2013 Marathon Thread



  • Well done on everyone's training. 2.44 miles done today and the push ups done also.

  • Tek- great mileageimage

    Fiona- nice chilly 20 image

    HM4- well doneimage

    Sophie- hiimage Same advice re pace as mace

    mace- nice 22- well done! I'm a secondary school teacher, btw. This time of year is always hectic with exam classes/ coursework deadlines etc etc

    SM6- Nice Parkrun- sounds like a new 5k pb is on the cardsimage

    Got my sorry butt out of the door today for a 16 miler (recovery week- although I may have taken that to extremes- lol!) Bit of rust in the legs, but it was ok cos the plan was to run it comfortably- last mile at pmp thoughimage 6m all up, 2m flat, 6m all downimage = 16m in 1.54.19 (7.09 av) splits for those who like that kind of thing image:  7:29 7:27 7:26 7:25 7:25 7:29 7:29 7:24 7:21 7:25 7:12 6:43 6:42 6:37 6:30 6:13

    27.9m, for the week!!! lol!

  • Fiona thats a fantastic 22.3 miles in the bank well done on the even splits and getting faster over the last few milesimage

    Mace well done on your long run another 20+ miles in the bankimage.

    Teknik great running with your club race/Tempo and second placeimage

    SM6 well done on your park run yesterday.

    Jason nice to see your sorry butt is still bloody fast thats a great 16 miles and a nice last 5 miles nice to have you back.image

    22 miles for me this morning with two lots at marathon pace 4 miles in the first half and three miles from mile 18 happy with how this felt. Never got to go back to bed for sleep as the son, daughter inlaw and grand daughter arrived at the house and have only just leftimage going to put my feet up nowimage



  • NP- nice going. So what is mp these days? image
  • I would like 6:45/6:43 for the full 26.2image or faster......

  • That would be 2:56 or 2:57 would love sub 2:55image thats 6:40 pace but not sure if I would keep that up for the full 26.2image still working on it......

  • Jason

    Thanks & well done to you.


    Well done.

  • NP- sounds good image your tempo runs suggest sub 2.55 though if you have the endurance image
  • Mace, good running over the weekend well done

    Tek, great stats for the week, good paces for your 10 mile club race

    MG1, great 20 mile run nice and consistent splits

    NP, great totals for the week, another great 20+ miler nice to get the feet up.

    NN, I'm enjoying Body Balance, stretching, core and balance are all weak so it's good to work on them, hope the 22 was a good one

    Fiona, great running over the weekend, and with today's long run

    Welcome Sophie

    SM6, good time at parkrun, hope you have managed to get a run in today

    HM4, well done getting out there

    Jason, a speedy 16 miles, 

    Today was meant to be a 16 mile long run, but I've had to move some runs around so I did 15 with 11@MP, struggled in the last two miles, but I got it done, it was cold today and it was snowing for a while, fortunately it didn't lie

    The plan for the remaining six weeks it to get at least three more 20's and I've got a half to run, these are the proposed distances for my LSR's 20, 20, 13hm, 20, 16, 12.

    stats for today's run



  • mace nice long run with fast miles in there! image

    Stuart well done on getting close to the PB.

    Your weekly mileage made me smile jason image I think it's the first time I've ever done more miles than you! image I hope things calm down at work soon. Fast running for that 16! Also fast running there NP, you are training so well I'm sure you will get the time you want. image

    Well done on your training HM4.

    Stewart nice running. It was freezing today! I managed just to catch a little of the snow but by the end of the run we were really feeling that cold wind! Your plan sounds good. image 



  • Stewart- nice running- 11m at mp looks promising image

    Fiona hoping to get back to nor al mileage next week. I start my new role Thursday, which should give me a bit more flexibility image
  • 15 miles done today on a beautiful afternoon. Hobbling afterwards so heaven knows how I'm going to get round a marathon in 2 weeks. See what the taper does.

    Some fast running going on on here!

  • Fiona, it was a cold one today

    Jason, good luck in yor new role, and no doubt you'll be back into triple figures before you know it

    OH,not so good re the hobbling hope you're feel better now
  • Just had a quick read some brilliant Sunday running as usual
    Tek brilliant pace for that 10.2 have you got a half marathon planned to test out that pace?
    Fiona you never cease to impress me with your long run pace..awesome run.
    Sophie I am about 3.40-3.45 pace and run long runs at about 9-9.20s ooops just see that what Mace says...so it must be right..image
    Mace  seems like we are all getting sick of the cold and wind, well done , and good idea to get some lonely miles done, I don't think could handle a quiet marathon so respect to you. What time are you aiming for ?

    HM4 glad you got out and how any push ups ??
    Jason this must be the first time I have run more weekly miles than you..nice pace for the 16..teacher eh ? what subject ?
    NP kids/ grand kids eh ! what would we do without them ..have a nice rest now grandad !!
    SC well done on hitting that MP for 11 miles a real confidence booster
    OH a beautiful afternoon ??? where did you say you lived ?? it was grim here  I didn't realise your marathon was that soon which one are you doing

    I really didnt feel like running 22 miles when I got up and was tempted to leave it till tomorrow but OCD took over image

    Felt knackered before I started after a looooong night shift and bad sleep today..,anyway 22 done in 3.23  managed to finish a little quicker than I started hard to up the pace on the hills though started at 9.30-10s and managed to up pace to 8.45s to average at @9.14 overall

  • NN- nice running and determination! image Until Thursday, I am an English teacher; after that, I am moving into a new role mentoring new teachers across the county image
  • HM4 well done on your run yesterday and press ups.

