Training for Chester Half Marathon

Hi image I'm new to running and wanted to give myself a I have entered the Chester Half Marathon. Does anyone have any tips on training and gear? As i'm pretty clueless at the mo! I have started doing short distances, walking and running, gradually increasing the amount of running. What is the average time per mile, not sure what pace I need to be at to complete half marathon in ok time image


  • OK time totally depends on you (age, weight, height) and how fit you are.  In general I'd say an ok time was around the 2 hour mark - but for some 90 min or 3 hours is "ok".

    You've a good while to train for Chester (just over 17 weeks) which is long enough if you follow a decent training plan.  Once you're capable go and run a Parkrun somewhere to get a 5K time, then you can work out your HM time from it (at least a reasonable baseline to aim at and train around).

    Only speaking from experience - 3 GNR's in 4 years, 2h06, 2h09 and 1h46 - they were, in order, very hard, damn hard and pretty easy.  Guess what? I followed a structured training plan for the last one this year - runners world 16 week garmin schedule for sub 4:30 marathon (I had the Chester marathon to do 3 weeks after the GNR).  I'm not suggesting you follow a marathon plan for a half, but get a good aerobic base developed and then start a training programme and stick to it.  I thought I knew best early on but all I did was make it hard for myself by training poorly.

    Gear wise - it doesn't matter too much, get some comfortable running shoes rather than generic trainers - preferably get advice from a running shop than a "sports" shop, the rest make up as you go along.  I found a GPS watch/HRM made a huge difference for me as I could keep track easily and compete with myself - but its just luxury.

  • image Thank you for all of the advise! 

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