2013 Marathon Thread



  • Well done on everyone's training.  Hope any niggles disappear quickly.

  • Fiona start time is 10.30 with 14 degrees with 18- 20 dgrees around 2 pm, hope your legs still improving

    Tek good one earlier

    Stewart hopefully the bugs are going a bit so you can run

    NP I guess the fitness test is not really a test for you at all

    SM6 hope the injury gods are looking out for you

    Mace good for you on the weight loss

    Rest for me today, might go and run a 2 miler tomorow before setting off on Saturdayimage
  • MG - It's Rotterdom you're off to, isn't it? Weather sounds a bit warm for my liking! Saying that, I don't fancy the heavy rain and 23mph wind thats forecast for Fort William on Sunday much...image

    Stewart - Glad to hear you're feeling better. Can't believe that's Lochaber already upon us. Wish the niggly ankle would clear up, but I'll be standing on a wet shinty pitch on Sunday morning either wayimage 

  • SM6 yes off to Rotterdam, always prefer the cool conditions but can't change the weather so will just get on with it and see , as you say Fort W weather soundS pretty testing to say the least
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    5 miles with 3 at 6:11 pace all felt easy even after the test which was easy enough.

    Will swim in the morning and rest the rest of the day image

    Sc and SM6 fingers crossed you are both 100% for Sunday.

    Fiona cotton wool now less is more no more miles than days to the marathon from here on in image
  • 8 miles on a bright but cool windy evening after a couple of day's rest.

    Still pretty cool here although forecast to get a bit warmer over weekend.

    Wishing good speed and endurance to StewartC and SM6 in Fort William
    (at least the wind should be behind you one way image)

    Hope all goes well for mace (Brighton), MG1 (Rotterdam) and Mabel40 (vienna)

    .. a lot going on this weekend image

    Looking forwards to all the reports ...

  • Good luck at the weekend races folks. Looking forward to the race reports ...
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Stewart really pleased to hear you are improving - just in time! image

    Stuart fingers crossed the rest does the trick. I really hope the weather improves for you guys.

    MG1 you'll be done by the time the sun comes out! image

    NP hope you passed that test! image I'm just doing a few short runs now.

    OH nice that you got a decent evening for your run.

    6 miles for me tonight on treadmill with 4 at tempo pace. The hamstring/glute went tight but never got worse. I will take it easy, got the massage on Monday and may rest tomorrow, will see how it goes. image



  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Jason lol at "half Tek"image

    Stewart glad you're feeling better

    Stuart fingers crossed still for that leg/ankle

    HM hope you're ok

    MG bags all packed?

    NP nice tempo yesterday

    OH good 8 miler

    AGF hiimage

    Fiona nice treddie tempo.  Hope the rolling/stretching / massage eases the glute & hammy


    4.44m recovery after massage and hot yoga this morning.  Last long run tomorrow!image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    MG here's a checklist for you, nicked from the inimitable Controversial on Fetch

    For going abroad:

    guide book phrase book passport photocopy of the passport foreign currency hotel details flight details boarding card PC/Mac driving licence

    For the hotel

    socket adaptor Fork/knife/spoon from camping set to have breakfast before marathon cork/screw bottle opener to have a beer in the hotel sleeping pills ear plugs

    For the race:-

    Registration confirmation and literature Maps and directions Watch or GPS and charger/cable (Compression) Socks Shorts Compression top Short sleeve top/Vest arm warmers Long sleeve top Rain/cold weather shell Discardable outer layer to be worn in the early stages Hat and/or touque Gloves (or old socks to throw away) Sunglasses/goggles Sun protection cream Safety pins (to attach gel packs, race number,etc.) Vaseline/body lubricant Gel packs Energy drinks Beetroot juice Camera and batteries Something to attach your chip to the shoe sweat band pace band racing trainers painkillers aspirin vitamin C clean kit for after the race sponge salt tablets chocolate bar for before the race imodium tissues towel safety blanket to keep warm before the race sports bottle top of sponsor water bottle - i.e. for London keep the vittel sports top then you can screw it on and drink easier as you go...(that's running) LARGE black plastic bin bag  Official carrier bag with race number on  Carrier bag to sit on whilst waiting in the pen Disposable bottle with LARGE mouth opening, and lid - to take to the start pen, and pee into whilst waiting for the start (much better than having to leave the pen to go back to loo queue)

