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  • That's a great book that NP has recommended. I've read it cover to cover and still refer back to it! image


  • What book ? 

    Mace great run, as for the HR well not sure but similar here I have noticed after months of running at 70% that my HR has dropped over the tempo pace and lower than the P&D  suggested range but the legs wont go faster not sure what that means so TEK ???? all I can guess is we are running on tired legs ?


    SC hope you enjoy the LT later image

    Hello Pammie remember me ?image

    yuk yuk yuk !! really soggy tights jacket hat gloves EVERYTHING drenched the light rain was heavy by the time I got out for my 15 windy too, and I really did not feel like it I felt really tired this morning..anyway a miserable wet windy fricking freezing hilly ploddy type run  in 2.24..hr 72 %

     I went after my pilates class, which wasn't as easy as I thought, I have terrible core and balance !! and when you are doing half the exercises on one leg with weights and trying not to topple over its twice as hard, the girl that took it , who I have never seen in my life knew me as the woman she sees out running in all winds and weather !! she look pretty amazing for someone that as 4 kids so I guess all the classes she takes must keep her in fantastic shape so I will go back for more 

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Nurse " the art of running fast " NP posted a few pages back ... I was desperately foraging around for his post refering to it for ages !! BOOK .... Gimme Gimme Gimme !!!!

    Yes, tired legs I'd imagine is some of the answer. I did feel like they were close to dropping off on the last rep.
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Lol @ the all weather runner ... Keep the Pilates up and enjoy image
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN well done on slogging out that 15 miler, and that pilates class sounds hard!

    Pammie well done on the run

    Mace, I'm no expert but fwiw

    (1) HR less than the % recommended by Puff & Diddy p.19 is ok - there's a warning on p.24 about running the intervals too fast

    (2) The relatively low HR and impressive lack of drift, plus the quick recovery to 70%, would indicate your 5k pace is up for revision. I pb'd at 10k and 5k in the tune-up races before Frankfurt.

    (3) I have stayed away from intervals since adopting Hadd - checking my log I only did one set of 1200s, and the last one peaked at 89% - so similar story. 

    So, as NN indicated, I think our hearts are in better shape than our legs...image

  • So with a recovery week next week and on fresher legs we would perfom better the week after ?

    Mace you wouldn't believe the number of people who stop and ask me ...I have even been asked while queuing to pay for my petrol !! " are you that woman I always see out running "?...its a fairly small town and I have been plodding around here for the best part of 20 years !! 

    Off to look for that book..

  • NN - yes of course i remember you. Are you still a night person?
    LOL at being recognised got stopped in Sainsbury's last week some bloke  asked if i stopped running he used to see me when walking his dog, but  i have moved  albeit only about 7 miles away. Been here about 15-16 months so surprised he recognised me

    Teknik Do you till Hadd, i'm an ex haddite  if there is such a phrase  though never did enough mileasge to make it work. Agree on the interval too Daniels says something similar.

    Work tonight

  • Pammie yes still a night person..its all I know now after 22 years !!

    I did hadd for quite a while Pammie and hr dropped loads ..just need to work on the speed now

    Great to be famous eh !

  • Cant keep up with how fast forums move onimage

    Fiona great morning run also great if the pace feels easy, you could push that LT level back and go for 7:15 pace image

    Jason I think the 10k two weeks out will be given a blastimage

    NN well done on the wet 15 miles, also know that feeling of been asked are you that man who runsimage  small towns mmmmmm.

    SC well done on your run last night and enjoy your LT run later.

    Pammie well done on the confidence run 15 weeks is still a long way out.

    Teknik well done on your run, the book may make you think a bit more about putting the HR stuff to one side and feeling the burn again in your lungs and legs, something that running to a HR wont do for you. It's a very good read and will also make you think about your form and how to improve it. Book is called "The Art of Running Faster" It's on a level with P&D image

    Fiona picking over the book again on my 3rd read throughimage







  • Forgot 15 miles easy/steady in heavy rain image

  • No Pain wrote (see)

    Forgot 15 miles easy/steady in heavy rain image

    A bit like giving birth then ! you forget how bad it was ..image...at least I shall be able to forget when out with the gilrs tonight..steak followed by chocolate brownies for me..salad for that lot and  ""oh no pudding thanks !!" well they arent having any of mine !!image I earned it.

  • LOL it's great been able to eat what you like, watch you for my little pony turning up on your plateimage

    I've still got a few pounds to lose before London but starting to get close to racing weight, you know your heading in the right direction when people tell you you need to put weight onimage
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    That reminds me. A few years back me and a few mates had a discussion in the pub about characters in our town. Such as an old boy who is always out on his bike and is seen in random places like the central reserve on busy dual carriageways. Then we spoke about the nutter who we always saw out running in all weathers.

    That nutter is now me lol.
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Not sure how that's only just posted as I composed it after my post earlier this afternoon ... Ho hum !!
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Tek, Pammie - thanks for the comments re intervals, makes sense.
  • mace one night it was teeming down with rain really horrible. A friend said to me the next day You weren't that nutter out running last night image

    NN 22 years - will be 7 years for me this October. I dread what i do if i got a day job

  • Well done guys.  Will be glad to see the back of this snow as we had snow showers on & off today.

