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  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    new page, new Feb list...

    09/02/13 Hellrunner   MG

    10/02/13 Wokingham HM Johnas

    10/02/13 Tregaron HM Jason D

    10/02/13 Dursley Dozen Jaycmoore

    17/02/13 Bramley 20  Teknik

    17/02/13 Plymouth Hoe 10 Night Nurse

    24/02/13 Malta    Emmy

  • Fiona great running last night sounds like your enjoying the hill running image nice early 4 miles today you going double? Knee 100% image

    SC 11 miles is 11 miles well done sir image

    MG1 nice 6 miles into the bank Hell runner sounds good.

    AGF well done on the 19 miles and all the best for the 10k this weekend.

    NN another fantastic 20 into the VLM bank image

    Teknik hot yoga againimage and 4 miles hope the foam roller did the trick with the niggle.

    Well missed my swimming was up half the night with stomach problems think is was something I ate, anyway did 6 mile progressive on the treadmill at work late this afternoon up to 6:20 pace now feel 100% and fresh as a daisy image hill run tomorrow.
  • NN good 20 miler with a good steady pace

    Tek hopefully the roller has worked.

    No Pain you are a machine ; ) even when I'll, great pace on treadmill

    Rest and hydrate for me tonight , get the race number on the shirt , timing chip on trail shoes and look forward to the mornings entertainment !
  • Fiona,

    Not a chance as after work tomorrow I need to go into Portsmouth.


    Thanks.  I will do.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • AGF, well done with the long run and a low HR, good luck with the 10k race this weekend

    NN, Another good 20 in the bank, and it would have been an effort finishing into the wind

    Tek, hope the roller sorts out the cramping calf, well done with the recovery and yoga

    NP, glad the tummy issues are sorted, a good treadie session enjoy the hills tomorrow

    MG1, good luck can't wait to hear all about it

    I felt tired all day today and the motivation wasn't quite there, and I had a 8 mile with 4@ LT planned for this evening.  Got home and changed and gritted the teeth and went for it, 3 mile wu @11mm and in truth I wasn't looking forward to the tempo part of the run.  splits for the LT section were 9:01(81%) 8:56(85%) 8:58(86%) 8:52(87%).

    Happy to get through it, went to Body balance after and I'm now feeling a lot more relaxed.

  • AGF & NN - Great long runsimage

    NP - Nice run, 6:20 is fairly tanking it!

    MG - Enjoy tomorrowimage

    Stewart - Nice run, good LT pace.


    Planned to do 4 miles before the gym, but gave up at around 2.7, legs felt like lead. Lack of sleep today being the likely cause, think I'll be fine for a MLR tomorrow if i get a good sleep.

    Quick gym session of chin ups, dips and lunges. Couldn't believe how busy the gym was on a Friday eveningimage

  • Good luck MG1, look forward to the report!

    No double for me NP but hopefully back to normal from today. image Good to hear you got over the bug thing quickly and good TM run, that must be your first in a while?

    Stuart nice gym sesion.

    Stewart well done on toughing it out. It sounds like a lot of us are feeling tired at the mo, the training does take it's toll.

    Teknik I hope the roller sorted things?

    Off to get organised for my run....image



  • That up early Fiona. Hope run went well.

    Well done for getting through it Stewart.

    Good luck in today's race MG.

    I missed the race. Conditions put me right of it. That said went to gym and dud 7 general aerobic + 10k tempo. Pleased with tempo as is an unofficial Pb and there's was more to give under race conditions image
  • Fiona sorry I thought you where doing a double yesterday, think it was something I ate as I felt great once it was through my system as for the treadmill going to be doing a few sessions again now I'm back at work. Which will ensure I can get some good running in at the one pace, 4 more weeks of 80+ miles now and going to start to add more tempo runs into the mix. Then 3 weeks of 60 to 70 mile weeks with even more tempo and MP sessions then its taper timeimage

    MG1 good luck with the race dont forget the reportimage

    SC well done with the LT running they are not easy.

    HM4 you getting out for a run over the weekend?

    SM6 Sounds like a rest day or recovery day wont hurt

    AFG Conditions is the one thing thats out of our control but well done on the 10k PBimage.

    Fiona hope your run went ok.

    8 miles  today 4 up and 4 down, 73.78 miles for a cut back week for meimage






  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NP speedy treddie run yesterday, and well done on the 8 mile hill run today. Well done on the mileage.

    MG looking forward to the race reportimage

    HM hope you're ok

    Stewart well done on the tempo run; glad you enjoyed the gym class

    Stuart hope the legs are better. Well done on the gym work and hope the MLR goes ok

    Fiona glad the knee's better. Hope the early morning run went well...