    For after the race:

    Skins dry trainers change of clothes diet coke (for when feeling sick) salted crisps (same as above) digestive aid

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Reminder of the racers this Sunday...good luck allimage

    14/04/13 Brighton                    Mace
    14/04/13 Lochaber                   Stuart M, Stewart C
    14/04/13 Rotterdam                 MG
    14/04/13 Vienna                      Mabel40

  • Tek thanks for the list! Wow that's pretty dam comprehsive I think I have most of that lot sorted ready to go into my bag, hopefully won't need the phrase book as our Dutch friends speak better english than some over here I know.

    Hopefully all is under control, can't believe how quickly the last couple of months have gone, looking forward to getting over there now, just need to make sure Mrs G has got her stuff all under control although looking at her bag anyone think we going for a week instead of 2 nights image
  • Tek - Nice run today, enjoy the final long run tomorrow!

    Fiona - Good run last night!

    OH - Good run yesterday, is your marathon next month?

    NP - Impressive run, though I don't like hearing 6.11 pace described as easy enough image

    MG - From Teks list, I think the bottle opener sounds like the most important itemimage

    Good luck for Sunday!


    Leg is definitely feeling better today, but I think Sunday is going to come just too soon for it to be 100%. Another couple of days and I think I'd be sorted. I might be wrong, might wake up tomorrow or Sunday and it's totally fine. Going to have to be gentle on Sunday, well as gentle as you can be over marathon distance...

  • Tek,

    I'm getting there.  Hopefully will go for a run tomorrow.


    Well done on everyone's training & good luck to this weekends racers.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    OH nice 8 mile run image

    AGF looks like Lulu has had a few runs image

    Teknik that's some listimage

    SM6 by mile 3 you will be flying.

    Good luck to Mace, MG1, SM6, SC go get some PB's image

    Looking forward to race reports and will see if I can get coverage on my computer image
  • Evening allimage

    HM4- good newsimage

    Fiona- nice treadmill session. Hope the massage does the trick with the hamstring....

    NP- Nice running- what pace is 6.11- tempo? MP?image

    Tek- great list, but safe to say I will be travelling a lot lighter!image One thing not on Controversial's great list (for VLMers, at least) is passport/ driving licence- cos you need that WITH your registration  form to collect your numberimage

    MACE, STEWART, STUART, MG and MABEL- BEST OF LUCK, GUYS!!!!!!!!imageimageimage

    Disaster this morning- NO smoked salmon left! Had to make do with a couple of bananas for breakfastimage. Lunch was leftover sliced sirloinon a bed of rocket and tonight I made a spicy chicken tikka masala with a low carb cauliflower "rice"- fab!imageimage 6.4ishm recovery run for me this evening- in the wind, of course....

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    You must be pleased it's the last long run Teknik! image

    Good luck mace, MG1, Stuart amd Stewart. Fingers crossed all niggles/lurgy gone by the start line. Lochaber guys I hope the weather turns out better than forecast but don't forget the waterproofs!

    Shopping night tonight then jason?! image Venison for me tonight with veg. image No run but off to stretch etc and will run in the morning. This time next week I should have my number and chip tucked away in the hotel safe (obviously they are much sought after!!)


  • Fiona- LOL! Shopping done this morning. I LOVE venison! Wish you hadn't mentioned that about "this time next week"!!imageimage

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Fiona snap will be looking at going out for something to eat and having a nice sleep in on Saturday morning image got to pack this weekend as I'm at work from 9am Monday till 5 pm Wednesday. But then I'm off till 22 May with only 18 days left at work after that image
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Good luck to Stewart, Stuart, MG and Mable.

