2013 Marathon Thread



  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stewart nice 5 miles. Hope you stay bug free!

    Fiona hope the massage fixes the niggly bits

    NP good tempo this morning

    Simon Lolimage

    NN well done on the pilates, 7 miles and the strides.

    mace it's going to be a long 2 weeksimage


    No taper yet for me.  13 miles this morning - 7m on my own on the tarmac, then 6 muddy hilly miles with the club.  Sunny here but the wind is still bitter. 

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Teknik wrote (see)


    mace it's going to be a long 2 weeksimage


    No taper yet for me.  13 miles this morning - 7m on my own on the tarmac, then 6 muddy hilly miles with the club ....


    Ohhh you bloody show off image

  • SF you must have though it very forward of me asking to meet you when you have only been posting a few days image after all its not a dating forum lol ..the message was meant for Fiona and NP,,but you are welcome to come along too of course !!


    Fiona/ NP let me know where and when you will be meeting up in the afternoon and I will try and come along.

    TEK well done nice mlr not long till your taper, how many more Long runs do you have planned ?

    Mace you are not alone I am  only 2 days into mine and I cant get my jeans done up...image


  • Tek- taper for me, but 13m this afternoon tooimage

    Simon- welcome aboardimage

    mace- sleep is vital- but not cream cakesimage

    Taper time is a dangerous time for weight gain (as some have noticedimage)- you need to cut back the fuel as you cut back the miles....

    I have just embarked on a primal diet, cutting out all grains and eating lots of animals and plants!image Last night's food was steamed chicken breast with carrots, asparagus and mange tout. Normally feel hungry in the morning, but not today- seem to have more energy too- could be psychosomatic, but who cares?image  Great 2 egg turkey and mushroom omelette breakfast to fuel my 13m and piri-piri mackerel, cottage cheese and salad afterwards. 13.01m in a horrid easterly headwind in 1.33.xx, so the omelette did the jobimage Tonight is more chicken and veggies, but with speedwork planned for tomorrow, I get to have a sweet potato tooimage

  • 13.1 miles @ 8.22 ave. Cramped up a bit, but I still think I'm not completely over Alloaimage.

    Think I'm going to use this as MP, was planning on a wee bit quicker but at the end of the day Lochaber isn't my A race for the year. I just want to get round in one piece.

    Don't think I'll be running on consecutive days at all this month. Swim tomorrow. 7 Thursday.

  • Good luck with the tapering guys.


    I've just got 2 more sessions left on my press up challenge.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done on the tempo NP, I suspect another will be on the agenda today! image

    mace hope you get that run. Isn't taper fun! image

    Teknik well done on the early 13....your turn will come!

    jason that made me think so chicken, carrots and broccoli for me tonight. Well done on the 13.

    Sounds like a plan Stuart!

    NN/NP we could meet for afternoon coffee/cakes/whatever either at Victoria (handy for NP!) or at the Costas just up Piccadilly from Green Park station which means just one line for you both. Just a thought. I'm totally flexible with time but 3pm as a starting suggestion? image We can always email on Fetch with the details?

    No run for me. Had my massage at 1:30pm and calves were worse than hamstring. Really tight/sore and told to rest tonight in compression gear - nice! image Should be ok to run easy tomorrow so will see how they feel first thing for a short easy run then later for something longer. Hope to get a faster run Thursday or next week but pretty relaxed about it.




  • I did 19.5 miles last Sunday in the snow (longest run ever in 18 months of running) 10 miles yesterday and starting to taper for London. I can't help but feel nervous and anxious about the event. Not sure why as I am sure it will be fun if bloody hard. At what stage should I just chill and think how lucky I am to have got a ballot place?
  • Tek, Stewart and Jason good 13 s image

    6 miles with 4 at race pace for me tonight, fairly happy with legs that felt okay, either rest tomorrow or cross train, see how I feel .

    Must admit it does feel like being no mans land in the middle of taper
  • http://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y461/faypj/DSCF0416_zpsd6864689.jpg

     OK that's the picture from yesterday (with help of photobucket)
    Welcome Sweatband - that's normal pre (1st) marathon nerves
    SimonF - we're not all fast here (though there are definitely some fast ones) - my marathon PB is 4h26 (with the other 2 being considerably slower). So don't be put off joining in the banter.
    No running today but a short kayak after work before 5 consecutive days on call image

  • Sweatband - I think you should be considering yourself lucky to have a place since about last Septemberimage Since some of us didn'timage

    Good luck, and just enjoy the atmosphere, I'm sure it'll be greatimage

    OH - Looks glorious up your wayimage Was pretty nice here too, if a wee bit cold still.