  • NN another good 15

    No P your relentless image

    Fiona C nice 6 this morning

    Dug out my Garmin heart rate monitor tonight and did a 4 mile run including 5 hill repeats in 36.32 at 9.07 , heart rate av 144 .

    Will wear for the long run on sat to gauge HR over 20 m
  • Fiona- nice MP run thereimage

    NN- Good double on the treadie and pilates session. As for feeling tired- don't forget that rest and recovery are as important to training as VO2 workouts! it's during the recovery phase that you actually improve- so you don't get faster while doing tempo runs, but you do while watching Corrie afterwardsimage. So recovery days and recovery weeks are both important. most training plans will incorporate a recovery week after 3-4 weeks of increased training, before picking it up again.

    Stewart- nice 5m

    Tek- Ok, so you didn't hit pace- but it's still miles- similar story on my MLR today- wanted to run the last section a good deal faster, but Sunday's half and the AWFUL conditions meant it was a no go- miles in the bank though, like I sayimage

    Mace- nice VO2 session there!image

    NP_ Good luck with the 10k 2 weeks out! I would be terrified of a tweak or a trip or anything along those lines with NO chance of recovery. Not worth the candle of 18 weeks of training IMHO. Everything I run in the build up to the mara is exactly that- a build up- but that's probably why my 10k time is so crap lol!image 

    6.5m recovery for me this morning before a 15m run tonight in rain that was so cold it was impossible to believe it wasn't faling as snow. Guess who made the decision to run in shorts- BAD one! Got it sorted, but legs were very heavy still after Sunday's hilly race so couldn't run the last section as fast as I planned- that and the fact i couldn't feel anything below the waist and I was uncontroallably drooling because I had lost the use of my face muscles through the coldimageimage Still, like I said MILES IN THE BANKimage  

  • Jason that's a massive days training, no chance of you getting into a cold bath to warm up a bitimage well after last year I'm throwing the kitchen sink at this one with plenty of speed work thrown in so will give the 10 k a blast two weeks out.

    MG1 nice hill session.
  • Tek, great pace for a low HR I'm blowing out my a** at those paces

    Pammie, a good start well done

    Mace, cracking pace for your 800 repeats

    NN, good that you're sticking with pilates class, and a tricky 15 in freezing wind, well done

    NP, well done with 15 in the pouring rain, I'm going to download the book onto my kindle

    MG1, a good hill session, I alway wear my HR monitor, It's one of the things I like about running is all the stats that it generates

    Jason, a grueling session this evening hope you've defrosted.

    Tonight session for me was a 10 miler with 5 @ LT, conditions were poor to say the least, very windy and it was raining too.

    Started with a 3 mile warmup folllowed by the 5 @LT and finished with a 2 mile cooldown.


    A tough workout but felt strong in the last mile of LT, helps to have the wind at your back image.


  • "rest" day for me ( as far as physical exercise goesimage )

    NN LOL love the sentiments on foodimage

    Well done to all those running in the rain today NP JSN ...

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Jason - sounds like a tough 15 lol @ the dribbling

    NP - hope you get through the 10k alright. You're a brave man !!

    Stewart - well done on the LT. I was thinking similar after my VO session yesterday, how some on here are hitting them paces on long runs. Really makes you appreciate their talent. Then you look at the top of the tree and see the elites doing 26 consecutive at 4.4x ..... Mind blowing !!!!
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    MG - what's your max HR ?

    OH - enjoy the rest image
  • SC nice running and good LT miles. You will enjoy the book.

    7 miles easy/steady done atdark O'clockimage


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Pammie there's quite a few Hadd followers here - AGF, me, NN, mace, StewartC...

    NP - got the book! Now just need to find the time to read it...imageWell done on yesterday's 15 miler, and the early 7m today.

    NN lol hope you enjoyed the choccie brownies

    HM thanks.  It's warmed up here today - snow's goneimage

    MG well done on the hill session

    jason thanks. Awesome running yesterday - hope it's warmer for you today!

    Stewart well done on the LT run

    OH hope you enjoyed the day off training

    Kaz  Are you any better?


    Awful run here this morning - cut short the planned 14 to 10.66m as I felt tired and sickimage.  I'll be taking it easy for a couple of days...

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear that Tek, take care

    I set the alarm for 5.45 today intending to do a 6M recovery before work but it was blowing a gale and peeing down ... quick check of the weather forecast showed it'll be much nicer this evening so i turned over and slept for another hour .

    OK, OK i bottled it but who wants to be running a recovery in that rubbish .... roll on this evening image

  • SC- good tempo runningimage

    Tek- take it easy, mate....image

    mace- Bottling a run??? Are you a man or a mace?image

    NP- nice dark runningimage

    No running in the dark for me cos it's my week offimage 6.5m run as dawn was breaking- lovely morning, and a similar distance this afternoon in SUNSHINE! Legs are starting to feel better which is just as well cos I  have a 20 with 12 at pMP planned for Sunday. The last 10m will be in a race which makes it easier- the plan is to pick up my number, set off for first lap of the route with last 2m at pmp- get back to the start line for the start and run the 10 at the same pace. I work out that if I set off at 8.49 I should get back 1min from the startimage

  • Tek,

    It's been really good down here.  It was a shame I had to do the weekly shop, otherwise I would have got out for a run.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Mace using the standard rate calculation it's 176. What range of heart rates should I be looking at for long runs?

    Having a rest day today before long run day on Saturday .
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