    Arrived in Brighton this afternoon with the wife and kids. Didn't run today but have done a couple of miles walking. Will do a 3 or so in the morning and that's it.

    Done an hour in the expo and tried out the water pouches and have to say I'm quite impressed with them. Overall feeling fairly relaxed still but keeping an eye on the wind forecast

    For anyone who may be interested my number is 8669 .... there's a free app "Brighton Marathon" for anyone with an iPhone. Can track runners with splits from 10k onwards.

    Happy training / eating / tapering everyone
  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭
    Fiona, nice run I'm sure the massage will sort it out enjoy your run tomorrow

    Tek, good run today, enjoy the last long one tomorrow

    MG, good luck on Sunday looking forward to the race report

    SM, I'm sure you'll be flying on Sunday

    NP, easy for you impossible for me, awesome as always

    Jason nice recovery, surprised you didn't have the steak for breakieimage

    Still have a slight cough, but everything else is just dandy, i had a sports massage today and tomorrow is the big carb load and staying off the feet I'm getting excited and can't wait for the race to start, weather looks crap don't mind the rain it's the wind that's going to be tough to deal with
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Stewart, sounds like you're gonna be ok image I agree, only concern for me is the wind. Looks like its gonna be a southerly 20mph with 30mph gusts in Brighton which will be mostly side on as most of the race is along the seafront. Not sure if i'd prefer side on or a head/tail wind ????
  • Mace- side on definitely better! You will never make up with a tailwind what you lose in a headwind - fact supported by physics image

    Best of luck, guys!
  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭
    Mace, Good luck at Brighton on Sunday can't wait to hear all about it, I think the wind will be more in our face on the return, I'm not going to worry too much about it PB no matter
  • Mace , Stewart and Stuart good luck and have a great race on Sunday, that southerly wind is forecast for Rotterdam as well.
  • Just popping in to wish all this weekends marathoners the best of British! Hard work is done, trust your training and enjoy. Good luck all.
  • 8.71m for me this morning in 1.05.35, including Parkrun jogimage

  • An exciting weekend of racing for the thread, good luck MACE, STEWART MG1 AND SM.

    I look forward to the race reports tomorrow.

    Still not run and losing confidence here I have done plenty of cross training and the tendon is feeling better but still sore if I press it (I know...dont press it then..lol ) icing massaging taking volterol, and using volterol spray (at the same time ummmmm...so what I dont  care..lol the worse thing that will happen is an upset tum...but ok so far) still a whole week to go and I must remind myself I had a great 21.5 miler just 2 weeks ago, so hopefully the enforced rest wont matter too much...11 days no running, thats the longest since I had the flu over 2 years ago !!!!

    One thing I have managed to do is cut right back on the carbs go without..bread potatoes, cereal including the PORRIDGE for 3 whole days !!I have even managed to resists the biscuits and chocolates left for us by patients ,lots of fish and meat veg and fruit,so not feeling to fat with the lack or running..


  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Gosh, 18 days is not long NP. Then you can concentrate on being an athlete! image

    mace don't have an iphone but will be checking. Best of luck!

    Stewart and Stuart keeping my fingers crossed for you. Totally agree that wind worse than rain.

    MG1 enjoy Rotterdam and hope the weather is better there.

    NN now it is about confidence! Did 8m this morning and hamstring tight and sore but not sharp (5 or 6 on the 1-10 scale). Normally I'd stop but did not get worse. Still going for it at VLM. image If it gets worse on the day then I hope I'd still manage to hobble round to get GFA. Nothing venture.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Racers have a great weekend looking forward to race reportsimage

    Jason well done with keeping the lid on itimage

    NN for whats its worth I met a very nice lady last year on the plane over from Belfast who had not run for near on 3 weeks due to an injury but was able to cross train and she still ran a very good time, you wont loose your fitness between now and Sundayimage

    Well went to the local Park run for my final speed session and after 1 mile warm up I ran 1 mile at MP and 2 miles at 5k pace followed by a cool down, 8 easy miles tomorrowimage


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