2013 Marathon Thread



  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    MG1 Your well on for that PB it would be nice if the weather would stay like this.

    Jason I thought I was going to be close to 18:05 but like I said over the moon to go sub 18:00 I'm looking forward to see where that puts me on the Power of 10 and also the WAVA.

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Nice 5k's lads and well done in the pb's ( and improvement if not a pb Jason )

    Another taper recovery today then a haircut. Bloody barber was coughing n spluttering like a good n ! Typical !!!

    This is my first dose of tapering for a mara and Im starting to understand the term taper madness. Self doubt, lethargy, barbers with bloody colds etc etc. but I had a bit of a boost today when I weighed myself ( a rare occurrence for me ) My A target is based on my 10M pb .... and I'm 7lb lighter than when I ran that just gotta keep telling myself to TRUST THE TRAINING

    Keep up the great training everyone image
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Jason well done on your potato-fuelled parkrunimage

    NP fantastic!  What a time and first place tooimageimage

    MG well done on the MP milesimage

    Mace well done on the weight loss. Only one more week nowimage

    I forgot to post the races this week-end - Kaz, if you're out there, good luck in Parisimage

  • Kaz1 did post on Paris Marathon 2013 thread and says she'll be on start line image

    Go Kaz go!

    NP well done image image image

    Quiet w/e for me as on call but got a short swim in this morning
  • NP- I ran the 17.55 not long before the 2.49 marathonimageimage

    mace- haircut coming up here too. You'll notice that EVERYONE around you has a cold over the next 2 weeksimage

    OH- enjoy the swimimage

    Ate half a packet of smoked mackerel for lunchimage Nice easy paced 6.3ish m this afternoon, which felt like a recovery run in terms of effort- about a minute a mile slowerimage


    NP nice park run pb well done..and yes I know how long it is thank you..imageimage hope my ankle sorts its self in 14 days image

    TEK great stuff you too ..on that park run pb

    MG1 well done on the mp run looking good for that easy 3 40  

    JASON smoked mackerel yum yum...I love it, I am trying to make sure I am eating enough protein, logging everything on MFP still hungry though and struggling to keep carbs down 

    MACE well done on the weight loss its bound to make you faster as is the hair cut !!image as for that barber..thats disgusting where are  his manners !!!

    OH enjoy your quite restful weekend

    HM4  how are the press ups going ?

    FIONA..looks like we are in the sam boat ..image.well done on 8 miles this week, I managed 7 image..I have messaged to via fetch

    I have done 15 miles climbing on the AMT machine though (ffs )image and a spinning class..and swam a mile oh and did 3 pilates classes and an AB attack class, so hopefully wont have lost much fitness, just my sanity !!!

    Ankle still niggly bugger bugger s**t ...not as bad though so fingers crossed a few morE days and I may get a couple of miles run before the marathon, I need reassurance that as this has come in the taper I should be ok (as long as niggle is gone) I last ran on Tues I had a brilliant 21.5 miler last Saturday and wasn't aware of anything untoward till the Sunday evening

  • Jason - Well done on the parkrun improvement. Looking good for London

    Tek - Well done on the PB. That's around the same time i managed to clock without any speed work. My 20.4x's have come while I had been throwing in some faster running.

    NP - great running, well done on the winimage

    MG - Good run today

    NN - Good cross training, hope the ankle is better quickly.


    Decided to be sensible for once, and do nothing today. Though I was sorely tempted to go out on the bike, or to the gym.

    Leg feels a wee bit better, I suspect it's going to be ok to run on next week. On the illness front, the inside of my mouth has swollen up a bit. This happened to me about 8 years ago (probably my last non-drink induced illness...) can't remember how long it took to clear up.

    Fairly sure I'll be in Fort William next weekend, and I'm fairly sure I'm going out at 8.15m/m ish. I don't think it's going to be pretty though.

  • NN I like your optimism on the time, some doubts myself , into unknown territory for me.
  • MG1 just comparing your training runs to mine thats all...I do around 3.40-3.45 on simliar paces to yours..just dont go off too fast , you will feel so fresh after the taper 8.20-8.30s will feel soooooo easy for the first 18 miles...image

  • Thanks NN , are you looking for 3.30 ish? Glad in a way to get the next 6 days of taper out of the way and then look forward to whole weekend
  • Mace,

    Good luck.


    Well done on everyone's training.

