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  • Morning, not had time to read back yet, will do later.

    Bit concerned about a niggle in my ankle and a sore spot on the inside of my knee, both on the right leg, so skipped yestedays 12 miler in favour of some cross training I did my pilates class , an hour on the AMT trainer wow what a work out, then went to AB Attack class last night, good grief !! non stop the woman who took the class is insane, and she is running Taunton (local) marathon on Sunday, she did promise that she was resting after last night, mmmm a 3 day taper .lol

    I just hope this ankle sorts its self out scared to run on it glad it taper time but..I will be gutted if it is still a problem this time next week, in the mean time I will carry on with the cardio classes/workouts they have just put our membership up so at least I will get my monies worth

    cath up later image

  • Tek - great picture

    Sydeny Only time I have ever had blisters is when I had a hurried preparation before HM and laces were not properly adjusted.

    Strange weather at present - bush fires on Skye reported today!

  • ((((Fiona))))- Right.. take a deep breath- there is plenty of time to sort your piriformis issue. Keep the stretches/ massage going. Personally, I wouldn't rest it, but would keep it moving with GENTLE recovery runs-??

    NN- take care- hope the ankle is more in the mind than in the foot- these niggles ALWAYS appear at taper time...

    mace- excellent going on the intervals- know what you mean about canning them- I felt the same, but I was on a track, not a prom!!imageimage

    NP- seriously, hope you have a good rest and recover from  last night's ordealimage

    Primal diet is going well- i lost another 0.6lb yesterday, but seem to have MORE energyimage A new one this morning- breakfast was smoked salmon on a bed of rocket with a lime juice and olive oil dressing! Never had salad for breakfast before, but TOTALLY recommend it now!!

    My "interesting" breakfast worked well- 7m including 5x800mtr intervals (splits-2.45, 2.44, 2.43, 2.45, 2.44) done and dustedimage  Pleased with that- especially as it is blowing a freezing gale again!image Out for a few slower ones later onimage


  • Knee seems better, but now I have a dodgy ankle/calve. And possibly a cold coming on. this taper isn't going well.

    Didn't run today, just done some weights. Managed to do some lower body stuff at last, but just kept it light. I want to run tomorrow, but I'll need to wait and see.

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭
    NP, an interesting shift well done on the 12

    Tek, nice run and a great action shot

    AGF, good to hear you're back at it

    SM6, nice swim yesterday I'm also hating this tapering lark,

    Jason nice double 5's yesterday and intervals today, will it ever warm up

    Fiona, hope the niggle gets sorted I'm sure the physio will sort it out,

    Mace, another great session well done with the speedy intervals

    MG, nice session on the treadie

    NN, everyone seems to be falling apart, hope the ankle is ok

    OH, must be all the hot weather we have been getting, all kidding aside we haven't had any rain or a while

    Some good news and bad, the bad news for me is I'm no better, no run since Monday and I'm going stir crazy, the good news my new trainers arrived and garmin are going to replace my HRM and strap
  • (((Fiona)))

    Hope that's not going to be the case.


    Hope you can get back running soon.


    No press ups from me today. It's been really cold and we've had snow so I've now got a wheat bag on my shoulder. 

  • 6.4 miles done with JS group on a very pleasant evening. image

  • SM6- Watch out for the taper madness!image

    Stewart- I hope this weather will improve- no sign of the wind easing here yet though! Hope you're back running soonimage

    HM4- snow???? image

    OH- well done- glad the weather's better with you!image

    6.5m recovery run done tonight- howling gale!image

  • Hi all, joining a bit late in the season. Aiming for the Chester Marathon in October but with a few halfs along the way. Selected new races this year to liven up my running a bit.

    Hope to pick up some useful tips and shae thoughts over the coming months. Good luck to anyone with races coming up soon!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF glad you're back runningimage

    Stuart nice swim yesterday. Glad the knee's better; hope you shake that ankle/calf niggle and avoid the coldimage

    Jason nice double yesterday. Lol at the breakfast. Nice intervals this morning and well done in tonight's gale.

    MG well done on the treddie 6k

    NP nice 12m MLR yesterday.

    Sydeny welcome

    Fiona sorry to hear about that niggle. Rest and roller will help I'm sure...

    Mace thanks.  I'm not sure what the problem is - I was happy if breathless at 7:10 pace for my Half, but my breathing doesn't feel right at 8mm - and I know from past mistakes MP needs to feel comfortable.  Not sure what to do but I'm hoping a change in route will shake the chimp. Nice intervals btw image

    NN oh no, more niggles!  It truly is taper madness time!

    OH thanks, nice 6.4m with JS tonight

    Stewart sorry to hear you still have the lurgy. Yay to Garmin!

