2013 Marathon Thread



  • She (Fiona that is ) is good isnt she ? image amazing..

    Nice 22 NP

  • Thanks imageimageimage very kind words.

    Got 4 weeks til the next half and 9 weeks til the main event, we'll all be even faster by then! image

    Just tucking into a chicken curry (rendang) made with cherry tomotoes that had set up a permanent home in my fridge image 


  • Has anyone heard from AGF? Hope he's ok...image


  • Just had a look at your week leading up to the half Fiona nice sensible mileage, decided I shall drop the MLR 15 from my schedule before my half in 2 weeks and taper better ..I did one wed just gone and will do one this coming wed so not short on them

    I am sure AGF will be here soon..its been a nice sunny day so probably enjoying the day with Mrs AGF and that lulu image it is strange though how you get used to seeing the regulars 

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF hasn't posted any miles on Fetch since Weds - I think he said on here he had a case of man-flu...image

  • Fiona and NN- great PBs image

    NN- good plan in the build up to the half!

    Tek- great 20 from you too- nice racing! image

    NP- nice 22 image
  • You've done lots of MLRs NN so sounds good. The shorter slightly faster runs for me (I think) were beneficial.image


  • Stuart 6 - good 9 this morning

    Jason d - another good long run

    Stewart c well done on the 20, agree on the confidence boost

    NN - super PB !

    Tek - another super PB

    Fiona c - and again super PB

    NP - great 22 with a great pace

    Legs were a bit tight this morning so had a 2 mile walk along the canal paths to stretch the legs.

    How time is flying, looking at the calendar there's on 5 weeks of full training left for me until the start of a 2- 3 week taper
  • Fiona - That's an incredible time!image Sub 90 next month? Or are you going to run that half at MP?

    NP - Great run in tough conditions! Sounds like it's a bit wild everywhere bar Scotlandimage

    Tek - That's a great improvement! I take it you have an eye on 3.30 in May?

    NN - Well done on the course bestimage

    Stewart - Great running, still plenty time to get another couple of 20s in and you'll be in great shape come race day!

    Jason - Sounds a tough run, but as you say it's miles in the bankimage

    HM - Well done on your run

  • Tek,

    I don't do it very often so it ends up equivalent to cross training image!  Well done on your race.


    I did thanks  Well done on the placing..


    Thanks.  Well done on your run.


    Well done on the race.


  • MG1 it's scary how time is passing!

    Stuart; Inverness is a slower course so if I can get near today's time I'll be happy but I just can't run a race slower than my race pace so MP not an option. image No self discipline. image



  • Fiona - I know that feeling! I'm meant to be doing Alloa as a roughly 2 hour pacer for my mate, not sure how he'll like being paced out at 7.00m/m...image

  • NP, awesome running today, I'm definitely not over confident, but I'm hoping a couple more 20's in the bank should stand me in good stead.

    Fiona, a 2 minute PB is an excellent result well done image

    MG1, hope the walk helps iron out those kinks

    SM6, I know if it was me I wouldn't get past the 2 mile marker image
  • Hi Guys, I am safe and sound thanks. I stll have a heavy cold and have spent most of the last 3-4 days in Bed Not helped by the heating breaking last night and the bungling repair man causing a mini flood this morning !!   Yesterday I was busy celebraring the wifes 40th with relatives. I think I will be fine again in a day or two. It means I will have lost a weeks training - but hopefully it will not cause to much of a problem in the longer term.

    NN -well done on the PB. Its a testament to your recent training regime. Congrats - hope you had a nice glass of wine to celebrate image

    Fiona - your race must be a fantastic boost. A brilliant time and PB.imageimage Well done - sounds like you paced it well and may even have a little more to give in the right conditions. You are well set for London and a cracking time. However look after that knee of yours - as you do not want it to hinder your big day in April....

