2013 Marathon Thread



  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    OH I always drain blisters by dipping a safety pin in savlon first (probably not recommended!!) but it's less painful than waiting for them to go! Still have all my toes but the nails are not good!!

    Stuart with the training you have done this spring Loch Ness would still be an option even after a few weeks off but if you have a busy summer I guess that may not help. I hope the ankle eases off.

    Gosh, I was ready to post my GFA next week. I hope it is not radically different although they could do with more age bands. 18-49 is a bit wide!


  • SM6- fingers crossed on the ankle

    Fiona- I wouldn't be surprised to see more age bands. I also think they may well make the ladies' champs sub 3- there were no women in the red fast GFA pen!

    6.01m for me tonight in 46.25 (7.43 av) legs recovering wellimage Shame about the poxy sore throat and sniffles! Parkjog in the morningimage 

  • Somebody suggested on Facebook that VLM might follow suit with New York who changed their qualifying times. It would be good to know before the ballot though. NewYork times are here : http://running.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=running&cdn=health&tm=45&f=10&tt=2&bt=2&bts=2&zu=http://www.ingnycmarathon.org/guaranteed_entry.htm


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    I bleedin' hope not...much prefer Boston's !!  I've got a better chance of hitting the Half time in M45-49image

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    At least NY give half times for qualifying whereas VLM only gave half times for the Champs start but not GFA. Ladies champs previously sub 3:15 so would not be surprised to see that tightened up on either. That was always my goal but sub 3 is miles away!!


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Well arrived in paradise minus one iPhone image lost it between the terminal and landingimage well did a nice two mile jog along the beach yesterday and some swimming image and lots of swimming today image will run a bit further tomorrow morning.

    nice to see most of you are getting back into the way of things hope the blisters clear up soon Fiona.

    in relax mode now a few beers last night and a burger image will work on my weight when I get home.


  • NP Shame about the phone. Relax and enjoy yourself!image

    FionaC Only time we stayed in Amsterdam, we managed to get a self catering appartment even though it was just 2 days. Suited us fine.
    Hope your feet are recovering.

  • NP- enjoy paradise! Shame aboutthe phone though.... 

    Recovery seems to be getting there image image 2m this morning followed by tempo lite effort parkrun in 20.32. Might go out again later while he sun is shining image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stuart well done on the cross-training - sorry to hear that the ankle still isn't sorted.

    MG hope the run went ok

    OH enjoy the week-end's rest

    Fiona can't really help on the hotels - Okura is nice but it's further away from the Start than the Hilton. 

    Jason well done on last night's 6 and this morning's running

    NP sounds great! image


    Bit of fartlek fun this morning with the club - I cut it short as I was getting carried away, so just 3.6m.  MP run tomorrow. 


  • Well done Tek on the Fartlek fun image

    15 m  @ 8.26 av - 8.42 8.37 8.31 8.22 8.26 8.29 8.29 8.25 8.22 8.14 8.37 8.22 8.24 8.30 8.00 for me this morning in the wind and hail , happy with the increase of pace 

  • Tek- good FF! image

    MG1- nice long run. Toying with the idea of a longish one tomorrow myself.... image

    My official weigh in day tomorrow, but just had a sneaky peek and it seems I have lost 8lbs since Monday! Lol! Thought that Parkrun seemed easier! Not real though- think there was a lot of post mara fluid on Monday image A more realistic 4lbs off pre carb loading weight image

  • Nice weight loss Jason.

    enjoy paradise NP.

    good run that MG

    a parkrun with lulu this morning. Adoration for a while. Started at the back of pack and spent most the race passing folk. Good fun and another 11 miles after means another 50+ week image

    tek... Hope your getting excited ... Not long now image

  • Well done guys.

    Did 35 min tempo run this morning and feel much happier with my running.

  • Nice going, HM4 image

    AGF- sounds like you had fun! Nice running too image

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Good luck to all that are racing this weekend image

    SM6, I agree with building strength something I have also neglected over the campaign, hopefully all the cross training you have been doing will help the recovery process for your ankle, Loch Ness is still a way of no need to make a decision for a month or two

    OH, lol I see what you mean image, good luck with the final LSR

    Fiona did you get out today, the weather was quite nice for a change

    Jason, nice 6 and parkrun, your parkjog is 4 mins quicker than my PB, nice weight loss too image

    NP, good to hear your recovering well, enjoy the beers you deserve them, sucks about the phone image

    Tek, Well done, recognizing that you were pushing to hard enjoy the MP run tomorrow,

    MG1, nice splits today image

    AGF, definitely back on track with another 50+ week image

    HM4, well done with the tempo run image


    Cricket was cancelled today, pitch was unfit, a bit like me image, decided to do a route that Craig's JS group has done many a time.  A really enjoyable route but the hill up Leachin Brae is a beast image,

    Stats: 8m 1:22:36 @ 10:19mm avgHR157(82%) MaxHR187(98%) 

  • Keep running up that hill Stewart.... A pb will follow image

  • Thanks guys & well done.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NP shame about the phone but enjoy the hols! image

    Teknik, not long!! You are in for a great race. image

    jason amazing weight loss again, 8lb in a few days! image I wish!!