    SC great running well one on the MP in it.

    NN Ithat was a fantastic long run well done its not east when you do runs of that length and your tired before you even start, but if marathon running was easy they would call it football.image

    1 mile swim this dark o'clock ( pool opens at 6:30) recovery/easy run later.
  • Ah Jason an english teacher, you must come out in a cold sweat reading some post on here then, especially mine, no excuses for spelling mistakes with the spell check thing but where to put the commas and other dotty things...I do have O level English remember when they did O levels about 100 years ago ? congrats on the promotion sounds a very important role

    NP lol...thanks yes I consoled myself with the thought that if I hadn't been knackered and if it hadn't been hilly or windy it wasn't actually to bad a run..image I actually felt quite queasy and light headed by 12 miles it did pass after I ran home for my second gel, but I never give up is that good or bad ! ?

    4 easy recovery run and bingo wing weight session all done..image


  • NN - blue skies, no wind and relatively mild (7°C) for February
    Like this every day in sunny Orkneyimage
    Sounds as if we've had the best weather this weekend whateverimage
    Loch katrine marathon on 10 March is the plan, foot improved this morning

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    jason - ahh, now i see how you can train like a demon for the Autumn. Summer off, run when you want, must be perfect. Well done with the 16. Have you put a decimal point in the 27.9 by mistake image

    Nurse - nice recovery and i bet there aren't any bingo wings to speak of image I think i'm going to have a crack at 3:30. McMillan predicts 3:20 ( and i'm fitter now than i was then ) but it's my first marathon so i won't be doing anything stupid and will try to enjoy. The plan will be to stalk the 3:30 pacemaker to 20M and pray McMillan is right image

    Great training as always Stewart, NP, OH, Fiona

  • NN,

    9 push ups.


    Good luck with the new job.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Fiona well done on the 22 miles - great pace!

    Sophie welcome - as per mace, plus once every 4 weeks I do one with a MP finish of 8/10/12 miles

    mace - great 22 miler, good HR for that pace

    Stuart nice parkrun time

    HM well done on the run and press-ups

    jason nice 16 miles. Hope you're back on plan soon

    NP great 22 miles (did you guys all ring each other up to decide on the mileage?). Good swimming too.

    Stewart good MP run - the remaining LR plan looks good to me

    OH well done on the 15m. Blimey only 2 weeks to go! Glad the foot feels easier.

    NN my local half is in 4 weeks. Well done on that 22 miles when so tired, and nice recovery today.


    4m recovery for me.  I'll refresh the race list in a mo..

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Busy month for the thread...image

    03/03/13 Llanelli HM               Jason D

    03/03/13 Old Biddyford HM    Night Nurse

    03/03/13 Essex 20                 Teknik

    03/03/13 Thanet 20                Mace

    03/03/13 Silverstone HM        AGF

    10/03/13 Cambridge HM        sevendaughters

    10/03/13 Loch Katrine            OH

    10/03/13 Lydd HM                  Mace

    16/03/13 Eco Trail de Paris    Emmy

    17/03/13 Warwick Castle HM AGF

    17/03/13 Alloa HM                  Stuart M

    17/03/13 Reading HM             Johnas

    17/03/13 Gloucester 20           Night Nurse

    17/03/13 Inverness HM           StewartC, Spark, Fiona C

    23/03/13 Larne HM                 No Pain

    24/03/13 Brentwood HM         Teknik

    30/03/13 Cretes de Spa 21k    Emmy


  • Mace just wondering what your half times are ?..do you find the Macmillan calculator accurate ? and I am proud to say no bingo wings ..image they darent appear after all that weight flinging !!

    HM4  well done on the pushups, !!

    TeK  yeah yeah yeah very funny like it...image bet you had a right chuckle when you thought that one up..

    OH yes you have been lucky over weekend with the weather, its bloody freezing and grey skies here again today in not so sunny Devon image

    its bloody freezing and grey skies here again today 

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭


    couldn't resist it...

  • NN,

    Just worked out I mis-calculated.  It was 15.  Day 2 tomorrow.  I tend to find Macmillian very accurate for 5 & 10k.  Long distances are out the window for me.  I know where my strengths lie and it's not in that area.


  • Good luck in the new role jason, sounds interesting.image

    OH hopefully the taper will work! Good to hear that the foot was a bit better today.

    NN well done on the long run, there's nothing worse than setting off tired and especially for 22! Great that you upped the pace at the end, that is never easy. image

     Well done HM4, that's about 8.5 more push ups than I could do! image

    Teknik that took me a minute or two to find! Very clever! image

    6 miles for me tonight, was about to do my usual Monday speed or tempo session but my legs reminded me they had done 22 yesterday so just a progressive run!



  • Been another glorious blue skyed day here temperatures soaring to 7C

    (not being one to gloatimage )
  • Fiona,

    These are still push ups on my knees rather than full push ups.  Well done on the run.

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Sorry Nurse, but lol @ Tek

    Nurse, I only started running seriously last March after discovering HADD. So I did my first race which was a HM in Sept and did 1:47. I basically bottled it because my HR was sky high ( 20 beats above normal on the start line !!!) In December I did a 10M race in 71:13 which is what I've used for McMillan

    So I can't comment on McMillan's accuracy

    What about you and what's your target ?
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