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  • 4.2m done and dusted. Got a 4.2m race in a bit, but running it a s a tempo run with company image
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Kaz, couldn't have a much worse transition into new year, sorry to hear that.

    Tek, good work on the race list, thanks.

    However, as well as the tech problems linking it your keyboard seems to be stuck on the EMY buttonsimage

    Right, here we go, beautiful day here for the first run of 2013. Wish I'd laid off the ale last night though image

    happy and safe running all.
  • Oh dear kaz1, didn't know it was you yesterday. Hope you recover well.

    Just heading out for a swim, maybe a run too

    Snowdonia entered

    The old thread is dead, long live the 2013 thread

    (well 12 months anyway)

    Happy New Year everyone!
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Kaz get well soon ((((Kaz))))

    Jason nice first run of the year enjoy your race.

    Fiona enjoy your run hope the wind falls and the rain stops for you.

    Will be heading out soon will take about 1 hour 20 to drive up and into the Glens of Antrim along the coast road from here but the scenery along the way is breath taking.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Fiona enjoy your run

    jason nice start to the year

    mace LOLimage

    OH well done on Snod.  Enjoy today's training.

    NP good luck in the race


    New Year, new line in the sand, or, I should say, mud.  8m easy this morning...

  • Happy New year all. 

    An appropriate long run for me today.... 20.13 Miles image Lovely in the fresh sunny weather !!

  • 20 miles under the belt already? Jeez!

    Kaz hope all gets better very soon.

    Just woke up lol need to get this body clock sorted.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Nice running AGF, a great way to start the year.

    I hope everyone gets a good run today to blow away the cobwebs image 12.6 miles for me, the same run as Sunday but in reverse. Turned out quite nice, some rain but not much and all the snow had melted so running through a lot of water and mud!


  • Short swim followed by 8 miles on a lovely new years morning
    Well done AGF, FionaC
    Tek I've only entered SNOD - that's the easy bit image

  • Crikey I thought what a chatty lot you are..but then realised most of the posts are Teks and the linky thing.. your patience paid off though Tek and wow you even looked up the dates !!

    Kaz oh you poor things take care and get well soon

    Jason 4.2 mile race ? unusual distance , so how any runs for you today ? just the 2 image

    Fiona  mud and water  ? that seems to be the theme for pretty much every run I have done the last month..nice run you !

    AGF now thats what I call a new years day run...no hangover I take it ?

    NP I am looking forward to reading about your race good luck.

    OH nice training well done..was that sea swim or is your local pool open ? mine is closed 

    SC  nice 71% run , are you still Hadding ?

    Well just back from my first tempo session of the schedule image on News Year day of all days, I was good and didnt drink much last night at all. 3 x vodka and cokes...then stuck to coke  Still felt a bit delicate tho.mind you for someone who is virtually tee total apart from Christmas  and birthdays I guess 3 is more than enough

    Anyway 9 miles in 1.19 tempo section was 7.43 ( legs thought WTF???) then 7.37..7.38 and 7.32 image so glad thats over

    Ignored HR and just ran like a mad woman concentrating on pace

    I tend to use HR more for the long runs to make sure I a not running the too fast, must have been pretty well spot on as I only did my 17.5miler  2 days ago and managed to hit tempo pace today..albeit a bit of a shock to the legs


  • AGF- Nice start! image

    Tek- Not bad for a Fetchieimage

    Fiona- 12.6m is good for NYDimage

    OH- good running, swimming and race enteringimage

    Tempo effort at race over and done with- with an extra mile of tempo and a couple of easy ones. Well, that was fun! I was told that it was a fairly flat course- not! I was also told that there would likely be some water on the course. There was. Three lakes which were around a foot deep- welll over the tops of my socks- and around 10-20 yards acrossimage My feet were numb instantly!! Still, nice soup at the end. One more recovery run left for laterimage  

  • Super running NN. Tempo can be tough so well done. Unfortunately the wine last night made the last few miles tough for me. All done now though.