    Great running MG1, AGF, Lulu and HM4.

    Nice running Stewart, that is a hill! I did 4 miles easy this morning and some core work, would have carried on but calves were really aching. Bad choice to wear capris when it was cold! HR high as I have the usual post marathon sore throat and cold. Planning 6 miles tomorrow and weights.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Teknik looking good for that PB image

    MG1 nice splits for your 15 mile run.

    Jason nice weight loss, think I've put that on lolimage

    AGF looks like your back in good shape well done on racing from the back.

    HM4 well done on the Tempo run how far did you go?

    SC nice hill running.

    Fiona nice recovery hope the sore throat sorts it's self out soon.

    Well second run here banked 4 miles steady will log them on here when I return home. Plus a couple of miles swimming, met up with some Triathletes and will swim with them on Tuesday. image


  • NP,

    3.21 miles.  This included a 10min warm up & cool down & the tempo bit was ave 10.10 min miles which is a bit slower than what my tempo pace is (based on my 5 mile pb).

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    MG that's an impressive run so soon after Rotterdamimage

    Jason great weight loss !!

    AGF nice run with Lulu and a solid 11m after - well done on breaking 50m again. Nerves are starting to set in now...

    HM well done for getting out on the tempo run

    Stewart well done on that hilly 8m

    Fiona nice easy run and core work.  Take care of that throat and cold.

    NP well done for your run in the sun.  Don't overdo it with the triathletes!image

    Good luck Spark, Simon F, and HeOw in Manchester


    Last MP run today. 1m w/up and 10m at MP - managed 7:42mm and the HR levelled out at less than 82%maxHR.  I'm off to print out the 7:45 pace band.imageimage (which is nearly a minute per mile faster than October)image

  • Top effort, Tek! You are going to fly! image

    looking forward to the race reports- fingers are firmly crossed! image

    off for a run in a bit, won't be fast, or particularly far image

  • All the best to those running in Manchester

    Good to see you getting out again HM4

    StewartC your lap times on a hilly route tend to belie your statement "unfit, a bit like me"

    Teknik - hope all goes well for you in MK (again not a holiday destination image)

    Hailing here today!image

  • OH- you can't have ALL the good weather image

    windy here- ooh, that makes a change..... Not!

    My legs seem to be recovering well- nothing long though- only went for an 8 today -don't want to push at the moment image 8.02m in 58.32. Splits: 7:54 7:49 7:49 7:16 6:57 6:59 6:53 6:47 8

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NP make the most of the nice weather! image

    Nice run Teknik, where do you print the pace band from?

    jason good to see the recovery is going well.

    OH not great weather here either. Surprisingly it is windy! Went out and caught 5 minutes of sun then wind/rain for the rest of it. Total change from last Sunday. image Did 6 miles and legs better than yesterday; also did weights earlier this morning. Legs very wobbly! image

    Booked the Amsterdam hotel so that's flights, hotel and run booked and paid for. Now just have to hatch a run plan and turn up! image This is my relaxed fun marathon.


  • Good news on the legs image Well done on the hotel image

  • Bum !! just wrote a long post and lost it..

    Not got time to re write it as I have to get ready for my last night shift !!

    Anyway I have done 27 very very easy miles this week , finishing with a 7 miler today my longest run in 4 weeks !! still got ankle strapped up tightly when running and  wearing my old faithful asics 2170s for running wakng and working..only taking them off to go to bed..lol..

  • Tek that all looks good to me, you must be on for nice new PB 

    Jason well done on the 8 during the recovery

    Fiona C  is there such a thing a relaxed fun marathonimage I am sure if there is then Amsterdam is the place to do it

    NN glad to hear that the ankle is improving and mileage going up

  • NN- good to hear that recover is going well image

    MG1- I had a whale of a time in London 2012- it was 3 weeks after an ultra and I danced with all the bands along the way, high fived loads and stopped to chat with mates in the crowd along the way image

    come on racers! image image

  • Well done guys.

    Did 4 miles this morning. The first 2 where really hard however the 2nd were a bit to quick.

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