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  • macemace ✭✭✭
    MG , for P&D medium and long runs I've been aiming for first half at 70-75%, second half at 75-80% which roughly equate to my PMP + 20% an PMP + 10%. After P&D I'll be going back to HADD and running mostly at 70%.

    If your true max is 176 I'd say running to 144 is a bit too quick.
  • Jason sounds like a good plan for your weekend long run mate, glad your getting back to feeling yourself.

    Teknik well done for getting most of your run done hope your feeling better soon.

    Second run done which was to be easy/steady but felt good so mixed it up a bitimage

  • Jason - Good run today, and i like your well thought out plan for Sunday!image

    Tek - Take it easy man! The streak might be important to you. but i imagine being fit would be ahead of that!

    NP - Nice run

    Stewart - Good running, looking good for a sub 2 half next monthimage


    5.88 @ 9.19 tonight.

    Bored of only doing slow running already, might have to throw in something quicker next week both to keep my interest and give me some confidence I can PB at Alloa.

    And yes, I'm aware I can't stick to a plan very well...image

  • Mace will find out on my long run on Saturday but my run last night did include 5 hill repeats with an incline gain of 75 ft over 0.2 m so was working hard to push up the hill as fast as possible each rep .
  • Totally agree with the food comments NN, it irritates me when folks pretend not to eat much when out but it is obvious that they must eat a lot at some point!!

    MG1 the standard HR calculation does not work for me, I'm no expert but I'd be running much too slowly if I used that.

    Hope you feel better soon Teknik.image

    Nice double NP. image

    Sounds very sensible to leave the run til later mace!

    jason that'll be precision timing with the race, a good plan! image 

    Stewart well done on the LT run.

    I'm much the same Stuart, good intentions until I start! image

    An easy 4 this morning then my easy 7 this evening ended up with 5 at 7:15ish, felt very relaxed. image



  • Fiona C Out of interest is 220 minus your age the correct formula?

    Good runs today by the way.
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    MG, the formula gives me 174 at age 46 but I've had 181 in a HM and suspect its a bit higher than that, maybe as high as 185.

    Good luck with the HR / long run.
  • SM6 that's great running.

    Fiona great double and nice splits for the second run of the day image
  • Man flu here so off for an extended sleep image   Hopefully back on it tomorrow image

    MG - agree with mace - the formukae is about 15 bets too conservative for me. Everyone is different.

    Good running everyone


  • Well dark O'Clock swim very happy no pain from the shoulder or wrist this morning and did a bit extra 64x25m front crawl or you can call it a mile image first time I have felt so relaxed swimming since I broke the wrist. Easy 4 or 5 miles later, enjoy your runs peeps.
  • MG1 I have never done a max test but in a race HR has gone to 193 (average for a 10k is mid 180's) so I take the max as 200 for ease of calculation, I'll be 45 in May so quite a difference.

    Great that the shoulder and wrist are improving NP. Around the 5 for me later too.

    AGF hope you feel better soon.


  • Quick cycle & gym session before bed this morning. Hopefully I'll wake up in the mood to go for a short run this evening

  • Tek, you're right to cut the run short hope your feeling better today

    Jason, glad the legs are starting to feel better, good luck with the 20 on Sunday

    MG1, yeah only way to find it is to do a max HR test or as Fiona has done deduce it from a recent race, I've had my HR as high as 188, currently I'm using 190 but suspect it's higher.

    SM6, it's not going to be easy but I'm forever hopeful for a sub 2hrs, good steady run tonight what are you hoping for at Alloa?

    Fiona, good doubles again and pacy too, well done, how are the niggles, hopefully a distant memory

    AGF, hope you're feeling better today

    NP, another good swim and it's great to hear that it is pain free, enjoy the easy 5 later

    With my son being hospitalised, nothing too serious just getting some IV anti-biotics for a chronic bone infection, I decided to leave the car up there and run down to JS, it was my 11 mile MLR with 2.6m to the sports centre, 5.5m with JS and a 3 mile run back to pick up the car, average pace just below 11mm @147(77%), the legs were feel tired after the previous night's LT session but I suppose that's to be expected.  Rest day today, may go to the gym after visiting the lad.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    mace hope you got out in the end

    jason nice double yesterday. Lol at "man or mace" image

    HM never mind - sunny again today ?