    Nice running OH, Tek and Fiona. You are all running well at the start of the year !!

    Good running too Jason. Glad the soup warmed you up.

    Kaz, really sorry to hear about your appendix. All the best and get well soon
  • NN- sorry cross post image I find tempo runs tough on my own which is why today's race was ideal image Had to rein myself back in at the start though and avoid getting dragged into racing it! Well done on your run and your moderation last night image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    AGF well done on the 20 miles great start to the New Year.

    Fiona another great run in the back glad the snow has gone for you but you still ended up with wet feet.image

    Teknik nice line in the mud with your 8 miles.

    OH same for you nice running.

    NN well done on your 9 mile tempo run, nice to get it out the way close to your long run.

    Jason well done with your Tempo/race around the lakes even if it was more like a paddleimage enjoy your recovery run later.

    Well I got to Glenariff to find the road into the car park very icy after parking up I went and registered and had a chat with a couple of runners when the heavens opened and everyone headed back to there cars with 15 mins before the start the rain sort of stopped and I managed a warm up mile before stretching and heading over to the start line for the off.

    The first 1/4 mile saw all the speedsters disappear into the distance before we turned off road and up the first of many hills. The course was very well marshalled and marked out at every turn. I felt quite good and looking down at my Garmin saw that it had packed in.....

    At around half way I passed a chap from work who was out to watch this gave me a little boost just before another climb which was followed by a big big drop, I felt as if my legs where running away from the top half of my body......

    After yet another hill we passed the finish area which was some 200m below the level we where on, at this stage the women who finished second in the FO race drew level with me and we ran up the final hill neck and neck before the trail turned and was down hill to the finish opening my legs I managed to put 50 m between me and her and managed to keep it at that to the finish line. I came in 37th and second in my age group. image so having run a race on Saturday 17 miles on Sunday and a recovery run yesterday I'm very happy with the result image
  • Excellent racing NP. Well done. Your hill run must have helped you in this race image
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Fantastic result NP, very well done!imageimage Bodes well for 2013!


  • Tek - Nice run

    AGF - Good start to the yearimage

    OH - Well done

    Fiona - Good running

    NN - Good tempo run

    NP - Well done on the race

    Jason - Nice tempo run/race


    Garmin has thrown a wobbly again and is refusing to work. I think I ran 4.6 miles in roughly 40 minutes today, so a wee bit faster than I would have liked.

  • NP- excellent stuff!!! Just try to keep up with your legs! image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason LOL think I set a new PB for 100m nearly fell HOT's.......
  • NN, yes I'm still Hadding I have another two weeks to go then I start adding some quicker runs into the schedule, Good tempo run, hopefully they will get easier, won't they

    NP good race report well done

    Jason, never thought of using a race as a tempo run,

    10.8 miles group run today, the Criac and the weather was good
  • Happy New Year guys.

    Well done on everyone's training.  I managed to get out today also!  (Did just over a mile.)


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Well done HM4 nice start to the new year.
  • SC- Races are great for tempo motivation image Trouble is that they don't normally coincide- lol!

    HM4- Well done on getting the year's running rollingimage

    NP- That's the definition of running- a controlled fall. just remember the control- we don't want you breaking anything else except PBs this year!!!!image

    Just over 4m recovery run for me this evening. Lovely dry and still evening- weirdimage

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Crickey! This thread is fast moving! Apologies for this long post! image

    Fiona C wrote (see)

    image That makes sense Emmy! Great list of races! image Have you done Frankfurt before? I'm looking at either Amsterdam (again) or Frankfurt at the moment.


    I've not done Frankfurt but heard really good things about it! I work quite often in Frankfurt so I know the course a little bit. It should be a great race. I've done Amsterdam this year and was impressed by the starting organisation but i didn't like the course or the end organisation too much.

