ive just been introduced to something called

Beef Dripping

on toast. with salt. i'm in Scottish food heaven.

 i feel like I could run for a 100 miles now.


  • slight chest pains there. but it passed.

  • Mmm. .. beef dripping. Even the name of it sounds like food p0rn!
  • You can't beat potatoes roasted in beef dripping, stick your goose fat up your middle class a*se.
  • i can't believe I haven't found out about it until now. 32 years wasted.

  • Oooooooooooh ... this was a treat of my childhood. Me and dad used to fight over the dripping left after the Sunday roast. Especially the jelly bits .... slathered on toast .... mmmmm, taste bud heaven. Just thinking about it furs the arteries but what the hell, we're only on this planet once.

  • My Dad used to tell us about the wonders of beef dripping on toast.

    He did die of heart disease image

  • I remember my big bro used to love it: I thought it was vile.
  • heart attacks run in the male side of my family too.

    my uncle, grandfather and great grandfather.

    they all enjoyed cheese and jam sandwiches. like me. but that aside I try to eat well and exercise regularly.


  • My nan used to keep a tub of it in the fridge image

    I found to my utter delight what it was and absolutely loved it image
  • Wow, that's a blast from the past.  Wipe a slice of bread around the roasting tin and, voila, a beef dripping sandwich.
    Or as we called it here in The Holy Land, a greasy piece.

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