2013 Marathon Thread



  • Fiona- yep, chickpeas are poultry image Lol! Beans and pulses are a no, no here too.... Nice run, keep stretching image

    AGF- good news!

    Tek- 7 degrees! Tbh, probably the same here- before the windchill.....

    On the food front, gammon, egg, mushrooms and laverbread here this evening image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Lots of wallpapering done today image one bedroom now pink and white image then a small weights session moving beds wardrobes and draws upstairs and into room;-)

    OH well done for getting out in the snow for an 18 mile run.

    NN fingers crossed for you well done with the cross training.

    AGF great photos, lulu looking good well done with the 8 miles.

    Fiona well done on the 5 miles more roller time, eatin soya beans, nuts and seeds here but put weight on!!!!!!!!!!image

    Jason only six for me tomorrow so I know how you feel image

    Teknik nice recovery run.



  • NP hope the DIY was fun

    AGF like the action shots of lulu!

    Oh good 18 shame about the snow, cold wind has picked here as well.

    Jason good recovery run

    Tek hope you liked your little 3 m jog earlier

    6 k treadie run for me tonight as the cold wind has retuned here so thought I would head to gym for a steady run and get get the rollers out. Cross training and 1 or 2 runs left before pre race rest days later in the week
  • Tek,



    Great photos.

  • Morning all! image

    Rocket and smoked salmon for breakfast again image Yum! 10m with strides planned for this afternoon- and the howling gale has returned....
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF good running. Glad to hear the mojo's backimage

    Fiona nice 5 miles - well done on the rolling and stretching too

    NP well done on the bedroom. Enjoy today's 6mimage

    MG nice treddie run

    HM hope you're a little better

    Jason more fish for brekkie! Enjoy the 10m in the wind!


    13m MLR for me this morning - 4m to the club, 6m in the mud with some fartlek thrown in, then 3m home. image


  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Lovely pics AGF , one of my dogs went to the hairdressers yesterday, he looks a right tart now image

    Nice varied running Tek

    Any news from the Fizz, Nurse ? I do hope it's good ....

    Fiona, hope the hammy clears up. My half pb is 1:36 but that was a training 18 w14 @ MP. Felt pretty good the whole run and was happily chatting to anyone who'd listenimage I did a 10 at the start of December in 71:13 and am a fair bit fitter i think and 7lbs lighter now. Are you definitely looking for 3:15 then ?

    jason, great mileage and eating image

    Last night was smoked mackerel with cabbage, runner beans and carrots which was (surprisingly) better than it sounds for something that was chucked togetehr.

    Today was 2 scrambled egg ( on 1 slice of seeded wholemeal ) with a few seeds and nuts for breakfast ... few more seeds and nuts to snack on .... and just had beetroot, tomatoes and avocado for lunch which was heavenly. 'nana this afternoon and tonight i think it'll be chicken and salad with some cottage cheese.

    With Brighton looming i feel surprisingly calm at the moment so i don't know if that's good or bad as i'd have thought i'd be more nervous.

  • mace- nice eating! sack the bread and that would be primalimage Plenty of time yet for the nerves to kick inimage

    Tek- nice runningimage Yep, more fish for breakfast- about to have mackerel for lunch in a minute tooimage

    10.41 m with 10x100m strides thrown in in 1.16.34. Wind was awful! Followed with a session with the medicine ballimageimage So, that's it for running today???imageimage

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    mace I was targetting 3:15 before the last week's layoff and niggles. Sounds like you are on for well under 3:15.

    Hamstring is still really tight and it is so annoying, I will do more stretching and rolling tonight and have a short run and see how it goes.

    MG1 good choice, that wind is freezing!

    Nice MLR Teknik.

    I have eaten lots of chocolate today. image At least I am feeling better! image Back to healthy eating tomorrow, will probably put on the 2kg I lost over the weekend!



  • 4.6 miles for me this evening. HR was through the roof and my leg still isn't right, but I will be racing come Sunday

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Teknik nice MLR i'm with AGF think you could push and go sub 3:15image

    Mace well into your taper nowimage

    Fiona think you are still on for the sub 3:15 the few days off wont hurt you have all the miles bankedimage

    Jason nice 10 miles with strides. image

    SM6 Lots of stretching and foam rollerimage

    Well six miles steady this morning with 4 x 100m strides out tomorrow for 10 easy before work, this will be the last run in double figures until London.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Hope it gets better Stuart.

    NP I would be more confident if my hamstring did not hurt! image 5 miles tonight with 3 at 7:15mm pace and it got progressively worse but still runnable. Might get another massage, it feels very localised now. I've done a fair bit of stretching and foam rolling so it may settle a bit by morning.

    Well done on the strides and I hope you get a nice morning for the 10. No long runs for me now - going to protect what I have! image


  • Jason well done on your 10 earlier

    NP another good days running for you

    Fiona hope the leg improves after your run

    Stuart keep the stretches foam work going.

    3 m for me earlier with a couple at M pace, one more session then will rest up for the weekend soon be time to pack the bags image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    MG1 looking forward to your race report image

    Fiona it will settle down and you will be flying image
  • Fiona- my advice is if t feels localised, get that extra massage- a good deep prodding around the pressure points will relieve it ( my experience at least) image
  • Hello not had chance to catch up properly, will do later.

