2013 Marathon Thread



  • Maybe we should rename this thread as the SAGA marathon threadimage. Lol

    That said, some of you have some blooming good wava's...

    (I am one of the youngest on this thread and nearly 40). image
  • Iv got to be one of the youngest at 23 lol.

  • Oi watch it..I was "nearly 40" once you know..and the 40s just fly by..image..wava is a great way of giving us a chance in the club championships I suppose ..mine from sunday equals a younger club mate doing 1.08 for 10 miles..image

    MG1 it is bitter out there..I was glad I got my session done during the day and didnt go to track session its even colder now..

  • Spark you you 3 years older than my youngest !!image do you still live with mummy ?image

  • Lol, scary eh? Lol naw im well settled, bought my own place 3 years ago this year.

  • Spark. wrote (see)

     bought my own place 3 years ago this year.

    Right off you show someone your post !!

  • As i said though im well settled, Had my son at 19 a year later, passed my tradetest and bought my house in the same month. Now got 3 mutts and another on the way. Lifes good when i think about it image

  • Oh he has done the son at 19 bit !! (bless )..he does work and pay his way though..but I still do his washing !!.

    Good on you Spark a sorted young man..nice to hear image

  • Aye, my missus does my washing, couldnt tell you how to turn the washing machine on lol. 

  • As long as you out the bins out ! image

  • HAHA always. 

  • Tek, good MP test run today, 

    HM4, good to hear about the run, 100 pushups sounds brutal image

    Spark, glad the knee is holding up, well done

    Fiona, hope the knee is behaving itself, that run up to the mast is hard enough without the mud, it's a real test of strength and endurance, it was cold today, but atleast the fog has lifted, clear skies this evening hope the sports massage does the business

    MG1, another good 5 miler in the bank, enjoy the hill session tomorrow

    NP, another good session today well done with the 15MLR, not windy here thankfully but it was a little nippy tonight

    NN, that was some warm up, good consistent pacing, congrats with the placing

    SM6, good luck with the 13 tomorrow, 

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes for my son, and I'm happy he is home image

    Tonight was a 12 MLR decided to do some MP miles, which I ran to fast, the first 4 miles were in the mid 10mm range and the splits for the remainder of the run were.

    9:50 / 9:43 / 9:21 / 9:19 / 9:32 / 9:16 / 9:55 / 9:55 and 0.5m wd@10:36, HR was between 148(78%) - 156(82%) during the MP section.


  • MG1 well done for a tough run into the wind, sounds like you have a busy day planned for today.

    Stewart that's a good run. image

    So last night foam rolled the hamstring not just the ITB (after AGF's post about tight hamstring contributing to ITB issues) and did even more stretching and (touches wood) the knee is 100% image Did 5 miles easy this morning and a bit more rolling.



  • Good running Stewart.

    Nice to hear Fiona. image Its not just tight hamstrings that can cause it though. As I understand it, it is more than often when one part of the leg takes more strain than another. So Tighness can cause it, However if one leg is stronger than the other that can cause it too. Thats why they suggest single leg squats rather than double leg squats and it forces the weaker leg to be as good as the strong one.  If the right leg is the leg that you always "push off" from when running then this can cause ITB in the left leg  is you always land heavier on it. ( I think thats the rationale - something similar anyway)

    Good to hear the rolling helped !!

  • My ITBS was due to tight quads and weak glutes. Squats and lunges have been helping.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Spark nice 6 miler yesterday

    HM I wimped out of the Insanity stuff so I'll take at look at that one, thanksimage

    Fiona well done on yesterday's freezing 13m.  Glad you got out for this morning's 5 and good that the knee is better.  Just in case you're short of things to poke/press/roll, my fizz said my knee issue/ITB tightness was due to a weak Glute Medius (not the Glute Max you hit with squats).  Good exercise is here...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvxR5LoOu8Y

    NP nice 15m yesterday.

    AGF great double yesterdayimage. Lol at Sagaimage

    NN I must admit those two races looked a little tough...well done on those intervals, and congrats on the old biddy placingimage

    Stuart hope you get out for that 13m today

    MG well done on the steady 5.5m - nice splits

    Stewart well done with the MP run - that looks like a low/comfortable HR so things are looking goodimage


    Really cold out there this morning.  LSR of 21m, mainly tarmac but a muddy 6 in the middle with the club.  Av 9:17mm @70%maxHR, managed not to CBA when I got home at 20.5m - very little drift so v happy, but v cold.imageimage

  • Tek, that sir is a great LSR. Nice pace with great HR. cannot remember your stats from a yr ago.... But know that iS Sooo much better. Well done Sir image
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Thanks AGFimage.  I think it's either 60 secs quicker or 10% lower HR....

