2013 Marathon Thread



  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stuart hope the hip is ok; well done on the 11.2 miles

    OH impressive list of events for Cape Wrath weekimage

    NP nice double Thursday, good training yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your hill this morning.

    HM hi

    MG hope the LR is going ok

    AGF up early mate?  Well done on the 20 miler

    Good luck everyone racing tomorrowimage


    Parkrun for me.  I don't do very many of these - I usually do a few 5k / 5m /10k races the day before a long run, towards the end of mara training (P&D style tune-up races).  I was hoping for a big PB, but the unpredictable blasts of wind, the rain and an unexpected muddy grass section threw me a little. Still, a PB at 20:56 (22 secs improvement on September 2012).image

    Out on the razzle tronight...will make tomorrow's 21m extra specialimage

  • Tek,

    Well done.  It is a bit yucky out there.  Tomorrow looks as thought it's going to be brighter so hope to get out then.

  • That's a super 22sec pb Teknik. Well done and congrats.... More to come in the right conditions too....
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    AGF Great 20 mile jogimage.

    Teknik great PB in the park runimageimage all looking good, I think that burst of speed helps a lot.

    HM4 Keep on pushing.

    MG1 Enjoy your canal paths and roadsimage

    Well I went up my hill in the snow and sleet but I always enjoy this run and it's the one run I will never give upimage made a little more intresting by the fartlek session I do over the last half mile on the climb to the topimage.

    Good luck to everyone racing today.


  • AGF nice 20

    Tek would done on the PB , enjoynthe razzle don't fancy your 21 tomorrow though

    NP Hope you had a good one up and down those hills!

    Good luck to those racing today and tomorrow

    Well another 20 LR for me, legs felt a bit sore before I started so didn't fill me with lots of optimism plus steady rain and a gusty wind but kinda enjoyed it all the same

    2.57:44 @ 8.53 /m 8.58 8.48 8.42 8.44 8.55 8.53 8.50 8.51 8.16 9.11 9.08 9.03 9.08 9.05 9.09 8.56 9.12 8.55 8.44 8.14 time to rest, may go for a lighter week ahead before a final full weeks training
  • AGF & MG - Well done on the 20s

    NP - Sounds like a challenging run

    TEk - Great work on the new PBimage


    Gym this morning, followed by 60(ish)x18m swim before work. Had planned to go for a short run after work, but another abysmal sleep has left me exhausted.

    20 or HM tomorrow. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

  • Cape Wrath week is great social week. I did the half and full last year but rested between doing some marshalling and some photography. The beffet with the ceilidh at end of the week has to be seen to be believed. Highly recommended.

    Sea swim then kayaking for me today.

    Now who's hard core NPimage

    Tek a PB is still a PB. image Good luck with Special (brew) 22miler.image

    Nice little "jog" AGF! image

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done on the press ups HM4!

    OH I've heard about Cape Wrath being a good week; might consider it one year.

    mace that made me laugh! image

    Thanks for the advice NN. Also  I got the training sheet etc through in the post and they recommended tapering down this week so that's what I've done. image I really want to get the most out of the week away and am relaxed about doing less miles this week. No chance of a PB tomorrow either (not a PB course) so although I'll run hard I'll not risk any damage!! image VLM is the big picture race and my plan is to concentrate on the shorter stuff over summer. image

    Well done on the PB Teknik! Hope the foot is ok.

    Stuart nice training, know what you mean about tiredness, not good!!

    NP a hilly fartlek! image Great running!

    Nice long runs AGF and MG1.

    A short easy run this morning, 4m. Late last night and exhausted as I still waken at the same time regardless but nice to get out. The back of my right ankle is achey, any recommended stretches (think it's achilles area)? 




  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    MG1 another great 20 in the bank I think most of us have aches and pains at this stage but you got it done and out the way in poor conditions well done.

    SM6 well done on your swim and enjoy your run tomorrow.

    Fiona I thought for some reason your race was today, you should still be on for a good time tomorrow I just hope the weather is ok for you, it's been horrible here all day.....

    OH swimming in the sea with no wet suit that's real hard core sir. Cape Wrath sounds like a great week of running.
  • Will catch up later after some food!

    A good day's running here today!image First off 6.2m including leading the field home in our hilly and muddy trail Parkrun in 19.44, then a post-lunch 10.05m in 1.11.50 and finally a 4.1m recovery run to round off the dayimage

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason another great days training. image

    30 foam roller and stretching here followed by a cold bath, legs feel fantastic now image
  • Well done guys & good luck to today's racers.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM hope you get out for a run today...image

    Thanks AGF - got another in a couple of weeks time, hopefully not so windy and wet.

    NP well done on your hill in the snow and sleet. Uphill fartlek? On your own? image

    MG another good 20 with a solid finish - well done again

    Stuart good swimming, hope today went ok

    OH sea swimming! Jesus you're a hard man

    Fiona well done on the easy 4.  I'd check out Youtube for the stretches- there's loads on there

    Jason nice parkrun jog - great day's totalimage


    Predictably awful morning here. Hungover and dehydrated. Managed 17m including 7m at too fast a pace with the club, then grabbed the first lift home. image


    Week's total : 66m @ av 8:52mm @ av72%maxHR


    Looking forward to the race reportsimage

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    great training everyone

    sounds imageimageimage Tek , well done for sticking with it though

    good luck to everyone racing

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Fiona - Soleus stretch ??