    I did my last press up session today and I think I did 100 press ups however lost count when hubby kindly interupted me so I've either done 80 or 100 as I was counting in 20's. So I think I'll have another go tomorrow.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Mace you will get all sorts of niggles which are nothing as your body regenerates its a bit like DR Whoimage hair cut here next week and also cut your toe nails a week beforeimage

    OH well done with the swim, I can't wait to swim in Grand Cayman after the VLM image

    Jason I don't want to think in those terms I would settle for 2:58 or below image but will push harder this time than ever before. WAVA is now 83.29%

    NN your doing plenty of cross training and have loads in the bank, question have you just changed trainers? Are they the same?as this might be why and a change back could do the trick, our feet get used to one type if that's all we use.

    SM6 hope everything clears up for you some down time will not hurt.

    MG1 ditto what the others have said trust in the training the miles in the bank, just don't go out to hard and run to the pace, when yo pass the 20 mile mark and start to close on the finish line that's when you need to start pushing the pace.

    It will soon come round.

    HM4 well done on the push ups.
  • NN
    "I have done 15 miles climbing on the AMT machine though (ffs )"
    Did a double take on this, initially reading it as
    "I have done 15 miles climbing on the ATM machine though (ffs )"
    wodering if you were taking up criminal activities!imageimage

    HM4 that sounds like dedication whether it's 80 or 100

    Hopefully looking to LSR on Monday ...

  • NP- fair enough, but you are in top shape and the bottom line is that if you want to go sub 2.55, 2.50 etc you got to start out like that....

    Which is why I will be setting out between 6.10 and 6.15 and see how it goes.... Could get messy, but hey! image

    HM4- wow! image impressed!
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason wow 6:10 6:15 that's my half marathon pace but I think you have that in you. Might consider 6:35 6:40 in fact the plan for the half today will be run around 6:40 pace.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    A PB is a PB Teknik - great! imageimage

    NP fantastic PB and also jason - I should have tried a parkrun yesterday, seems like it was PB day! image jason that has to make you more upbeat about VLM. image Are you around on the Saturday pm to meet up with the rest of us (NP, NN and me?)

    MG1 great to get the last long-ish run done in one piece! Really look forward to hearing about Rotterdam.

    mace - stay away from the germs! Think I'll get one of those white suits and a mask.

    I popped into the Paris thread the other day to wish Kaz all the best, she sounds excited! OH I suspect that was open water....image

    Stuart fingers crossed for you, I'm sure you will be there fighting fit!image

    NN I really hope the ankle is a bit improved today. Your fitness will be fine as you are cross training - I've done nothing.image Hope to get a run today. image

    HM4 that is amazing progress - I must try that. How long has it taken you to build up?

    NP the half today will indeed be interesting. I hope your weather is better than here - lots of snow and quite thick. Just hope it goes once the 'sun' comes up properly.image

    Planning a run today. Will start off with an easy treadmill run I think, just a few miles, and if that goes ok I will get out in the afternoon. Had more to eat yesterday, still less than half a usual day but should have enough energy for a really slow run.


  • Fiona,

    6 weeks.  If you google 100 push up challenge you find the link.


    Thanks guys. 

  • Fiona- yeah, it would be good to meet up image Glad you're feeling better, just take it easy now....

    Day 6 of my primal diet and I have lost 3.5 lbs and am the lightest since October image 173lbs and 10.3% BF Eggs, bacon, mushrooms and sweet potato for breakfast, 17m later image
  • Bit lighter again now: racing haircut applied! Lol! image
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    That's not long HM4.

    Great weight loss in 6 days jason - that would take me well below 50kg. image Might make me faster, then I could eat lots of ice cream after VLM! image

    Had a slice of toast then 4 miles on the treadmill. image Very easy but still a bit wobbly although the butt was fine! image Back in to lots of stretching and squats. Might have an egg later then try another run then lunch then another run.... Think I'm ok with short stuff for today.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason that's great weight loss you should put your diet on here enjoy your 17 miles and you should join us for coffee and cake on the Saturday afternoon I will Fetch you the details later image

    Fiona that's good news about your buttimage enjoy your second run of the day.

    Well just over a mile warm up then the half marathon done on 1:27:45 and spent the whole time talking with another guy who is doing London felt nice and easy and relaxed. this was followed by a couple of miles easy/cool down leg feel good will post it on Fetch later going for a cold bath now image and will start to taper more this week now image
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Fiona, Nurse - hope you're both back to 100% very soon image 

    HM4 - well done for sticking with it, great improvements

    NP - where/when are you all meeting up ? I'm considering getting the train up to London as my cousin is running and it would be great to meet up.

