2013 Marathon Thread



  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    NN nice to see you starting to turn the corner, we all know what it's like to feel like your starting from scratch again, I'm in that place right now but know it will all come back just give it timeimage

    Fiona mmmmm banana bread send some overimage please, tell sis well done on running for 30 mins.

    Tekniso glad your on the mend and seem to be improving.

    Jason well done on your double day in the wind.

    OH you ok to have a CBA day sirimage

    MG1 well done on the six miles.

    Well two recovery runs for me today 4 miles in the wind, rain and cold this morning and 4 miles on the treadmill at work, that's the start of the doubles and start to add a little speed at the bend of next week. 

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    NN, well done with  the run and Pilates as others have said the fitness will soon return

    Fiona, hmm banana bread is delish well done to your sister you should take her downtown JS one night she may enjoy it image

    Mace, I did a hilly run a couple of weeks ago HR got up too 187, so I think 190 is not to far off, and there is some signs of improvement, over a minute for the same HR 

    Tek, another good run and signs of improvement

    OH, take it  easy you've had a hard week of racing and you do deserve a cnba day

    Jason, nice double today 

    MG, nice wintry 6 miles for you tonight, and the weekend is definitely looking nicer

    NP, nice doubling the miles will be racking up now


    JS tonight went out with the 6 mile group no one wanted to do a 5image 

    a loop around the canal started in the rain and finished a little muddy but in good spirits, the legs felt fine ttonight stats: 7.49mi, 1:09:55, @9:20mm avgHR157(82%)

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Teknik I hope the drugs are working?

    mace great that she's walking, you never know!

    NN I had to trim the ends off the loaves! image When I make them for myself I cut back the fat & no sugar but these are yummy. Also made a choc cake last night for them. Sounds like a nice relaxed run that you had.

    Blimey OH, I think I'd be resting after a week of racing! Well done for getting out at all.

    Are you still on your no/low carb diet jason?

    MG1 well done for getting out in the bad weather. Much the same here.

    NP - how is the hip now?

    Stewart nice run last night. My sister is near Elgin so just pops in when work takes her through here. Are you heading to the Lewis half tomorrow?

    8.32 miles for me last night (brings the week's miles so far to a round number! image) a fairly breezy, cold run. Back to the woolly hat and long sleeves etc. image Got an all day work thing tomorrow but will get a short run first thing then plan the longer run on Sunday so should still be building the miles. image




  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Fiona, afraid not, it is one I would like to do a few folk from the group are going over, nice run last night and it was a bit chilly, base layer long sleeve top and Gillet for me, at least the weekend looks goodimage

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    mace hope you're winning the debate...

    NN well done on the pilates and easy 6.5m

    HM have you got your entry in for Purbrook yetimage

    OH take a rest fellaimage

    Jason well done on the double windy recoveries (in both senses)

    MG nice steady 6 miles last night in the rain

    NP glad you're ok - nice doubleimage

    Stewart nice going with the muddy 7.5m last night.

    Fiona the drugs seem to be helping.  No more nosebleeds so far, although the stuff stings like hell for a while.  Breathing is a bit better too...well done on your 8.32 miles.image


    My favourite day of the week. Sports massage, 90 minutes in the hot yoga room, then a little 5k bimble this afternoon.  HR still elevated but going the right way.image


  • Tek,

    I think I have, although not received confirmation email.  I had to email the race director as online entry not working on here & he gave me a link to another website so will log into that later & double check.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • HM - When is the race?

    Tek - Good training today, good that the HR is getting back to where it should be.

    Fiona - Nice running yesterday and today.

    Stewart - Looks like a tough run yesterday, good going.

    NP - Nice couple of runs yesterday

    Jason - Same for you, good running

    MG - Well done on getting a run in those conditions, don't think I'd have bothered!

    OH - I think you can be forgiven for the CBA'd fairy striking!image


    6.28 miles @ 10:06 ave. 150 ave HR

    Struggled to keep HR down, could blame it on lack of sleep aswell as the sun warming me up a bit. Played a bit of football just after my run, but spent more time in goal and didn't really move much.

    7.5 with parkrun tomorrow. Not sure wether to run it as a tempo run, or go all out. I had always planned on PB'ing on my 50th parkrun, sadly there is no chance of that.


  • 8.75 miles club run last night, I ran with one of the girls I'm trying to make improve and ended up running harder than I wanted to!

    4.5 tonight, including 5 x an evil hill and that really hurt! pilates class straight after which just killed me.

    Then a huge plate of baked potato and bolognaise which just cured everything!

  • Stuart,

    16 June. I had to enter it via Running Diary.  Well done on the run.

    Iccle Jim,

    Well done.