    But just spotted FIONAS post..take care...hopefully we will both get round close to our orginal target, 

     you too STUART take it easy..

    Will catch up with others tomorrow..


    Went to the fizz last night with a bg of trainers as instructed image.

    I explained the symptoms and why I was panicking..image, I really had convinced myself I had  a stress fracture, or something. He took one look at my trainers, picked up the Kinvaras and said there is your answer !..I hadnt looked at the bottom of them and it was scarey and plain to see the right one ( which is the ankle that has been giving me jip) was really worn on the out side ALREADY (2 months)!! in fact I had been alternating 2 pairs and both were the same, he showed that on just that foot I underpronate and they kinvaras aren't correcting this as well as the asics 21 series which I have been wearing for years without injury..I hadn't had a problem with the Kinvaras till that last long run..he said for me up to 10k races only in them, anyway to cut the long story short it is loads better and he assures me that the tendons  will have settled in time for London so plenty of antiflams and icing...I feel a real improvement each day, although not run since last Tues, I have done spinning swimming and cross training making sure I get the heart rate up so not too worried anyway we are meant to be tapering , although not quite the taper I had planned..just have to hope the sun doesnt come out on the 21st, I see the temp is forecast to gradually  creep up next week.imageimage

    Oh and 40 quid for 35 mins at the fizz, I am in the wrong job !! mind you I last saw him 7 years ago so guess he took what he could lol..

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Fiona I know you will be sorted by next week and your still on for a massive PB.

    NN that's great news but if you had of carried on in the shoes you could have been sidelined for longer.

    Just going out for an easy 10 miles image last run in double figures till a week on Sundayimage
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NN so happy for you! imageimageimage Great news!

    Just sent a text to the massage guy so hope he has availability, still the same this morning but I know it will clear up with either rest or a massage. Staying positive. image 

    MG1 you are so close - exciting stuff!

    mace are you meeting us on the Saturday?

    Hope you have a great run NP. A crispy morning here, I hope it does warm up for VLM as I get on much better in the warmth despite living in the frozen North! image



  • NN- great news!!! image

    Fiona- you next! image

    NP- hope your run went well. I've got a 13 planned for Sunday as my last longish run

    6.4m recovery and fat burning run followed by smoked salmon and rocket breakfast. 4m planned for later image
  • Fiona, I prefer it cooler image even though I moan like mad when its cold I definately run better.

    NP enjoy your 10 

    Jason I wish I had your willpower, image 

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Fiona - i would question if the layoff/niggles have THAT much of an effect but i'm sure i'd be exactly the same. Glad you're feeling better and healing vibes for your hammy. If you can message me the meeting details i'll hopefully make it on the Saturday image

    Stuart - good luck with the race

    NP - yep, 4 days and counting image enjoy the last 10

    Nurse - that's great news, at least it's nothing serious and will put your mind at ease and i'm sure you'll be ok. Like you say, you're tapering anyway. £40 well spent i say considering where you might have ended up if you hadn't spent it ...

    6 recovery last night after work, and another 6 recovery with 2 @ MP this morning. Went on feel and the first mile came out 10 secs slower than MP, 2nd mile 4 secs slower. To be honest it didn't feel as comfortable as i was hoping but then i don't think it ever really does until about 5M image I think i also have the CBA fairy nagging me at the moment as well

    Sports massage tonight ... how exciting !!! image


  • macemace ✭✭✭

    jason - a breakfast for Champions image

    2 scrambled eggs and a fillet of smoked mackerel (poor man's salmon image)  here, sacked the bread image 

  • mace- sounds great. My salmon is Tesco Everyday Value smoked salmon trimmings- poor man's mackerelimage Enjoy the massageimageimage

    NN- No willpower needed- tastes fab!image

  • MACE nice brekky..I shall make a concerted effort as from today..I do love salmon/mackerel any fish  but it doesnt touch the sides at breakfast, too late today already had weetabix but will cut carbs from NOW !!!! and have fish for brekky tomorrow..

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    LOL jason

    It was very nice Nurse. I go through spells of cutting carbs anyway for a few days at a time so i don't find it particularly difficult. 3 days of carb loading should be enough, any more will just pile unwanted pounds on image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Too much Fish that's smoke, hate any that's smoke. Trying to keep off the carbs image

    10 miles with bouncy legs image all felt easy. Anyone racing a Parkrun this weekend?
  • Nope, NP! I am JOGGING a Parkrun this weekend image 3x1600s tomorrow though....
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Will do a 5 mile tempo but only 3 miles at tempo pace tomorrow, might run the Park run at Tempo or even race it what do you think Jason?
  • NP- nothing to gain from running at tempo or faster 8 days before- probably enough time for recovery, but not for super-compensation ( improvement) and some chance of a small amount of lingering fatigue on the big day. That's why tomorrow is my last speedy day-10 days out. Saturday will be nothing faster than easy pace (7.00-7.30 effort, but trail so bit slower) image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Thanks Jason I will do the tempo tomorrow and jog the Parkrun and do an easy 8 on Sunday.

    Just stopped me going OTTimage
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