    Just a week to Brighton and the last Sunday run is done. 12M @ 8:30 @ bang on 70% with minimal drift. And the FIRST run of the campaign in just a T !!!

    As NP and jason have laid their cards down i'll get into the spirit and say I think i have to go for 7:26 pace ... i've trained for it, predictors say i can get close to it, my HR print says i can get close to it and if i go for anything less and have something in the tank at the end i'll be kicking myself. If i don't make it then at least i know i've given everything and will learn a lesson.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    jason - blimey, that's some weight loss in less than a week especially as it's not going to be "excess" weight with such a low %BF. Agree with NP, let's see the diet ... 

    NP - sounds like a great run at MP, nice one image

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NP fantastic!! Sounds ike a breeze for you and that will give you such a good indicator of where you are. image

    mace nice last long run - what is your half marathon time? Sounds close to what I'll be aiming for (or was aiming for before my 8 mile first taper week image). Except it's now an 18 mile taper week. Just in from an easy 6 miles on the treadmill so 10 miles so far today...


  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    mace it would be great to meet you too - the more the merrier! image


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    OH nice swim yesterday. I'm glad Kaz made it to the start line.image. Hope you get out on Monday.

    Jason nice easy 6 yesterday; hope the 17m goes/went ok. Great weight loss.

    NN you've been putting in some great cross-training, well done.  That ankle niggle will go soon, I'm sure.

    Stuart keep resting. Good to pick a pace - looks comfortable given your Half time. Fingers crossed the lurgy has gone by then.

    MG be confident.  It's a flat, fast tarmac course, you'll be flyingimage...just don't go off too fast, you can never "bank" minutes. 

    HM fantastic!imageimage. Whether it was 80 or 100, it's a big number in such a short time.image

    NP great WAVA scoreimage. Well done on the MP Half today.

    Fiona glad you're back on the run and ok. 

    Mace nice 12m - fantastic pace for 70%.  Go for it, mate. You've done all the training, put in the slow miles, watched your HR drop, controlled the drift. It's all there.  You'll nail a sub 3:15.image


    Penultimate long slow run today. 20 miles at av. 8.44mm.  73% maxHR average, drifted a little over 75% towards the end (uphill).  Happy enough - that's now 7 x 20+ milers, one more to go with 13 at MP next week.  

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    been AWOL for a few days trying to get rid of this bug, I have felt a lot better over the weekend and managed to get out for a 3 mile recovery run this afternoon, coughing quite a bit during the run but feeling no ill effect after, fingers crossed that's me back image

    Stats: 3.38miles 38mins @ 11:18mm avgHR134(70%)


    there seems to be a lot going on, congrats on all the parkrun PB's, Tek, Jason and NP,

    Fiona you seem to be back at it well done 

    NN, hope the ankle gets better soon 

    Mace, another good run for low HR

    Tek, another 20 in the bank great running, looking good

    HM4, well done image

    OH, enjoy the LSR tomorrow

     Sorry if I've missed anyone

  • Light covering of snow this morning but blues skies .
    Shorts and t-shirt for 3mile run round Scapa this afternoon.

    Looks like Kaz1 is in in just under 4h (Bib number 26719)
    Well done!
    image image image

  • The diet is simple guys- I have cut out all grains- bread, pasta, rice, oats, breakfast cereals, and am eating lots of meat, veg (except potatoes) and fruit with some yoghurt and cottage cheese image I add a sweet potato to the mix the day before a long run/ intervalsimage The key is trying to keep the carbs low, but not too low....

    Stewart- glad you are feeling betterimage

    Tek- well done on another 20. I have officially finished my long runs today thoughimage 

    17.01m for me today, and surprise, surprise, the wind is back with a vengeance (weather, I mean, guys!). Still, run felt good, except for first 2m where the legs felt a bit heavy from yesterday's 5k. I see that I ended up running the last 2m a bit too fast- felt ok though! 17.01m in 1.58.58 (7.00av) splits: 7:34 7:32 7:29 7:18 7:25 7:22 7:06 7:12 7:02 6:57 7:07 7:01 6:42 6:37 6:19 6:08 6:04 2

  • Thank you Fiona and OH!!

    OH - your right with the time but wrong bib number! : s

    Anyway according to watch time a 35 sec PB but not got access to website yet!! Really really chuffed considering I was well undertrained!! Had loads of fun today too, saw my girlz at three different places, high fives from load I others and generally good fun!!! image
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