  • Gym, 5 miles on the bike and 4.4 miles/inc 28.15ish parkrun all done by 1015. Might make use of the sunny day by going out for another short run later.

  • ah, Saturday, rest day! washing, fixing the fence panels in the garden, mowing the lawn, cleaning kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming the whole house, shifting old boxes of junk from downstairs to spare room, putting up shelves for said junk. Rest?!

    Happy running guys!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stuart well done on yesterday's 6+m, and today's parkjog.  Hope you get the extra 3m in later while the weather's nice.image

    IJ nice hill work yesterday .  Enjoy the "day off"image

    HM well done


    8m in the muddy woods today with the club, including some fartlek.  All fine hereimage

  • Hi Folks. Hope all is well?  Sorry I have not been around much recently - have been too busy at work. I have two weeks holiday soo too so will not be around much until mid June - then its 15 weeks to Berlin !!!   Somehow managing to tick over despite the long hours at work. Averaged 60 miles per week for the last 4 weeks - so things are heading in the right direction before my two week break - and then focus all the way to Berlin image

    Its nice to see the sun in full shine today - although it slowed me down on my 12 miler image ( but think I was tired before I started ) 

  • Tek the muddy wood run sounds good to me, nice to have a change from roads and pathsimage

    AGF that's a nice consistent weekly totals , enjoy your hols

    SM6 good combo earlier

    IJ nice running yesterday, hope you enjoyed the house work

    14 miles this morning in some half decent conditions for once at 8.21 av   -8.44 8.25 8.24 8.27 8.34 8.30 8.22 8.24 8.24 8.21 8.18 8.09 8.02 7.46 felt comfortable with some speed at the end , 


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Fiona well done on the 8 yesterday hope you can get out today in the sun, as for the hip mmmmm its been coming from my back and hamstring its 97% ok now and will keep the pace steady on the flat until Thursday when I plan to start adding a little speed. Don't forget to send some banana loaf over image

    Teknik said "My favourite day of the week. Sports massage, 90 minutes in the hot yoga room, then a little 5k bimble this afternoon.  HR still elevated but going the right way.image" Sounds like you had a great day yesterday, well done on the muddy 8 today.

    SM6 well done with yesterday's run well vice bike and park run today.

    Jim you got to love hills image enjoy the rest of your rest dayimage

    AGF well done on the months 60 mile weeks you must be feeling good on that image and that's a nice 12 in the sun today image

    Well 1 mile swim for me yesterday which I enjoyed and as today's Saturday I ran up and down my hill with my mate who left me for dead on a four mile run last Sunday. Tables starting to turn in my favour and had him on the 4 mile climb image so it's still there it just needs limit more time and work for it to come back together and with just under ten weeks now to the World police and Fire games I'm starting to feel a little bit more confident image


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    MG1 cross post well done on your 14 mile run today you can see you picked it up well in the last few miles and like you said nice to be out in good conditions for once. image

  • Afternoon all..

    IJ your "rest" day sounds a bit like mine, after getting up once I had sort of slept off my night shifts...I hoovered house top to bottom, cleaned out fish tank, cleaned car, didn't put up any shelves though..cos I cant image

    SM6 hope you got that double run done, impressive day of training with the gym/bike as well.

    Tek the muddy 8 sounds fun..good stuff

    AGF very nice mileage for the month, great to see things are back to normal for you.(there is hope for me ) have a great holiday

    MG1  I hope my attempt at 13/14 tomorrow goes half as well as yours nice running indeed !!

    NP nice to see the injury is improving, 97% is about where my ankle is also, I get the occasional twinge if I loose my footing so plenty of stretching here too, where are the games being held ?

    Had to buy an new HRM strap, mine has been driving me mad giving me all sorts of readings having tried all the usual cleaning ,changing batteries etc I had to admit defeat and got a bargain of fleabay, the premium straps are usually about 30-40 quid I got brand new one for 15 !!..


  • I didn't do the shelves, and didn't do any vacuuming! put another set of portable shelves up under the stairs though! Now showered and changed ready for a night out.

    Don't worry, LSR planned for the afternoon, so a lie in is allowed-ish... Dad and nephew are coming for tea at about 10am!

  • IJ- Slacker!image Enjoy the lie-in and the LSRimage

    Tek- good to play in the mud every so oftenimage

    NP- Good to see that your return to full fitness is continuing wellimage

    NN- I love a bargain! Well done!

