Hello everybody!

Hello RW team, my name is Craig and I have just joined the site, i'm not sure if this is the right section but I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself!

I've been running since July after attending a Nike Training Club in LA, I bought a fuelband and have been obsessed ever since.  I began running regularly when I returned to the UK as I wanted to prove to myself I could - I was often denied opportunities to take part in sports when I was younger due to heavy asthma, so have always been under the impression that I couldn't exercise as often as I would have liked, WRONG!  Since then I have overcome any self doubt I had previously and am now officially hooked on running.  I ran my first 10K recently in Asthon Court in a time of 51:21, I have since then got my 10k time down to 48:01 and have signed up for the Bristol 10K, the British 10K and the GNR with Asthma UK.  I have also lost two stone and feel better than ever.  My asthma hardly bothers me now and i've inspired a lot of my friends to get involved too, running is apparently contagious!

I have been tracking my progress with Nike+, first the iPhone app and now the Sportwatch GPS, my username is CraigOrtiz if anyone would like to add me!

I'm really looking forward to being able to discuss running with you all and share any knowledge I pick up on my own running journey image


  • Hi Craig, have a look around the boards and see where you fit in.  Word of warning though, Clubhouse is where we discuss stuff other than running.  You will get lots of helpful tips and advice on the other boards, but here you tend to get abuse and ribbing.  Everybody is nice, but you have to be tough skinned on Clubhouse

  • Thanks for the advice SuperCaz, i'll keep my guard up!

  • Welcome to the jungle Craig.

    Just remember that Muttley's the daddy, lock up is at 10pm and what ever you do, don't drop the soap!


  • I have questions...and they are serious.

    1. do you like cheese?
    2. do you like Marmite?
    3. what colour and how many bins do you have?
    4. what is the air speed velocity of an African swallow?

    Only when these are answered can you be permitted into the Clubhouse.

  • is the swallow laden or unladen duck?

    hi Craig

  • mimaduck wrote (see)

    I have questions...and they are serious.

    do you like cheese? do you like Marmite? what colour and how many bins do you have? what is the air speed velocity of an African swallow? Only when these are answered can you be permitted into the Clubhouse.

    1. Yes l do, do you want some of mine? i've not washed my bits for a month.

    2. Nope. It's rank.

    3. 3. 2 green and one grey. They're the new black.

    4. 9.87m/s. the standard speed of anything in freefall on which gravity is acting upon it.


  • Welcome Craig...   

    Sorry to hear you are planning on the London 10k..  there are many threads here over many years and elsewhere if you Google it that will give you ample warning of just how terrible that race is and indeed over-priced...    The London 10,000m option seems to be well received though...  it used to be called the Bupa London 10,000 I think...   something like that...




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