    Hope it clears up soon

  • Hi guys - a very quick update on the warwick half as I am out for sunday lunch with the family. 

    I ran with my wife for the first few miles as it was her first half and the then progressed to run the last 7 miles to feel at rough marathon type pace ( turned out to be 7:30 or better ) . Was nice to run through the field. A good training run after yesterdays 20 miler. Very proud of wife who ran a strong first half with 10mm all the way !! A good day for our house - image !!

    69 Miles for the week too so pleased. 4 weeks to brighton !!!

  • Raced Alloa, wish I hadn't. Absolutely terrible run. Didn't even lift my garmin so I'm not sure of my time, but i doubt i even broke 95 minutes. 

    Not a happy camperimage

  • AGF,

    Well done to both of you.


    Opps. Hope you did better than you thought.


    Well done.


    Got out for just under 3 miles this morning.  I've got Tuesday off so plan on doing 4 miles then.

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭
    Just a quick update on the half today, garmin time 1:52:50 almost an eleven minute PB, will give a fuller update later, image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Teknik great running with a sore head well doneimage

    AGF Well done on the half marathon well controlled and an excellent run by your wifeimageimageimage

    SM6 What time where you aiming for? and what did you do? It's not the end of the world we all have bad days mate.

    SC Fantastic running well on for a sub 4 hr Marathon and a great PB.imageimageimage

    Just over 16.5 miles for me today in my cut back week all nice and relaxed and legs feel like I havn't run todayimage.

  • Tek- wel done on the PB image and hangover run! image

    AGF and Mrs AGF- well done! image

    SC- nice running! image great pb!!

    NP- fresh legs must be a good sign - good running!

    Fiona- like mace says, try bent knee calf stretches to stretch off the soleus

    SM6- sorry to hear it, but like NP says, we all have those races, mate image

    MM61- nice running! image

    Today was always going to be tough here after yesterday's 20m and I even thought about turning back after 2.5m lol! Glad I carried on cos it eventually got easier and I managed 22m in 2.39.15, a bit slower than normal at 7.14 av, but happy enough after yesterday's mauling image splits: 7:32 7:31 7:39 7:29 7:33 7:29 7:27 7:30 7:34 7:18 7:19 7:20 7:17 7:19 7:20 7:20 7:12 6:43 6:46 6:34 6:31 6:25 2
  • Jason. Awesome running

    Tek, you were up early for a hangover image

    Stuart. A run around 95 mins sounds good to me... Better luck next time.

    Stewart, brilliant Pb fella. Hadd worksimage

    NP, nice running. Hope you enjoyed the cut back...

    A tipsy Mrs AGF says thanks...
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF well done, great week's work and congrats to Mrs AGF too image

    Stuart bad luck, sorry it didn't go to plan...

    HM well done on the run

    Stewart fantastic result, well doneimageimage

    NP nice 16.5m, glad you're feeling rested

    Jason great 22m - fantastic splits...


  • 97.47m for the week- with apologies to Fiona image
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Great parkrun result jason, well done! Just seen your post jason image ...and two 20 something days. Any reason or just because you can? image

    Teknik good for you gettting out, sounds a tough run with a hangover! imageI make a point of never getting them as I can't cope any more!

    AGF well done you and the OH, sounds like a great result for you both.

    HM4 great that you got out, well done.

    Stewart a fab PB, you've taken a huge chunk off your time!!imageimageimage

    Stuart just one to put down to experience, forget about and move on. It was a bad day and you can do a lot better. imageimage

    NP a very well deserved cut back day. image

    Inverness half. Freezing at the start and freezing at the finish despite the long sleeved top, gilet, gloves etc. Ran with the same 2 girls as the last half just by chance. As Stewart will know the first 6 miles is all gently uphill so ran to effort, at mile 8 one of the girls commented that she was too warm image I was still cold. Think my thermostat is either very efficient or faulty! Next week will be interesting. Never felt like I was pushing it too much which is quite a nice way to run as I always used to run flat out!

    Just ran a steady race and did not look at the time until the last bit where you head round the corner to get onto the track - too late to get sub 90 but delighted with 1:30:10 as I don't feel like I ran now and will be all set for my week's warm weather training. image 3rd FV out of 204, 10th lady overall out of 679.image



  • Stewart,

    Well done on the pb.


    Great result.



  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Fantastic time Fiona, not even flat out imageimage

  • Super Pb and run Fiona.... Your flying !!
  • Tek good for you battling that hangover

    Jason great double, you must be pleased

    AGF well done to you both good prep work

    Stewart great pb got to be a happy chap with that

    Stuart. I guess we all have disapointing days, onwards and upwards

    NP once again another good run, you make it all sound so easy, good for you

    Fiona C excellent ,if you were taking it fairly easy

    Rest for me today, legs feel better than they did yesterday before the 20 m ?must have recovered better, back to it tomorrow
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason another great days training for you sir image

    Fiona fantastic running and still a great PB image image image and looking good for VLM enjoy an easy day tomorrow and warm weather running come Thursday image
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