    HM hope the heat eases the shoulder

    Doc Pete welcomeimage


    Total CBA this morning. Supposed to be a 14m MLR but I couldn't get out of bed in time.  Did a 7m progressive treddie job, then did another 4.65m on the road tonight to make up for it. Snowing again here. HR has dropped again...

  • DP Hello and welcome from another DP!

    Teknik wrote (see)

    Total CBA this morning. Supposed to be a 14m MLR but I couldn't get out of bed in time.  Did a 7m progressive treddie job, then did another 4.65m on the road tonight to make up for it. Snowing again here. HR has dropped again...


    Is TekNik becoming HumanNik? image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    OH Lol image
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys, got a physio appt for tomorrow at 1:45pm. image She does the local (Premier league) football team so knows her stuff!

    mace nice speed session, well done for getting out in the snow - brrr!

    NN you have my sympathy! Caught up with NP yesterday. I'll message you the meeting details for Saturday. image

    OH it has been so dry, lots of fires down Lochaber way - scary!

    jason well done on the running in rubbish weather. Stunning day here. I'll see what the physio says about running and might get out for an easy one tomorrow. image

    Stuart I hope your ankle/calve are ok.

    Stewart good news on the garmin, I'm sure you'll feel better soon. Just in time for Lochaber.

    HM4 I hope the heat helps the shoulder, not good for the press ups!

    Welcome DP!

    Sounds like a decent days training Teknik. Shame that you and others still have snow.





  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NN the RW messaging service did not seem to work so emailed you on Fetch!


  • Tek good all round training

    Stuart and Stewart, hope you injuries and niggles improve

    Jason good training, your new diet looks interesting

    Mace good speedy session

    Fiona C hope the physio helps

    Gym session with with trainer with core and intervals , rest tomorrow before final pre race longest run Saturday morning, looking at 9 miler with some race pace miles
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Hi Peeps not much chance of getting on here in the last 48 hrs or so just the nature of the job some times. Anyway it's lunch time now so thought I would aim to catch up a bit. image

    Welcome to all the new people image

    Fiona I haven't stopped since I talked with you fingers crossed that the physio will sort you out, I suffer from it now and again and you can get on top of it very quickly which is good news.

    Mace that's some nice pace in your tempo run and looking strong image

    NN hope your ankle is ok and you are able to meet up with us on the Saturday afternoon, it's only two weeks and a day away now image

    Jason LOL at the bull shit, it's just been one of those shifts it just so happens to be my long week and when I got home last night all I wanted to do was eat and sleep.

    Hope your wind drops as its been nice and sunny here but still very cold, sounds like you have a plan with the intervals and diet, cutting back on the carbs here as well as I'm now down to 10stn 8 lbs image

    I still think your on for a PB as you haven't lost any speed or endurance.

    Teknik we all get CBA days but your well on your way to a massive break through in your time also running easy always feels harder than running at a good pace for me especially the closer you get to race day.

    MG1 just keep a lid on your run on Saturday morning.

    Well I fitted in a 12 MLR all at an easy pace on Wednesday at dark o'clock on the treadmill at work, yesterday was a 6 mile run with 4 miles at tempo 6:11 pace. Today I got to swim 1 mile before coming in to work and will do an easy 5 miles on the treadmill later. Tomorrow I will run the park run in Ballymena and add a couple of miles on either side. Sunday is a half marathon which I will run 9 or 10 miles at MP. image hope to catch you all later.
  • Stewart - Hope you're better soon

    OH - Nice running

    Jason - Good running in the wind

    Tek - I feel like that most days! Well done on getting the miles in though.

    Fiona - Hope the physio sorts you out

    MG - Sounds a good gym session, enjoy the rest day.

    NP - Good running/swmming the past few days. Good plan for the weekend.


    3.1 miles for me today. Leg isn't much betterimage If that wasn't bad enough, I'm most definitely ill. HR was 91image when I went out (it's usually high 50s/low 60s). And the inside of my mouth has swollen up.

    I think I have a difficult decision to make in a couple of days...

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Just back from the physio and as you rightly say NP lots of stretching should do the trick. She did get into the glute with an elbow - ouch! But it really worked. image So jason I will be doing as you said and running easy for a bit. Back to it tomorrow as a bit ill overnight image some horrid work bug. Typical as I had taken today as a holiday and could not even run if I wanted to, such a waste of a sunny calm day.

    Stewart I hope you are getting better.

    MG1 take care on Saturday!

    Nice plan NP to get the MP miles in the half (if you can hold back! image) You must be shattered after that long shift.

    Stuart - rest! You may be ok if you do and can aways decide mid week.

    So far first week of taper 8 miles. Oh dear - will get some miles in the next 2 days but it's not good.

    NN hope you are ok.


  • Fiona- don't forget to stretch it as well!!! Glute stretch AND piriformis. Hope you feel better now

    NP- are you planning on tapering???