    MG - Nice run today, I think I'm going to alternate running and swimming until next Thursday, then have a couple of rest days.

    Fiona - Hope the legs are ok to run tomorrow

  • SM6 , quite like that plan of alternate days of cross training and running! I think next Wednesday or Thursday will be my last day proper.

    Does anyone go for a little run the day before race day???
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Just back, did a second tempo run at 6pm but missed the cool down due to work. Will do 12/13 tomorrow at dark o'clock will also read back and post at lunch time got to get some sleep now.
  • Newbie here and follow a few threads but thought I'd say "hi" here, so... "Hi" 

    Currently following HADD (sort of) and entered my first Half in August (Isle of Mull) with the Loch Ness Marathon 29 Sept. Am looking for a slow yet steady 5 hours though any time in my first will be a personal best.

    53yr old smoker that considers calories burnt whilst running to be beer tokens so no surprises as to why I'm slowimage

  • turkey and scrambled eggs, followed by a tin of prunes and a glass of beetroot juice for brekkie image I seem to have lost 1.5lbs since 8am Monday! image

    Intervals today!! image image

    Catch up later! image
  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Fiona, it was a little chilly at first but I soon warmed up, hope the massage has helped with the niggles

    NP, nice double tempo run

    Simon, welcome to the thread

    NN, are you finding the piliates class is helping, I'm finding that the body balance class that I do on a Friday has helped with my flexibility and as a result it is helping my running

    Mace, I hope you enjoyed your run last night, this is my first real experience of a taper and it is not fun

    Tek, nice mixed run yesterday, looks like it's going to be cold for a while yet image

    SM6, nice 13 looking good for Lochaber

    HM, you're doing really well with the challenge keep on going image

    MG, nice run, not long now

    Sweatband, welcome, it is also my first marathon and Iam feeling more and more nervous as the day gets closer,you have just got to believe that you have put in the work during training and enjoy it as best you can, I've watch London on telly and the atmosphere I'm sure will be awesome

    OH, nice photo, it is lovely on Orkney

     Jason impressive weight loss, enjoy the intervals

    No running for me I'm choked up with a cold, I'm taking heart that it has happened this week and not next, I'll rest up today and hope to be well enough to get a run of sorts in on Thursday.



  • Hello

    I am running the Vienna marathon on the 14th April. I started training at the start of the year. Training had gone well up until 2 weeks ago. I ran my final LSR 22 miles and felt dreadful - it was a real struggle. I ran it on a Saturday and then came down with the flu on the sunday. I was wiped out for a full week. I did not run at all. I missed 2 speed/tempo runs and the 16 mile at the weekend. I have resumed the programme this week but it is the 2 week taper now. I am not tempted to try and catch up as I know this is not a good idea. However I am concerned that missing a full week (8 days actually) of training will have an effect on my marathon. 

    Has anyone else missed a chunk of training  (so close to the marathon)yet still gone on to feel strong and run well on race day. Been worrying for several days since I started running again this week (and not feeling as strong as I did before being unwell). Thought it time to ask for advice - hoping it will help me stop being too concerned!

    Thanks so much for any advice/tips! image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN LoL. image I've got 2 more big runs - a slow 21, then a final 21 with 13 at MP (running a Half)...then 16/13/Race.

    Jason I'm glad my mileage is finally catching up with yours!  Primal diet sounds fun - well done on the weight loss.image

    Stuart well done on the 13.1m.  The pace sounds like a safe but sensible decision.

    HM 2 more! Then the big test!?

    Fiona hope the calves are better today

    Sweatband welcome, and well done on the 19.5m. It's normal - chill and taper nowimage

    MG well done on the 6m.  Only 11 days now...image. I don't run on race day, or in fact for the last 3 days...

    OH great piccie - how did you post it?

    NP nice double yesterday. Hope the MLR went ok.

    Andi welcome. Lots of Haddites on here...

    Stewart hope you shake that cold. Enjoy the rest.

    Mabel welcome backimage. Sounds like the bug was hitting you on the Saturday.  Personally I don't think missing one week - any week - makes much difference.  In fact the enforced rest might have done some good.  Chill and taperimage


    1m w/up then 9m at marathon pace.  Still finding it hard to push myself - av79%max, and only hit 83%max uphill...came out as 8:05mm again.  Maybe I need a change of route...image




  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭


    Sprint finish LOL

    OH - thanks, worked out how to use photobucketimage

  • OH - love your photo. A lovely looking place to run !!