    TekNik, A super race and a cracking time. There is a direct correlation between your training your improved times. The thing about running is that its honest - you only get out what you put in and conversly the improvements that you have made demonstrate the dedication of your training. Be smug. be very Smug !!  ( ps we are even money who will do the better time in April....I dont care as long as we both do sub 3:30 image )

    NP/Jason/MG/Stewart, Well done on some super 20 (+) milers. Super marathon training !!!

    Enjoy your long run today Stuart !!

  • So there you are AGF it must be nice to be missed image sorry to hear about the cold, sounds as if you have had a busy weekend too, I am sure a few easy days wont have made any difference to your fitness.

    just under 5 miles recovery run and then threw  a few weights around (dont really know why I do that )..lol but it keeps the bingo wings at bay image

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Top racing to you all .... a gutsy 20 jason, great ( and well deserved ) pb's Nurse and Fiona

    Tek - great stats there, i'm not surprised you're feeling smug. Why couldn't you hit MP though as it looks like you were comfortable ? Was it in the head because you're worried about drifting ? Nevertheless, top running.

    NP - crikey on another 22 ... your bank is fit to burst now, surely image

    Stewart - image on your first 20 ... glad to hear the boy is on the up image

    AGF - good to hear from you, hope you mend soon. Some of this stuff going round at the moment is horrible and you have my symapthy ..... my wife has just been diagnosed with mild pneumonia image


    Rest day today although i don't feel like i need it. Having said that, i've a record mileage week ahead so who am i to argue with Messrs P&D .... 


  • AGF - Hope you're well soon!image

    NN - Well done on the run and weights! The weights are well worth doing I think, even if they don't directly help your running strong muscles will hopefully keep you more injury free. They're also an excuse to eat more, which I my main reason for hitting the gymimage

    Mace - A rest day is never a bad thing. Hope the missus is better soon!


    20.01 miles in 3.07.00 for me today. Off the top of my head that's 9.21 ave I think?image

    Really need to work on my nutrition/hydration on long runs, because my current method of maybe using 1 gel at some point isn't really cutting it. I was mega sapped of energy by 17 miles, and I'd have stopped there had the next 3 not involved a significant chunk of downhill. I actually stopped at 20, and walked about three-quarters of a mile home. Nevermind

    54.2 miles (plus 3 gym sessions, and 20 miles on the bike) for the week off 5 runs is good for me, so despite a tough day today it has been a decent weekimage 8 to go...

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NP really nice 22m miler on Sundayimage

    MG hope the legs feel better today

    Jason thanksimage

    Stuart thx - just one eye on 3:30 (the gammy one...the good eye is still looking at 3:39)image...well done on the 20 miler.  Maybe just a swig or two of glucose drink might be enough to convince your brain that it's ok. Good week's work.image

    HM lol image

    AGF get well soon mate...hope the heating's on now (weather turning bad again after tomorrow).  You'll smash 3:30 at Brighton - not so sure about myself, although  there's still plenty of time for training gains.

    NN nice recovery...lol re weights

    mace - enjoy the rest day.  I don't know why I couldn't hit a regular 8mm - the average wasn't far off for the last 10, but you're right, my mind was fixed on the drift.     Luckily, with a few miles to go, I latched onto a couple of guys who were pacing themselves for an 8mm finish.


    5.27m recovery jog at 70%max this evening. All okimage

  • AGF Nice to hear your getting over man flu, I just feel sorry for Lulu she missed her runsimage.

    NN did not have you down as a bingo playerimage.

    Mace only halfway on the long runsimage hope you enjoyed your rest day.

    SM6 Well done on the 20 mile run my last two long runs have been done with very little water, I think the more of these things you do the less you need, it also has helped with the drop in weight. Only 3 lbs off race weight now at 10st 10lbs image

    Teknik well done on the recovery run, how you getting on with the book?

    1 mile swim (64x25m front crawl) this morning and just over 4 miles tonight recovery runimage all nice and easy.