    DP- welcome! Chester is a great mara! I have done it for the last 2 years. Wasn't planning on doing it this year as Snowdonia (3 weeks later) is the Welsh Masters Champs, but may be tempted after VLM to do both races again....

    Another 0.5lb lost since yesterday and energy levels are great! Rocket and smoked salmon with olive oil and lime juice after this morning's 6m recovery run, avocado, red onion and tomato salad with smoked mackerel for lunch, plenty of fruit and a handful of Brazil nuts. Who needs grains??? image Dinner will be pork chop, lots of mashed parsnip, carrots and broccoli. Also get a sweet potato cos racing our trail parkrun tomorrow image
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Fiona glad you have a plan now.  Hope you shake that bug and good luck with the roller image

    MG good gym session, and I hope you had a relaxing day off today

    NP nice double yesterday. Well done on the swim, and enjoy the easy treddie later. Have fun at tomorrow's parkrunimage

    Stuart!  Rest. Go to bed.  You can shake it in a few days, so, like F says, no need to make the decision yet.

    Jason you're starting to make me think about that no grain diet.image  Enjoy the parkrun tomorrow.


    90 minutes hot yoga this morning then a very stiff and achy 5m this afternoon.  Early night tonight, as, with the weather improving, I want to PB at my parkrun tomorrow.


  • Tek,

    It did do & it seemed a tropical 7C on the way to the supermarket this evening.


    That's really good & encouraging news.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason yep planning to taper just over two weeks miles will drop off next week image

    Seeds and nut mmmmmm..... Will also start the beet root week and turn everything pink the week before London.image

    Fiona hope your feeling better this time in two weeks time ill be in London having been to the expo image

    Stuart take a couple of days off it won't hurt.

    Teknik good luck with the park run tomorrow, I'm using it as a speed session and to break in my new marathon race shoes image

    Well 1 mile swim this morning and 5 miles easy on the treadmill tonight. image
  • Morning all image Sun is shining here and it looks like MAYBE the wind has dropped image

    Potato salad this morning for a bit of a non-grain carb boost before the Parkrun image

    Have a good one, guys! image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Same here Jason looking forward to running outside image
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Hope you get your PB Teknik.

    Good luck with the shoes NP, what kind are they? Looks like everyone is parkrunning.

    Food image still not good but a lot better, trying to eat as I'll need energy for tomorrow. Did a few stretches this morning but had to rest, no run today but really hope I'll get out tomorrow. Just hope the weight I'm losing will offest the fitness I'm losing at least a little. Oh well better now than 2 weeks. image Expo is Friday morning for me NP as soon as we arrive and drop the bags off at the hotel. Normally there by 11:30am. image


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM it's warmed up here too...nowhere near that balmy 7C thoughimage

    NP well done on the swim and easy 5m

    Jason - potato salad for breakfast?image

    Fiona hope you shake that bug soon


    Another 5k PB this morning - 20:55 - so only a disappointing 3 second gain!  I have done no speedwork in over a year, so I think I'm at the limit of where I can hope to be on short races.  I'll have to wait until after the summer base re-build to have another crack. 

    Enjoy the week-end everyoneimage

  • Tek- well done on the PB!!!! Again!!!!image

    Fiona- don't push it - YOU WON'T LOSE FITNESS!!!!!!!

    Potato salad worked well! Ran the PR 43 seconds than the last time I ran it properly 3 weeks ago- and after Thursday's intervals I'm happy with that!image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    (((((Fiona)))))) dont force the pace to much tomorrow and i hope your feeling a lot better, new shoes are Brooks ST5 second pair and wore them today image

    Teknik well done on the new PB imageimageimage but the tempos sessions should be enough to give you moreimage

    Jason thats a massive PR over 5km within 3 weeks and shows you where you are at at presentimageimageimage

    Well did the Ecos Park run this morning, I ran over from the Station as a warm up, at the start I ran behind a couple of runners and felt I could go faster so took the lead after 400 to 500m and from there I just increased the lead to about 100 to 120m. This is the first Parkrun that I have ever won and it was run in a new 5km PB of 17:50 which is a PB by 23 secondsimage so I am over the moon at the moment and now looking forward to tomorrows half where I need to screw the lid down and just run the first three miles easy then up the pace to MP.image 

  • Fiona hope you feel better, I assure your fitness isn't going to disappear for the sake of a few days

    Tek great PB again you are flying right now

    Jason another great run, must be your new diet regime image

    NP another PB and a win , you too are flying, all looking good for two weeks image

    Last major run this morning before Rotterdam , 9 miles with 6 at target race pace between 8.30 and 8.20 which felt really good, nice at the end to feel a bit of sunshine and warmth. Personnaly prefer about 8-10 0c for next weekend.
  • NP- well done on the PB and the winimageimage Don't go too fast tomorrow.... (My PR= Parkrun, not Personal Record btw- although this was a course best image ) My 5k PB was last year- 17.55image

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