Nike+ Sportswatch and Polar heart rate strap.

Hi there I was just wondering if you can use the Nike sportswatch with a normal polar heart rate monitor strap? I have just a polar heart rebate monitor now and if I were to buy a sports watch could i use the strap I have now with it? Many thanks


  • Don't think so, Polar do a Nike specific strap. Costs a ridiculous amount of money and the Sportwatch is rubbish as a HRM - no alerts or zones etc.
  • Hello there

    I use a polar wear-link with my Nike plus sports watch gps, it seems to link well and give off great readings!, it depends what your looking for and cost, sad fully not everyone like me,can offend the best! I'm happy with my Nike sports watch..image
  • I have both a Nike+ sportband and fuelband. I was wondering what your opinions were on the topic of when to use which or should i wear both all day, and only activate the sportband when running and still use the fuelband durring said runs? Or should I take the fuelband off durring runs and only where it when I am not recording runs?

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