Edinburgh Marathon 2013 Place

Hello, I am looking for a place to participate in the 2013 Edinburgh Marathon. I am ready to double the original price (around 100 pounds). If you are interested to transfer your place please email me @ mathieu-rault@live.fr. Thanks


  • If your still after a place I know some one who is pulling out. My email is leeolear@hotmail.co.uk
  • Got a place. Thanks Lee.
  • I am looking for someone who wants to transfer their entry. I didn't think I could make the date this year, but plans have changed and now I can but the entry has just closed unfortunately. Is the person you know sorted yet smoke free lee?


  • I am also looking for a place if anyone knows of anyone with a spare!!!

  • Hi - i have a spare place, pulling out due to injury, happy to transfer it for orignal price+transfer cost (£60) - my email address is zyerak@hotmail.com

  • I am looking place in the Edinburgh Marathon.  Anyone with a spare ticket or unable to take part please message me  or text happy to pay cost of ticket + transfer.  Kind regards  JC  (jc@jcroll.freeserve.co.uk or 07739400361).  Please note due to work commitments I may not able  to get back to you immediately but will contact you with 12 hours.image

  • Hi!

    I have a place for sale for this year's Edinburgh Marathon. I'm having a year out... overcommitted myself.

    Not looking to make any profit so £44, which was standard early bird entry and new runner to pay the £10 transfer fee.

    Email clematolia@hotmail.com if interested!


  • Just to let everyone know...I've now sold my place.


  • I have a place to sell.

  • Hello Tinyem, if you still have a place available for transfer, can you email me at groughead@robroyhomes.co.uk or mrroughead@hotmail.co.uk



  • Hi there, I am looking for a place as well, I had to pull out from the Belfast Marathon as a friend is getting married that weekend.

    Contact: kgcampbell11@gmail.com or Kevin Campbell on 07988 784 973.

    I will cover the cost of the original place purchase via the gift transaction in paypal.

    Thanks a lot.

  • I have a place that I wish to sell, contact me at ja9d1ck1e@hotmail.com if you're interested. Make sure you say in the subject of the email edinburgh marathon as I do not read emails that I am not sure about.




  • Hiya Janine  - i've replied to your email image

  • Hi there I have a place for the Edinburgh Marathon if anyone wants it?  Please text me on 07581 339768. Original price plus transfer fee.

  • Perfect Kaly, I will text you the now.....



  • I'm looking for a place too.  I'm happy to cover the cost.  You can text me on on 07808170854 or email garyelliott1970@o2.co.uk

  • Thanks all - place now sold.

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