    Other Half wrote (see)

    Emmy - we're at the other extreme where even a UK mainland race means a ferry/flight with consequent expense in time and money. But Orkney's a beautiful place to liveimage

    That's true. I love running races in the UK as everyone is so friendly and it's more an 'all inclusive' deal. In Belgium - it's still quite elite and the time cut offs for some of the cheaper races are quite steep (4hrs for a marathon). So I choose to move around a bit and explore more of Europe! I love exploring a country through running it. My favourite race so far was Marathon du Medoc... and not just for the wine image

    Johnas wrote (see)

    Fiona - having done Amsterdam before I'm doing Frankfurt in 2013. Apparently faster than Berlin and a lot more interesting than Amsterdam's industrial estate and suburbs!

    I've heard that although Frankfurt is flat - it's not as PB potential as Berlin as there are some open parts of the course which can be very windy (just like Amsterdam). It'll be great support though - every German race is fantastic for support and post race beers image

    jason d wrote (see)

    Emmy- Who's going to be a busy girl then? image

    I'm better busy than bored! image Running is my only vice. No smoking, very little drinking - we all have to one quirk!

    No Pain wrote (see)
    Lol think it takes that number of pages just for Emmy's marathons. Will look at one in Oct or Nov not sure just yet.

    I apologise for that.... I've got a few friends that make me look dull in comparison (racing every weekend).

    Kaz - Get well soon! How are you doing today?

    No Pain - What a great race report!

    HM4 - Well done on the miles! How are you getting on?

  • No running today, got to sort some paperwork for appraisal and weather's cr@p

    NP LOL

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    jason - it's been dry and still round here for a few days now, which is very welcome and pleasant image

    NP - impressive racing on top of some big miles, nice one

    Emmy - being relatively new to racing i've not done anything abroad but the idea really appeals to me so it's something i'll look to doing at some point. Maybe in a few years when the kids are old enough to stay at home and me and mrs M can chill for a long weekendimage

    Into week 4 of P&D here and this morning's 14M MLR was a real psychological battle what with today being back to work and having to get up at 5am to run. Fortunately the weather was good which helped.

    After 5M i started to feel a rumbling in the old belly image and from then on it was a case of not thinking about it and making it home to sanctuary image ..... then just as things started to get uncomfortable image with 2M to go, a kerb stone decided to trip me up and i was tumbling through the air before landing in a heap in the gutter with my palms bleeding and a hole in my wind jacket image Strangely the experience seemed to do me the world of good and i felt a lot more comfortable ( but a tad sore ) for the run in.

    And i even managed to kid mrs M for a few minutes that my wounds were the result of an attempted mugging by 3 yoofs before the rumble started up again image.......

  • hard core getting up that eary...... that Good tough mental running mace. thats the spirit that will get you a marathon PB image  I hope the wounds clear up and your not too  sore.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Mace - I can really recommend running in other countries - it's a nice way to explore and see how 'other' countries do it. I love German races - it's efficient, well marshalled and they always have a great after party/refuelling station. The one at Cologne is legendary - it's sponsored by a supermarket and you can get whatever you want (beer, sausages, pate, nuts and fruit, coffee, soup etc) for free. Last year - we spent over an hour in there drinking beer and eating sausage sandwiches! image

    I've looked at P&D and was planning on using it for Paris but I'm going to focus it for Berlin in the latter part of the year. Sorry to hear about your fall - how are you now? Any bruising?

  • mace- the tough runs are the ones that really countimage Hope you're ok now

    14m done and dusted with 0.6m warmdown to finish. I could still feel yesterday's hills in my legsimage 14m in 1.38.55 (7.04 av) splits: 7:21 7:30 7:30 7:24 7:20 7:21 7:17 7:08 7:06 6:41 6:40 6:34 6:36 6:28 All good at this stageimage


  • macemace ✭✭✭

    The wounds are no problem, thanks folks .... i was grateful it was just a few cuts and nothing to stop me running.

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