    AGF_ Nice mileage- enjoy the breakimage

    Fiona- yes, still on the low carbs...image

    Well, busy couple of days here- no run yesterday morning, but did the hilly Talley 5k yesterday evening, in which my legs reminded me that they had run 5m at 5k pace 2 days earlier, so it was agreed between us that it would be run at 80% effortimage Lovely evening though and a lovely picturesque setting- it's run around 2 lakes next to a ruined abbey. This morning saw me do 9.5ish miles with a Parkjog in the middle, followed by gardeningimage, shoppingimage and a 5.6m recovery run. Longish run planned for tomorrow   

  • Well done guys.  I got out for 2 miles this morning, unfortunately this is the only run I'll be able to get out for this weekend as it's relation visiting tomorrow and Monday.

  • Jason thats a lot of running on a low carb diet...I have been reading a lot about Paleo/ Primal diets is that what you are trying ? how low is your daily carb intake ? would you describe yourself as a "Fat burning beast ?" image

    Well done on getting the run done HM4 

  • NN- not sure what sort of beast I am image Sort of Primal diet- I have cut out all grains, so no bread, rice, pasta, and eat lots of meat, fish and veggies- especially green leafy ones like kale. I do still eat fruit though- great for vitamins, minerals even if a bit carby. Today for example, I started with a turkey omelette, ran 9ish m, followed by banana. Lunch was supposed to be turkey and rocket, but rocket had gone off, so tirkey with more turkey image evening meal after recovery run was mussels with garlic, ginger and coriander served with stir fried leeks, green and red peppers and mushrooms. Many evening meals tend to be some kind of meat, stir fried kale and mushrooms. Evening before a hard interval session, I will have a sweet potato as well image Best of all, I can snack on pork scratchings- high fat, high protein, low carb image

  • NN- As for a lot of running, I was somewhat surprised to just notice that my mileage so far this week, with tomorrow's longish run to come, is already 75m? How did that happen? Lol!

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done on the early morning work Stuart.

    IJ interesting definition of rest!! image

    Sounds like a nice relaxed run Teknik and MG1 - good pace!

    AGF you've certainly been building the miles quietly there, well done! image

    NP great that the fitness is coming back so quickly - never doubted it would! Date loaf baked tonight. image

    NN I hope to get much the same run as you tomorrow, a nice relaxed 14.

    Jason great mileage. Diet interesting but I do love my carbs!

    Outdoors all day today in beautiful sun! Firm sponsoring a British Eventing event so went along to watch/present prizes etc. Great event but on my feet all day and pretty tired so a 10 mile turbo just done. Happy enough with that as my right ankle was really niggly last night. Looking forward to the run tomorrow but a bit of rain forecast.



  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF well done on the week's miles again. Hope work eases off soon

    MG nice 14 miler with a strong finish

    NP nice swim and good hill run. You're going to be in great shape for the WPFG.image

    NN glad the ankle is holding up.  Hope the new HR strap syncs quickly - I had to dump my old one miles away to stop the Garmin picking it up!image

    IJ good luck on the LSR

    Jason well done on the relaxedimage 5k Friday, and nice double yesterday.  Great mileage for the week!

    HM well done on the run yesterday

    Fiona nice turbo - hope the ankle's ok today.


    1.3m w/up and w/down, plus 10k at marathon HR.  Just squeezed into 7.59mm with a flat 82%max, so quite happy.image

    Week's stats: 48.3m in 7h05m = 8:49mm av. and av. 73%maxHR.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Updated race list is here


    and here http://www.fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=53497   Let me know any changes.  There are quite a few gaps in the summer so feel free to post shorter races.image

  • hangover from hell! image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    NN the World Police and Firefighter games are over here in Northern Ireland and its going to be a hard weeks running form me with 5000m on a track, half marathon, 10k cross country and Biathlon. I wont be going all out in the cross country as I will use that as a recovery run.image glad the foot is nearly 100% again and what a bargin with the strap.

    Jason another great double day mate plus gardening LOL at: image Best of all, I can snack on pork scratchings- high fat, high protein, low carb.......

    HM4 well done on the 2 miles.

    Fiona Date loaf mmmmmmm....... nice turbo session, hope you can get out before the rain.

    Teknik nice running and nice miles for the week.

    Jim lol run it offimage

    Well a nice steady 8 miles this morning and enjoyed another run in the sun image


  • NP- The sun makes all the difference, doesn't it? Nice runningimage Could have done with a little less sun for my LR thoughimage

    Tek- Nice running and good to see things improvingimage

    IJ- Oh dear....image run it off!image

    16.14m in 2.00.01 for me this morning- easy pace, but legs still heavy after the speedwork/ race. All good thoughimage Short recovery run planned for later

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Jason what a difference a week makes this time last week I didn't think I would be even able to train for the WPFG now I am thinking about times for each eventimage. That's another great session and the miles are building up very well for you the double sessions a day do help to get more miles in.

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