    MG you need to do a proper max HR test - the formula is just an average, and deviations are wide - mine is 212.  Either do 5 fast hill repeats (you'll probably peak at 3 or 4), or do a treddie 800m flat out, 2 mins rest, then 400m at a faster pace.  You'll hit your max somewhere on the 400m...

    NP nice running y'day - glad the wrist and shoulder are on the mend

    AGF hope you're feeling better

    Fiona enjoy the 5m later today

    Stuart nice cross training. Hope you get to run later.

    Stewart sorry to hear about your son - hope they do the trick.  Well done on the 11 miler.


    Thanks all - much better this morning - only a 4m recovery bimble but happy with 8.59mm at 68%max.  I've got to lead the club run tomorrow, so I think i'll be preaching the merits of running slowly...image

  • I also find the standard calculation for heart rate way out, about 10 beats too low at 176 compared to my 187, I took my max froma very hilly 6 mile race , I ran it as hard as I could to find max heart rate and nearly threw up image and passed out at the top of one hill !! so I took my reading from that !

    And the same Mace here, using heart rate  for the MLRs , which for me starts at 9.30s and finishing at 8.40s-8.50s which ties in with pace they suggest for 3.30 marathon, so fingers crossed !!

    SC hope you son is ok, how old is he ?

    Ran in my new Saucony Kinvaras last night , omg!! I had no idea just how heavy the old asics 2160s were, I had been running in that series for yonks as they do suit me, but after a discussion on the P&D thread I was advised to try something lighter (I will give anything a go at my age to try and improve my times) I hope they withstand the high mileage, I think I  will wear them for the shorter runs and build up as it feels like running in slippers and I am terrified there isnt enough support etc but the reviews are good and they should withstand racing a marathon !!

    Just worked out my last non running day was 19 days ago !! oooops think I am due a rest day so nothing for me today, then east 5 tomorrow. 10 mile race Sunday .

  • Tek, a good recovery run, that's mid 80's for me at that pace

    NN, my son is 19, he has been suffering from chronic osteomylitis since he was 10, not good but better than the initial diagnosis of Ewings sarcoma, it's probably something he will have to live with as they've never got to the cause of the infection.  glad you're liking the new trainers, now rest up and good luck with the race


  • SC ..19 !! same as my youngest, that initial diagnosis  must have been a pretty damn tough time for you. Its hard to imagine as a parent going through something like that 

    Still a tough condition for a lad to deal with. Hope he is ok

  • MG1, I would advise you to completely ignore the 220-Age formula. It's wildly inaccurate for many/most people. My formula MaxHR is 175, but I easily get to 185 doing intervals, or on a tough tempo run. These are not max efforts, and I think (but admit I don't know for sure, having not done a proper test) that my max is over 190.

  • Stewart I hope the antibiotics do their job and your son is home soon. Well done on the running last night, must have been a thought to run up to Raigmore when everyone else heading home! The niggly knee (and today hip flexor) is still there but as long as I keep at the foam roller and just back off if it gets worse I think it'll be manageable. image

    Good to hear you are feeling better Teknik and no time better than now to get them to run slowly!

    NN how do Kinvaras compare to Fastwitch? I use these for any races and do my marathons in them and so far so good. I also use the Fastwitches for all treadmill running but still use Kayanos or Brooks Adrenelines for all other runs.

    An easy 5 for me today, much the same tomorrow then a half on Sunday. Hope to get somewhere close to my old PB (1:32:51) but still got 9 weeks to improve if it all goes horribly wrong! image 




  • SC fingers crossed that the antibiotics do the trick, well done on running on tired legs enjoy your rest day.

    Teknik glad your feeling better.

    NN you should start to run in them on alternate days and not to far or fast to start with. Enjoy your rest day it's well deserved. image, I train in both heavy and light shoes but alway race in flats.

    Fiona forgot about your weekend race my money is you will PBimage

    Well after this mornings swim I took a CBA and had a rest from running tomorrows 10 mile run will still take me over 80 miles this week image
  • Tek,

    Much colder than yesterday however still sunny.  I'm not working this weekend so am hoping to get a couple of runs in.


    Good luck with the race.