    Teknik -  Nice airborne shot of you.


    Hope everyone had a good easter.  I am back jogging most days- all very slow and easy though image  The next two weeks will be mostly gardening image

  • Jason - Nice going on the weight loss

    Stewart - Hope that cold clears up quickly! I wouldn't do anything, just let it clear before going back out.

    Andi - Welcome. I done my 1st marathon at Loch Ness last year, and will be back again this year. Great course, if the weather is nice!

    Mabel - i agree with Tek, a week off at this stage could be seen as a positive.

    Tek - Nice run, and I love the pic, looking strong.

    AGF - Good to hear you're getting back into it!


    40x25m swim for me today. 7-8 mile run planned for tomorrow.

  • Well done on everyone's training.

  • Tek- great photo!image Airborne! You were ahead of me on the monthly mileageimage

    Stewart- You're right- now is the time to get a cold, if you're going to get one!image

    Mabel- agree with the others. Best of luck!image

    Andi- Hi!image

    NP- Nice to see you taperingimage

    OH- Great photo, tooimage

    AGF- Happy gardeningimage

    HM4- well done on the push upsimage

    Change of plan today- post massage/ race hamstrings didn't want to do intervalsimage- quite glad because the easterly wind is ridiculous here! 2x 5m instead. Intervals maybe tomorrow, although got a Parkrun lined up for Saturday anyhow... 

  • Tek like the action shot !

    Stewart hope the cold isn't too,bad

    Mabel good luck in Vienna

    Hello Andi

    6 k easy on treadmill tonight, couldn't face the easterly winds again so went to the gym and then got the rollers out, gym session tomorow .counting down the sessions now
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Peeps sorry for not getting on sooner but I'm on duty and since 4:50 I have been out to a bull in a slurry pit and then on to a road accident so have not had time. Managed a MLR at dark o'clock 12 miles easy. I will have more time at the weekend when I'm off, bedddddd now.
  • struggling with blisters,trainning for Sheffiled Marathon,any advice please?


  • Hi sydeny- never get them, sorry. Cause has got to be your shoes and/or socks. Maybe applying Body Glide to affected areas?
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NP hope you got a decent sleep, sounds like a tough day!

    Sydeny I get blisters and just burst them with safety pins when I get home and crack on! My feet are not my most attractive feature! image

    MG1 good gym session and Stuart well done on the swim.

    jason hope the primeval diet is going well!

    Good to hear you are getting back to it AGF.

    Teknik great photo!

    Beautiful photo OH - nice scenery.

    Stewart I hope you are feeling better.

    A bit gloomy today. Did 8 miles last night and definitely my right piriformis that is niggly. I can run but don't know what to do. Have emailed the physio. I could still run a GFA time as it is but worried that if I run and make it worse then I'll be exactly where I was last year. Anyway worse things happen and even if I rest between now and 21st I'll sure I could do it but a bit of a sickner after all the miles in the dark/snow/cold. Right sorry that's all my moans! image Will rest today and see how it is tomorrow, this is some taper! image





  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Andy/mabel - welcome

    Sydeny - welcome. Like jason says. do your shoes fit ok ? Try different socks maybe ? I just use Tesco F&F performance sports socks, decent padding in toes/heel and rarely have any problems. If your shoes are decent and fit well then i don't reckon the socks are that important.  I've read Sudocream is good for treating blisters, and of course salt water shifts them pretty quickly.

    Tek - re pushing yourself, are you doing any intervals at the moment ? Great pic !!

    AGF - sounds nice and relaxed, take care.

    Stuart - great swimming

    MG - well done on the dreadmill

    NP - sounds, err, fun !? You're a fireman aren't you ?

    jason - LOLOLOL


    Snowing as i left the house this morning and the wind was horrible. Seriously thought about canning my intervals but i haven't missed a set yet so gritted my teeth.

    3m w/u , 3 x 1m @5k, 1.5m c/d

    6:26 .. 6:25 ... 6:26  off 3min recoveries .

    I do them on a half mile stretch along the promenade which was comfortable with the wind but murder back into it and was dry heaving image after the first one and thought that was my lot but the recovery got me back on track.

    Enjoyed a bit of speed and it's made me feel less fat image

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