  • AGF - hope you are on the mend plenty of lurgy around right now

    NN - nice bit training , it all helps I am sure

    SM6 - super 20 and a good weeks effort for the whole week

    Tek - steady little jog tonight,

    1 hour gym session for me including 35 mins of the step machine which certainly got the legs moving again.
  • Hi, everyone! Sorry I havent posted in a while, had a bit of problems with my ITB. Sports Massage on my thighs, a bit of taping and plenty of squats and lunges has seemed to have done the trick. Had a few recovery runs last week and a steady run on saturday and a tempo run today and im feeling in top shape. The sports massage has really helped imo, my legs feel much looser. The physio said my quads were very tight and i had weak muscles in my bum lol. Looking forward to getting my teeth back into training. Hope everyone is doing good image.


    Darren x

  • Good luck to your mate Stuart! image A good week's training. I normally have a gel at 8/10 and one at 14/15 miles, seems to keep me going.

    AGF good to hear you are on the mend. No run for me today. image

    Make the most of the rest day mace.

    Nice recovery runs NN, Teknik, NP and gym session MG1. image

    Good that you are back training Spark.

    Legs feel fine but thought the knee might appreciate a break so a 10 mile turbo in 28:40. Back to it tomorrow. image



  • Well done on everyone's training.

  • Some nice cross training with weights and turbo sessions image

    Up early at dark o'clock for an interval/LT session only to find thick fog and black ice so had to settle for 7 miles steady, will get a session in on the treadmill later, hope everyone has clear paths to run on.
  • AGF, hope you have recovered from the flu

    Fiona, MG1, NN, looks like Monday a good day for cross training 

    Spark, welcome back 

    SM6, can't believe there is only 8 weeks until Lochaber, it's getting close, well done on the 20 and in good time too, re nutrition I used jelly babies and a 500ml water with a Zero tab in it, I'm going to try a couple of gels next time to see if there is any difference

    Tek, nice recovery run

    NP, temperatures have dropped here too, the tights will be back on tonight that's for sure, I've been reading the book, up to chapter 3, it is well written and it is an interesting read.

    This week according to P&D is a recovery one, so I decided to rest yesterday after Sunday's long run, today was also scheduled for rest or cross training but I would prefer to run so I'll  move one of this week's runs forward and I'll bank the rest day 

  • Thanks for the best wishes guys. I am still snuffly - but coming through. Plan a small jog tonight.

    I will not be around much for next couple of weeks as I am either busy at work or away to celebrate the wifes Birthday.


    Keep up the good training image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NP nice training yesterday, well done on the steady 7 - shame about the temperature dropping again.  I skimmed through the book, shutting it quickly after noticing the "fartlek" and "hills" in bold...it's back on the "to do (later)" list.image

    MG nice gym session

    Spark welcome back

    Fiona well done on the turbo. Hope the knee's ok this morning

    HM thanks

    Stewart I like your thinkingimage

    AGF hope tonight's jog goes ok.


    13m this morning including some miles with the club - aaaagh fartlek session!image

  • Afternoon,

    Tek have a good run at least the weather is kinder at the moment which does help make the harder sessions a bit more enjoyable

    NP well done on the early run.

    SC you are as bad as me I struggle with rest days and only have one when I am knackered as long as you take it easy a nice recovery jog isn't going to hurt

    Busy morning for me had to squeeze everything in as on an afternoon shift and wont get home till 9 tonight .

    Schedule today was 10 miles GA so made it a bit more interesting, I did 1 mile warm up then 7 miles MP ave 8.09s then 3 miles @9s...quick shower then pilates class, which is harder than anything else I do, my balance is crap but guess it can only get better.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Good to see you back Spark

    Tek - i'm sure the HR monitor makes a run harder anyway, if only because of the bloody stressing image

    Nurse - nice to see you're mixing it up image

    NP - black ice sounds nasty, take care 


    Well after the weekend's racing i've got all excited and whacked myself in for a couple of races image 


    Thanet 20 ( 3rd March )

    Lydd Half ( 10th March )

  • NP,

    Paths are clear here at the mo, which is just as well as I'm going to get out for a run tomorrow.


    Well done on everyone's training.

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