  • NP- Nice run/swim/CBA! That's the problem  with going too hard when you feel good- it comes back to haunt youimage Nice mileage though and you seem in great shapeimage

    SM6= My advice would be to stick with the frustrating slow miles for now. There's no point in icing a cake that isn't properly baked!image

    Fiona- nice runningimage

    AGF- Hope you feel better soonimage

    StewartC - Best wishes to your son- good running tooimage

    6.5m for me this morning and a MLR this evening which saw my legs starting to feel better- still getting there, but pretty goodimage Ran 14m this evening in 1.37.03 which is 6.56 av- bit too fast in the beginning and felt it in the middle miles, but felt better and looser towards the end, so all goodimage splits: 7:06 7:13 7:17 7:08 7:04 7:06 6:58 7:06 6:55 6:43 6:43 6:40 6:40 6:23


  • Jason - Nice run. I agree with what your saying, I just get bored of doing the same thing quite quicklyimage

    NP - Enjoy tomorrows 10

    Fiona - You'll beat that easily!image

    NN - Enjoy the rest day

    Tek - Good run, and impressive HR!

    Stewart - I hope your son is ok! Looks like a good run for you last night too! I'd like to get around 91-92 minutes, no idea if it's realistic or not though...


    7.3 miles @ 9.49 for me tonight. Legs felt sore and heavy (lack of sleep the likely cause) so I took it very easy. Medium-long (12-14) tomorrow morning.

  • thanks for the good wishes, he will be in until atleast Monday, and he is gutted he will miss the FA Cup games on the telly, radio 5 live to the rescue

  • Fiona, good luck with the half tomorrow, PB is on the cards

    NP, great totals for the week hope you're feeling refreshed after your rest yesterday

    HM4, enjoy your runs this weekend

    Jason, it's good the legs are getting back to normal, and a speedy 14 miler

    SM6, hope the legs are feeling better today and you enjoy your long run

    Recovery 5 miles today, average pace of 10:48 @138(73%), looking forward to my first 20 miler tomorrow, just going to Body Balance class as I missed it last night.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    jason - image just noticed your question ... i suppose i'll have to admit to being a mace image

    Tek - yes, i got out for the recovery in the evening, when the weather was excellent image Zipped up the ol mace suit and off i went image

    Fiona - all the best for your race and looking forward to your report

    Nice training everyone else

    Just a 8M GA for me this morning with 10x100 strides. For the first time i actually enjoyed doing them.

  • SM6- hope you're feeling better now after a night's sleep....

    StewartC- good luck with the first 20 tomorrow image

    Did my local trial Parkrun this morning with a few either side. 8m in 57.49. A slow jog later on ready for tomorrow's gruellfest.... image lol!
  • Didn't sleep well, so took the executive decision to not even attempt running today. Means I'm going to attempt a 12 and 20 back to back, not ideal but think I should be ok.

    Done some cycling, non-impact cardio (cross trainer & swimming) and stretching at the gym earlier this morning 

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN hope you enjoyed the rest day - good luck on the Plymouth Hoe 10 tomorrowimage

    Fiona thanks - good luck in the half tomorrow; that old PB is in for a pastingimage

    NP well done on the swimming (and restingimage); hope today's 10 goes/ went ok - great week's total

    HM hope you get out a bit

    jason another big day yesterday - nice splits - and good running this morning.  Hope all goes well tomorrow...at least you'll know the route once the race starts!image

    Stuart nice easy run yesterday - well done on the cross training and hope you get a better night's sleep.

    Stewart well done on the 5m recovery, enjoy the class and good luck tomorrow on the 20mimage

    mace LoL and well done on the 8m. I love strides!


    8m with the club this morning.  I morphed into NP overnight and made them do some fartlek and hill pushesimage...Bramley 20 for me tomorrow.


  • A beautiful day here image 4.3 easy miles. Got a sore throat so HR a bit higher but just can't avoid these things at this time of year. Hope the weather stays like this for tomorrow. image

    Good luck tomorrow jason. Hope the parkrun was deemed a success?

    Great mileage NP, is that around peak mileage for you?

    Stuart hope you get some decent rest before tomorrow.

    HM4 I hope the weather is nice where you are for your runs.

    Are you doing your 20 around the canal Stewart? A shame for your son missing the footie on TV.

    Well done on the strides mace, I'm never really sure how fast these should be! image



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