    AGF super running on that treddie 10kimage


    12m for me this morning.  Calf was ok until until I stopped, then the cramp struck again.  More rolling required...image. Hope I'll  be ok for the Sunday club race.

  • Teknik a pal of mine advised me a few years ago regarding cramp if you carry a sachet of vinegar and you start to cramp drink the vinegar. Cramp is caused by an electrical signal which is sent to the muscle when it's already contracted the acid will help to stop it and also stop the pain within the muscle after the cramp. I thought yer right thats going to work then I started to take a cramp during the night in my right calf the first couple of times it hurt like hell for a couple of days after. So I tried the vinegar one night and in a matter of minutes the pain had gone and I never suffered the after effects that lasted days before. Give it a try it could also work for you great 12 miles in the bank.


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    thanks NP - I'll give it a go image

  • Great confidence boost to get an unofficial PB AGF! image

    Still slacking a bit yesterday NP but should be back to the doubles next week. image The treadmill is great for keeping the pace and great mileage for a cutback week.

    Teknik hope the vinegar sorts you out. image Having said that I eat a lot of beetroot in vinegar which is great. image

    22 miles done here, ended up 8:04mm pace overall and a nice morning for a run - fog, still and no rain.image

  • Fiona that another great 22 miles in the VLM bank image fantastic running.

    AGF I put your new PB time into the calculator and it gives you a 3:15 marathon image
  • Super 22 Fiona.... All under 3hrs= very impressive.

    Well done NP... Your well set up for your speedier weeks image

    Rest well Teknik.

    We will see NP;)
  • AGF - Nice 10k time!image

    Fiona - Great pace for that 22. What time are you aiming for at London?

    Tek - Hope the calves aren't too troublesome. Well done on the 12m

    NP - Good run, and nice total for a cutback week!image


    11.33 miles @ 9.34 ave

    Felt lazy this morning, took me nearly 4 hours from waking up to getting out the door. Felt fine once I did. I seem to have run 60 miles in the last 7 days, which I think is a record for me.image

    6 + gym tomorrow, 17-18 on Monday. Then recovery week, which I actually plan to go through with this time...

  • SM6, good session at the gym, I needn't do more gym work

    AGF, an official PB is just round the corner, well done

    NP, Awesome totals for a cut back week, and a good hilly session today

    Tek, another good run, hope you can get round the cramping, I cramped up at body balance, but I wasn't long finished my lt run, and I didn't rehydrate after.

    Fiona, what a great run and speedy too, how's the knee holding up

    Just a 4 mile recovery run for me today, a gentle plod on the riverside, 16 miles with 10@ MRP tomorrow, it will be a group run, but I'll do a few miles before and after.
  • I'm fine guys.  Had a really busy today with work & then shopping in Portsmouth.  I'd like to get out for a run tomorrow but haven't checked the weather yet.

    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Well done everyone today on the runs and gym sessions.

    Ran the Hell Runner in the middle today at Trentham park,nr Stoke onTrent.

    Didnt really know what to expect other than it was going to be tough and boy I wasn't disappointed.

    Woke to find it was snowing and sleeting which didn't exactly fill me with joy, event organisation was very good with chip timing and plenty of marshalls, the total distance was around 10 miles but the terrain was hard including 5 hills that were so steep that running up them was extremely tough, had to walk up three and going down was very tricky.

    .There was also two crossings of the river Trent with water up to my chest which just froze the legs and a nice wade through a lake for good measure.

    Trials were mix of mud and grass with a few bits on gravel trials. Definately the hardest race I have done with legs feleling wasted but good training all the same and no injuries so pretty happy, have to wait to see where I finished although not that important.

    All in all would recommend to run at least once for challenge if nothing else.
  • Right then back on track! image

    Did the parkrun today to take me to around 8m for the week!!! Tregaron half mara tomorrow- very hilly and rather than feeling rested, my legs feel heavy and achy!! How come???? image image oh well, normal service resumed next week image

    Catch up later, guys! image
  • MG, Thats sounds like a great days training. One of those where you must think " why am I doing this - I must be mad ...... especially as I am loving it !!! ". I am sure it will do Marathon training no harm too !!

    Stuart - well done on the 60 Miles in a week. Super running that !!

    Stewart - good luck with your long run. 

    Good luck with todays half Jason. 

