2013 Marathon Thread



  • Well done HM4.


    Very pleasant walk over Costa Head in blue skies - a part of Orkney I've not been over before (although I've been "under" a few times image

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Sounding strong HM4. image

    Still not 100% first thing so just in from a 5 mile treadmill run, 3 at 6:55mm pace. Calves a bit tight but feeling better. image Dashing off to deliver Beanie (my cat) to her holiday home! Will catch up tomorrow.


  • Fiona. Have a lovely holiday and hope you get well soon. Good running today btw image
  • Fiona - Nice run

    HM - Good running

    Tek - Nice run today. Although your posts aren't filling me with confidence ahead of Lochaber!image

    Mace - Nice easy run this morning

    MG - Sounds like a good workout in the gym

    Jason - Good running, good luck with the 10k on Sunday

    Stewart - I think you can look at 4 hours as realistic. You've put in the miles, and it sounds like you could have went faster on Sunday had you not been waiting for your running partner.


  • Mace well done on the 6 and 4

    Tek nice 6

    NP good run earlier

    Fiona enjoy your break and training, hope Beanie has a good holiday image too

    5 m tempo run and 10 k on the bike in the gym tonight, thinking about what sort of pace I should be aiming to run Rotterdam at. Most recent half was Birmingham

    last October in 1.40 but feel much fitter now, I think 8.30 - 8.45 should be possible for my first M ?? It is a bit into the unknown, any thoughts?
  • Evening
    MACE thanks for the reply I felt much better than I was expecting to be honest it rounded off a 70 mile week I was really tired from 3 busy nights
    then had the littlest grandson for 2 days/ nights and by the time I eventually got out for run late Sunday I was knackered.So yes I aM now in that dilemma do I dare start a bIt faster than what I thought was marathon pace, imageI don't think I have the confidence and will start off at 8.20s and see how I feel at half way.

    TEK yes thanks for nothing lol..no seriously I guess its all about confidence in the training,I am finding if I run at the suggested paces set out in p&d my hr is too low, so if I run the long runs at HR times are the paces set out for 3.30 but I dont have the confidence to run 8 min miling from the start...Oh bum I am confused !! Having said.that I am glad to say I have never felt quite as bad as you have during a marathon

    Fiona have a lovely time are you going with anyone of just going on your own ? I hope beanie enjoys her hols too

    MG1  your half time is the same as mine and I run 3.40 marathon which is under 8.30s hoping for a few mins off that this year so yes you should aim at least 8.20s-8.30 which plan do you intend following ?


  • NN well was maybe being a bit cautious on the pacing but you have given me a bit confidence to go for 8.20 - 8.30 for the first 12 - 15 miles and take it from there .

    Will go out this Saturday for a 10 - 14 at that sort of pace and see how it feels, after this weekends medium run , one more long run left image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Hm4 well done on the press ups and running.

    OH the walk will do your legs the world of good.

    Fiona nice tempo hope beanie has a great holiday.

    MG1 great tempo run 1:40+1:40= 3:20 plus 10 is a 3:30 marathon. If your feeling 1:35 for a half you do the mathsimage

    Second run of the day for me 6 miles with 4 at tempo.
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    NN I've still at work 48 straight here and that last post took me an hour that's why I missed you'r post. I think you should go 8:15/8:10's image you have that in you no problem.
  • 48 hours on shift ? is that what you mean ? thats harsh !!! well done on the 2 runs..and thanks for the reply image

    MG1 your long runs are strong I have seen the splits go for it !!

  • Thanks for the advice NP, Dont think I am feeling that brave or stupid for a 1.35 half, will stick to what you and NN suggest as it seems sensible
  • MG1 I didnt realise your marathon was close, nearly time for taper madness you will soon know what I mean image you will feel fat bloated lazy and unfit and worry like mad that you havent done enough..something to look forward to lol 
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Taper madness image

    NN yep also due to me not living in the area I work I have to live on one of the Stations which means I end up sitting at my desk doing more work than I should in the standby hours. But I can use the gym image

    10 miles MLR on the treadmill done and dusted.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM fantastic sets - keep it upimage. Nice 4m - and yes, I think the stronger core helps...