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Stewart - marvellous MP run image

    Fiona - nice knee news image

    Tek - lovely LSR image  do you hydrate / refuel on your LSR's ?


    It's getting bloody cold out there again image  Very nearly stuck the leggings on for this morning's 6M recovery



  • macemace ✭✭✭

    AGF - how are you doing ? Are you back into it yet ?

  • Hi Mace. Thanks for asking. I have managed a few runs this week but volume is low to be honest. Will try to do doubles when on holiday next week in the sun (we will see if that actually happens.) So in short I am back running thanks.

    Your right - it's freezing our. Bitter winds means I have been wrapping up warm!!
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    mace well done on the cold recovery run.  I have one of those Fuel Belt things, that can take up to four 200ml bottles.  For long slow runs I just take water with a bit of apple juice mixed in; for long runs with a MP finish I use Highfive 4:1 carb/protein solution. No gels 'til race day...

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    That's good to hear.

    On the subject of being freezing, i was down to a wind jacket and a base layer last week. Had to add a T on top of the base this morning. And my kids are running around like it's summer ..... i remember my Dad telling me a few years back you start feeling it with age and i've definitely started to notice it more the last couple of years.

  • No running since 18 miles on Saturday image. Bright but breezy here hope to get out tonight if matty is quiet.

    Re SAGA thread - was down in Aberdeen for a CPD day on Sports and Exercise Medicine yesterday. One slide with facilities for elderly population were all for over 50s!!!

  • Fiona,

    I wouldn't even manage a full push up so you'd be doing better than me.


    They gave some alternatives if you can't do a full push up & they have even said you can do the challenge with a push up from the wall!  Now that I would consider cheating. (I did just over a mile.)


    Well done.


    Thought it was you who was looking at Insanity.  I couldn't remember if it was someone from the 10k thread but was about 75% it was someone on here.  If you do get make sure it's from the Beachbody website as with Amazon it has a bit missing.  There doesn't appear to be too much difference on price, althought you may have to pay more for postage from Beachbody.


    Well done on everyone's training.  Hope it's not too cold as it's freezing here & they're forecasting some snow either tomorrow or Saturday.  If it's Saturday afternoon & it's fresh snow I may go for a run after work.

  • Teknik great 21 miles in the bank well done image

    SC well done last night looks like you where up late.

    Mace well done with today's running and looks like winter is back image

    AGF nice that you have been getting some miles in, the doubles are well worth the effort.

    OH lol at the over 50 side, funny that when I was in the Doctors the other week I noticed that a few posters that used to ask for over 50 year old men to go for check ups are now only for over 60's.

    HM4 well done with the run and good luck with the push ups, I have the insanity DVD's but won't use them until after London.

    Two runs today one outside at dark o'clock at a steady pace, and one tempo run on the treadmill at work at lunch time splits : 8:20 6:11 6:11 5:56 5:56 5:56 6:40 so very happy with the way my speed is coming on image
  • NP,

    Thanks.  Don't blame you on that one.  I wouldn't either.

  • NP two good runs those splits are superb!

    Tek great long run

    Mace good run today in Baltic weather

    4 miles with 5 hill repeats thrown in then back to gym for some leg squats and a good stretch, the wind chill is bitter when running into it. Rest tomorrow before 18 on sat morning, looks like the gloves will be coming back out! image
  • Thanks for the tips guys image - will get back to the clams Teknik, got that one from the physio when the piriformis was dodgy!

    Great 21 Teknik and a cold day for it.

    mace I have running tights and jacket even on the treadmill in the garage!

    OH now that's depressing image but hopefully the running will keep us younger. image

    Hope you get out HM4, our forecast looks bright and cold and (fingers crossed) no snow.

    Nice tempo NP. image

    MG1 a nice mix of training.

    Just in from a treadmill 8 miles with 7 at 7:13mm (well, last one was 7:18mm). Did more rolling and stretching, off to do some more. Problems getting into Fetch to log the run, will try later.




  • Fiona same here with regards Fetch?

    MG1 nice hill session lets hope it warms up soon.
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