Postpone place

Hi- not sure if anyone else has had a problem like this but I would value any advice. I had a ballot place for the 2012 FLM but I had been in a car crash and saved my place for 2013. About 6 weeks ago I started suffering with tendonitis in my ankle, went to my GP who advised the RICE treatment and just cross training. I still have this problem but obviously April is just around the corner. I know you can only save a place for one year but do you think the FLM people might waive the rule on production of a doctor's letter?


  • Sorry I don't think so...but don't panic, go to a physio there's a lot more you can do for the tendonitis than RICE and you can be doing work to stop it recurring as well by addressing the causes.

    You're right, it is not that far off, but there is time to get over it and train well if you get the right advice.

  • No they won't let you hold it another year. I held mine from 2011 to 2012 but in February this year I was in a car accident and couldn't run . I called VLM and asked the question but was told they couldn't allow that . I did end up using my entry but had to pull out at 13 miles . Was gutted .  

  • Oh dear, that must have been horrid- you would think that a doctors letter would hold water. Another friend tells me to run despite the soreness, I tried that and managed 20 mins but was sore afterwards. What a waste, it's not as if you can give someone else the place, thanks for your replies,
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