    OH glad you're up and about

    Fiona nice treddie tempo. Enjoy the holiday!

    Stuart sorry - I'm always the prophet of doom on hereimage

    MG good tempo and bike work

    NN I guess you have to ask yourself "would I be happy with a 3h36?"  If no, go for the 3:30.  If yes, then that's probably where you'll end up.  I'm wavering back to 3h36 at the moment...we'll see after my Half on Sunday.

    NP nice double again yesterday, and good treddie 10m this morning


    1m warm up then 9m run with a 83%max ceiling as a MP test.  Came in at a disappointing 8:05mm, but no real drift in the last few miles.  Progress of sortsimage


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Teknik I think sometimes we ALL just have to zip up the man suit and run balls out.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    NP. Yes. Lol image. Just not in this weatherimage
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    In any case, I'm not going to zip up my man-suit when my balls are out.image
  • Tek I would be VERY happy with a 3.36 even a 3.38 even a 3.39.59 anything but over 3.40

    Well done on the MP effort yourself

    NP 10 miles on a dreadmill.image..good effort indeed

    Pathetic slow heavy legged 12.5 miler in 2 hours for me this morning plus pilates class

    Right to fit in with everyone else here I got just this foam roller, now ,someone tell me what to do with it, decent suggestions only please !!

  • Tek - you are in 3:30 Shape and IMHO should go for it. Definately.  The taper has a brilliant effect - especially with the miles you have done.

    I have a conumdrum !! Berlin is my A race for the year. brighton is meant to be a stepping stone.

    However - I feel busted again/still. In short I have been hobbling on/off since the HM a couple of weeks ago. After the weekend run I have strains in the hips/quads/hams again. A Sports massage tonight - will see how it goes.

    However I am seriously considering not running brighton. My body feels like it does after a marathon PB attempt - shattered. Not good. I do not want to run a mediocre run at brighton and then be busted further and impact Berlin.

    The 1:29:58 half makes me feel that in right condition I can run sub 3:15 and get GFA - so I will be dissapointed with say a 3:25 in brighton. That would be a great PB - but I know I will be dissapointed - yet my body is not ready for a 3:15 attempt due to these niggles/strains etc.

    Sorry for rambling / moaning..  frustrated thats all with these injuries/niggles

  • AGF sorry I didnt realise you were struggling with niggles,image I dont always have the time to read all the post, moan all you like I would,

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Lol at the picture of Teknik in his onesie zipped up with bits hanging outimage

    NN well done on the MLR don't be OCD over the missing .5 mileimage last year and the year before I did quite a few 20/22 mile long runs on the treadmill at work it was just how my shifts fell.

    AGF cold bath stretching and foam roller I think the 20 miles then another long run the next day was to much, like you say Berlin is your A race.
  • Tek,



    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear about the niggles AGF. If you feel like that then perhaps Brighton not the best move but you still have time! I was so afraid of breaking myself before my hols and more importantly VLM that I decided not to run my half at full effort.

    NN sitting here at the Gatwick Hilton on my own. My 1st hols since 2009 other than long weekends off work as on my own now so a major step. Eek.

    So much good running going on but on the blackberry now so flicking back and fore the pages not easy. And I've had a glass of wine!

    Looking forward to feeling a bit of warmth but after Sunday can't believe it'll be warm so packed the tights, gloves etc at the last minute.

    7am flight tomorrow. No time to run today but hope to make up for it over the next week.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Fiona have a great week I'm sure it will add the icing on the cake, looks like a PB effort for myself at this weekends half marathon is off due to the weather image it's to blow a gale along the coast...... Enjoy your week in the sun. image
  • Rest for me today, appart from 18 holes of golf so a good walk if nothing else

    This tapering lark sounds interesting image certainly will have to curtail my appetite a little!

