How far did we run in 2012?

According to Garmin Connect in 2012 I went for
216 runs
distance 1,202.54 miles
time 184 hours 52 mins 31 sec
elevation gain 38,800 ft,
at an average pace of 9:14 min/mile and
burned 145,958 calories.

Should be plenty of folk who can beat that image



  • I don't have a Garmin or similar, just a notebook and pen. But stats for 2012 are:

    3 runs

    5.8 miles

    time 55 mins 20 sec

    average pace 9:32 min/mile.

    I think you might have thrashed me!

  • Only info I can get from my app is total miles for 2012, the rest I'll work out when I get home,

    Total miles 1775.2
  • I set myself a target of 2012 miles this year, and will finish on 2,105 image

    I don't have stats for the whole lot as several of them were Garmin free runs, but my Garmin stats are:

    262 runs

    Distance - 1,959 miles

    Time - 293hrs 22 mins 16 secs

    Elevation Gain: 91,445 ft

    Avg speed: 6.7mph (08:57/mile)

    Avg HR 145

    Calories 222,487

  • According to Garmin Connect in 2012 I went for 
    143 runs
    distance 889.37 miles
    time 132:37:54
    elevation gain 43,999 ft, 
    at an average speed of 6.7 mph, a  pace of 8:57 min/mile and 
    burned 98,726 calories

    but I cycled from March until September

    The 43,999 is annoying me now. I will have to go out tomorrow and run up a very short hill or do I go for the 1274 calorie run (10 mile ish)?

  • Well the 10 mile run will surely include at least 1 ft of ascent so that way you kill 2 birds with one stone. Actually you should make sure that it is at least 10.63 miles as that will take you over the 900 mile barrier as well! Spread it out over 7 separate runs through the day, and you will do 150 runs too.

  • 1500 miles exactly with 120000ft of ascent. Quite pleased with that but had my lowest mileage on my bike for a few years with only 1286 miles.
  • My elevation gain seems a bit lacking compared to others ... there's a New Year resolution for me, to do more hills.

    I'll look up my year's stats for the rowing machine after the last session of 2012 tomorrow.

  • According to Garmin Connect I have done the following since 1st May 2012 (which is when I got my 405):

    186 runs

    Distance - 1,177.56 miles

    Time - 185:35:12 h:m

    Elevation Gain - 13,695 m

    Average Speed - 6.3 mph

    Average Heart Rate - 150 bpm

    Burned - 128,233 calories

    I started running by following the C25K programme on the 24th January 2012 and my estimated mileage from then until 30th April 2012 is 198 miles so my total mileage for the year is around 1375 which I am very happy about image



  • According to my slightly inaccurate combination of app and Garmin which I got in August, 951 miles for me.  Which I'm relatively pleased with. Some very impressive stats from you lot image

  • For me was 1123 miles, first full year of running so very happy with it. Goal for this year is 1500 miles.

  • My goal for the year was 1,000 which I hit in September - totalled 1500 Satuday 22nd December - took a week off and should finish the year with 1506.

  • 204 runs

    1722 miles

    Had aimed for 2012 miles but injuries robbed me of that!

    Beat my minimum target of beating last years mileage - by 1 mile!

    Day off tomorrow.
  • Every day - sometimes twice - approx 380 runs

    1000 miles

    Average speed 8:30



  • 226 runs

    Distance: 1179 miles

    Avg. speed: 7.0 mph.

    Avg. hr: 153

    Calories: 108, 351


  • According to fetch:

    2261 miles

    223 runs

    Average pace 7:09/m

    Average HR 141 = 70% max, although I suspect real average is a smidge lower because the only runs I don't bother monitoring are the easy lunchtime jogs at work.
  • Looking at my stats (only got my Garmin in May) made me realise just how often I don't go for a run when I could.  Coulda woulda shoulda... anyway, here they are.

    42 runs

    84.98 miles

    Average speed 5.6mph

    Calories: 7600

    Plus the couple of miles I'm about to do on the treadmill.

    Here's to a lot more running and a lot less illness in 2013! 

  • 1744.51 miles

    Jan - Jun: 986.13 miles (alongside 100 miles of swimming and 3000 miles of cycling)

    Jul - Dec: 788.38 miles (post Ironman I just ran, albeit sporadically)

  • My first full year of running, I'm a little disappointed by my final mileage but I was injured for 5 weeks in March and April (hamstring) and since the 27th November (Calf). If I can get rid of the niggling muscle injuries I want to get to 1,000 miles in 2013.

     Count: 164 Activities

    Distance: 807.47 mi

    Time: 139:36:55 h:m

     Avg Speed: 5.8 mph

    Avg HR: 150 bpm

    Calories: 97,979 C

    Max Distance: 18.69 mi

    Avg Distance: 4.92 mi

    Elevation Gain: 7,192 m

    Elevation Loss: 7,102 m

  • I wish to declare also 873,000 metres on the rowing machine in 2012.

    Looks like PhilPub is in the lead with 2,261 miles. Peter Everitt is tail-end charlie with 5.8 miles image

  • Finally some recognition for my running efforts!!!

  • Total runs - 176 (only started logging in June)

    Total miles - 1226 (again only from 11 June)
  • races 13

    mileage 3007.5


    I really need some of the sub 3hour thread obsessives to come on and make my total look small image

  • 3000 miles!!!!! FFS I was feeling by proud having hit 1000 on the 30th..... Bah!
  • Don't worry Camlo, my pal locally runs 6-7,000 a year!

    Now that's insane!

  • 2,408 for me. sounds a lot but it's only 46.3 a week on average, so can probably do better!

  • Stevie G . wrote (see)

    Don't worry Camlo, my pal locally runs 6-7,000 a year!

    Now that's insane!

    thats mental

  • 200 runs

    1366 miles

  • 270 runs
    1891 miles
    35,200 m climbing
    31 miles max distance
    49:29 median time
    5.11 median miles

    All those miles and the median time used per day is still under an hour. "I like everything in moderation" they say. This for me is moderation, not sitting motionless on the sofa for hours! Here's to a continued moderate lifestyle in 2013, in contrast to extreme sofa sitters.

  • Marc.S wrote (see)
    Stevie G . wrote (see)

    Don't worry Camlo, my pal locally runs 6-7,000 a year!

    Now that's insane!

    thats mental

    In fairness she does favour marathons, and has represented Great Britain.

    So maybe not so mental now eh image

  • i meant more "thats incredible" i cant imagine running that far in a year. 

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