    Hi HM4 - get those trainers onimage 

    I run around warwick racecourse. Its fair to say that 3 days of rain means it just 1 big wet muddy puddle, The trail shoes did great though and feet kept try. Lulu loved it and chased plenty of birds. It took 2 large towells to wipe her down afterwards - both now in the wash image  Looking forward to watching rugby in the pub later image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Fiona super running - a foggy 22m at a great paceimage

    Stuart well done on the 11.33m - fantastic week's total, too.image

    Stewart I think you're right about the hydration. Nice recovery plod - hope the LR with 10 @ MP goes ok

    HM hope you get out today

    MG well done on the Hell Runner - sounds really toughimage

    Jason hope Tregaron goes/went? ok

    AGF nice Lulu run - enjoy the beersimage


    Really painful night with cramping left calf.  Vinegar didn't work NP (I presume I was supposed to drink itimage), but luckily I found some old quinine tablets.  Compression guard and Deep Heat overnight, and it felt better this morning, so I did the club race.  One mile warm-up then 8.8m at 7:31mm...praying there'll be no payback from the calf tonight.

    73m this week @ 9:02 mm av @ 73% maxHR av.

  • Stuart you'll be looking forward to the recovery week, that's great mileage for the week. My overall aim for VLM is to keep my GFA but PB is 3:20:56 so it would be nice to get close to that or a bit better. image

    That's a tough run planned for today Stewart. The knee is ok, I think it'll just be a case of managing it and if it niggles just to cut back a bit but try to keep the quality sessions. Quite relaxed about that.

    HM4 I always check the forecast too especially for the long runs but don't let the weather stop you. It was good to hear you were getting out again! image 

    MG1 well done, sounds seriously tough but think I'll be too busy to do that one next year! imageimage

    jason good luck in the half.image

    AGF nice racecourse run! It never ceases to amaze me how much water dogs hold in their coats when they are in the wet/mud especially Lab/Bassett type coats.

    Not so good about the calf Teknik. I used to get really bad calf cramp in the night that hurt for days until I started taking Zero tablets in water. For me I think just depleted in salts etc. Great pace on the race and fab mileage.

    4 miles easy for me so 50 for the cutback week. May not be back to higher mileage next week as a few one off work things happening but will make sure I get the shorter quality runs.


  • MG1, sounds like a brutal run well done

    SM6, I missed the 11 you did yesterday and at a good pace well done

    Jason, welcome back, hope the half goes well today

    AGF, Good run with the dog, bet it was tough workout for the legs

    Tek, great running as per usual, hope the calf settles down

    Today plan was for 16 with 10@MRP, unfortunetly I started off way to fast and it made the last few miles interesting.

    Stats for the run.


     Lesson have been learnt.

    1. Stick to the prescribed paces

    2. do these types of runs on my own, which should help with pace management.


  • Well done Stewart, still another good training session banked.image


  • No running today for me.  It's been non stop rain & freezing cold so I've gone some yoga instead which has freed off my shoulder a bit because that's been suffering with the rain.

    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Well my cold has finally abated and I got out for Tesco 5k (in reality a 3.5 mile fun run with little or no organisation) 29:19 which would have equated to a 26 min 5k.  Fine bright morning, if cool, and breezy.

    Good running StewartC more miles in the bank

    Jason - hope all goes well on Tregaron HM tomorrow

    Good running everyone else Tek, FionaC AGF

  • AGF good effort round the racecourse , I am sure Lulu hada a good time

    Tek - great mileage for the week and pace too

    Fiona C another good week of work

    Stewart C good 16 m run all the same even if the pacing didn't quite work how you wanted it to

    Got my race result through came 172 out of 959 in 1.29 so quite pleased.
  • Having a few problems on here on my computer? anyone else?

    AGF Sounds like a great strength run for you and Lulu did she get a bath with you?

    Teknik sorry to hear your still getting the cramps, nice running in your club race and great 70+ miles for the week, told Paul that your one of his HADD disciplesimage

    Fiona 50 and quality is good for the cut back week, well doneimage I think your on for that PB no problems

    SC well done on your run today but why not go out slow and then warm up and push hard at the end? This will also have a better effect on your confidance, give it a go the next time outimage

    HM4 you need to get out in the fresh airimage

    OH well done on the 3.5 mile fun run, glad your feeling better nowimage

    MG1 thats a good result well done on the 1.29image and top quarter of the fieldimage

    22.02 miles in the bank this morning, rain/drizzle the whole way round funny but once your out in it and running you dont notice it that much. Met two Friends at mile 11/11.5 and ran with them up to the 22 mile point. Felt strong the whole way and happy the way the training is goingimage








  • NP that was the plan but stupidly I didn't follow it, cracking run by the way

    Fiona, good totals for the week well done

    OH, a good 5k run

    MG well done
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