    Good running NP and Tek

    Fiona enjoy the hols in the sun, it's about 2 0c here

    NN use the foam roller after every gym and run session, great on most muscle groups appart from the outside of thighs / IT band which always seem to be a bit sore

    AGF hope the nigles start to recede image
  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    HM, well done with the 4 miles 

    OH, sounds like you're recovering well after your Marathon, nice to get out when the weather is pleasant

    Fiona, did you not get a PB on Sunday, just goes to show that you're in great shape, enjoy the sun honestly I'm not at all jealous image

    SM6, after tonight I'm not so sure image

    MG, great tempo run and bike ride, 

    NP, some great running over the past couple of days and that's an epic shift

    Tek, some nice stats what pace are you looking to run your marathon at

    AGF, sorry to hear about the niggles 

    Yesterday was my first run since Sunday's HM and the legs felt a little heavy at the start but they did feel a bit better by the finish.

    Today was a MP test a Tek suggested but it was not good, I'm probably not fully recovered yet and the run felt extremely difficult.  Miles are banked though

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN sounds like you should go with NP's 8:15 adviceimage.  Well done on slogging out the 12.5m

    AGF so sorry you're still not recovered. It's been a few years since I raced a Half, but I can remember a flat-out effort would knock me out for a week or two.  Take a rest, and then I'd strap on the HRM again for a while, in order to guage just how much you've affected your base. Then make the decision. 

    HM you've inspired me - I'm going to start the press-up challenge againimage

    Fiona I'm sooo jealousimage

    NP sorry to hear about the likely weather at Larne.  It's going to be -2C here, but hopefully dry at least.

    MG nice cross training image

    Stewart I checked your run on Fetch - definitely a HRM / strap malfunction...for several miles.  Also it's too close to that Half of yours for the stats to be meaningful.  As for me, I'm still pondering.  The Hadd tests are hovering around 8mm but it's still not comfortable ... we'll see, 6 weeks yet to make up my mind.


    6m steady this morning, feeling fine.

  • fiona, I trust you are in the air by now and have a lovely holiday in the sun. Enjoy.

    MG - Hope the golf was ood and the ball did not plug too often in the ground !!

    Stewart - Well done on the MP test on tired legs. Will do you no harm.


    I had a massage last night. Very tight perimformis/hams/quads.  a little better today - but I think I have a hams strain. Have decided to give brighton a miss. Will keep ticking over and get myself nigglke free in the lead up to Berlin : )  I feel better for making this decision as brighton will not proove anything to me.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    All this talk of balls out running, i had to check back to make sure you weren't talking about my mis-hap last week image

    AGF - really sorry to hear that but it sounds like a well thought out and sensible decision. Shame as i was hoping to be hanging onto you image

    Nurse - plenty on Youtube .... i mainly use it for IT Band, calves, hams and quads

    Tek - i'm signed up on Fetch but the few times i've been on there i find the site a bit " busy ", i can't work out what's where. But then i am a bit impatient with new stuff image How do you upload and view garmin stats on there ?


    VO2 session yesterday 9 w 5 x 1200 , paces were 6:28, 6:29, 6:27, 6:23, 6:26

    14MLR today @ 8:03 @ 73% .... 8:36, 8:25, 8:31, 8:20, 8:16, 8:06, 8:02, 8:00, 7:53, 7:40, 7:27, 7:15, 7:16 and 8:54 cool down

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF - sorry, decision made.  Think just how great your base will be in 6 months' time!

    mace those are great V.o2 splits, and today's MLR looked fantasticimage.  On Fetch, you need to install the Garmin Communicator - go here for a link http://www.fetcheveryone.com/article-view.php?id=407.  Then to upload a run, go to "Train" then "Add training" then click on the device you're using, or go to http://www.fetcheveryone.com/training_garmin_interface.php

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