Half Marathon Plan for Improving Speed

Hey all, thanks for reading.

I've run lots of half marathons but over the past three years my running has been less and less frequent and as a result my times have degraded.  I am not a fast running - a good time for a hlaf would be 2 hours.  What I'm looking for is a good program that requires three runs a week (I dont have enough time for more) but will push me below 2 hours.  Anyone have any ideas?


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  • I'm in the same boat as you really Chris, keen to get under 2 hours after a couple of close calls in 2012. I think the HM is quite tricky to train for as you need distance and speed, but I'm determined to do it on 3 runs per week! Whenever I go up to 4 runs per week, I get pain, without fail!

    So here's my plan FWIW: I've just calculated my target training paces (using the calculator on this site) and I seriously need to think about slowing down A LOT on my weekly long run, to about 11:20 min/mile at the absolute fastest. Normally my long runs (10:30-11:00) really wipe me out but if i slow down, I'm hoping this will leave me in decent shape to push the other 2 runs in terms of pace, praps a 4-6-mile tempo run and a 30-min interval torture session. Iight try and squeeze in a strength DVD in every now and then but no promises on that.

    I'm also going to try going up to 12-13 miles in training. Normally I leave it at 10-11 and let race day see to the rest, but I think this might be the edge I need for sub-2. Apart from eating better I can't think if any other realistic arame tears I can change. Any if your ideas welcome of course!

    Which HMs u planning? Hoping for Berkhamsted and St Albans but praps too hilly for PB.
  • Parameters not 'arame tears'!
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