6:07 6:10 6:09 6:02 4

    I love it when a plan comes togetherimage

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    OH blimey hope everything's nailed down at home

    AGF nice dog run and well done on the hill sprints

    NP nice MLR today

    Fiona well done in the wind and hope you got out again tonight

    Stewart thanks

    HM good luck for tomorrow

    MG nice 4m

    Stuart well done for battling through on the 4.5m

    jason wow - nice recovery and nice splits on the 15m!  Running track?!


    2m warm up and down tonight and 10k at around 80%max as a MP test - came out at 8:20mm, so pretty happy at this early stage...image

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done everyone for getting out there. Fantastic MP jason and Teknik the HR running is really coming together! image

    AGF sounds like you have a spring in your step after the rest!image MG1 you'll be the same after a rest.

    Stewart did you run or go to the gym; it looked busy last night.

    Decided rather than battle the wind to do a hill session on the treadmill. Ages since I've done that so quite happy with it, 6 miles done. image Looks like it's going to calm down later tonight and hope it stays that way for the weekend!


  • Tek - nice run! He track was softer on the joints and minimised the effects of the strong wind image

    Fiona- same idea here about wind avoidance. Just the track is slightly better than the treadmill image well done on the 6
  • MG1, a little TLC for your legs NP will recommend the cold bath, and trust me that's a different sort of pain

    SM6, well done for getting out and it will have been tough in the windy conditions

    Jason, the weather gods played nice for a change, another great run in the bank

    Tek, are you planning running at 80% for your marathon

    Fiona, well done for the hilly six on the treadie, I decided to give the run a miss, the plan for today was to do some 800m repeats at the track but it was just to blustery, so for a change I went to the gym, did some weights, ran on the AMT for 25 minutes and did a little core and stretch session.  JS tomorrow so I look to get the 800's done on Friday


  • Stewart C, the cold bath doesn't sound too appealing but as you say NP is a believer which is good enough for me, 2 days rest then looking for a 20 m + LSR on sat morning, never run further than 20 before so will be a challenge image
  • Quick post..will read back properly during my long break later

    My 14 tonight went like
    managed to run progressive despite wind..which was more of a side wind than anything else..but really strong..

    2 hours 5 mins

    ave hr 75.9% pleased with that..

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