lose the lard

having had 2 good years running I slowed down! Maybe an extra 15kilos helped. Going to be a good season aim to olose 20kilos, run a sub 2 half, sub 2 sprint triathlon and try for some iconic marathyons. Run with me share motivation if only on line. Started already 15 miles on th emountain bike, sitting here with doms planning tomorrow coming on my journey?


  • I may hitch a ride. 2012 year of illness and start of asthma for me so need to get some consistency. Weighing tomorrow .... gulp guessing about 8kg to lose.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I'm someone who can't wait for 00.01! The sooner 2013 arrives the better! After some half hearted attempts I really do need to shed half a stone!
  • keep us updated! Scales looking promising already. Not surprising as I just had a fantastic week in Mallorca last week. Serious training started, ramping up tomorrowimage

  • 3kilos in the first week and still not running properly because of a dodgy achilles. Poll and gym, hopefully 8k monday

  • Wow impressive! How did you lose 3kg? I'm still the same .... not impressed.
  • Just trying to keep to the regime. No silly snacks, no beer, no chocolate. Getting back to the gym always works for me and when I can do the long runs I should rip inot it. Just have to wait and see what the achilles is going to do. Keep at it you will win!!

  • Have managed to run 4 times this week,still not as far or fast as before but a step in the right direction. Back to work this week though so will need more discipline to fit running in.

    Hope you have another good week.
  • Well done plan is core in gym and 5 miles tomorrow, rest Tuesday , Wednesday 0.5mile swim, core session in gym and then boxercise, Thursday hopefully some interval work Friday core and run then a 10 on Saturday Sunday rest . Lets hope it works out keep the faith.
  • Well I was 78.7 kg now ....... drum roll ...... now 78.2kg. Could do better but at least a little different. I should be back at boxing this week too and I mayimage try and get a bit of a strength routine sorted for home sure my core needs lots of work.

  • I am a regular runner and still want to lose some weight, in the last week I upped my mileage, one marathon, and 6 days of running, average 3.5 miles per day (part of a run every day for January challenge) weighed up this morning and put 5 lbs on over the week. You can't win!

  • I might have to pretend I didn't read that EKGO. Hopefully it will all miraculously drop off next week for you.
  • Well done Savi. EKGO are you watching what you eat and maybe a rest day? Or a change of activity to shake your body up!!

  • image5miles tonight sub 10 min miles happy bunny!!! Bring it on

  • Hi all... can I join in? I have lost 36lbs over the last 18 months but still have 28lbs to go to get to my ideal running weight. Now that I am running (2 or 3 months so far) I am hoping it will help me tone as I slim image

    I did my first ParkRun on Saturday and loved it! Time was 40:48 but I wasn't last - there were 6 after me - and thats now my time to work on beating each week as I get fitter!

    I also gave up smoking 2 days ago (yay me!) and already noticed my breathing easier on today's run image


  • Nice the more encouraging the better. Just getting ready for a mega training session. Weigh in tomorrow
  • Running not going too bad actually, another parkrun in under 31 mins getting closer to my pb for firsttime in ages!

    Weight 77.6kg so another half kg not too bad as not changed too much, definitely not dieting just trying to be aware of when I'm eating.

    Only bad news blood pressure seems to have gone from being normal not so long ago to high and needing monitoring I am now officially fed up of having health problems and think the doctors will bar the door to me soon image

    Was back at boxing Saturday and can just about move my arms now, Tuesday, without them aching - great session.


    Hope training and weight loss going well for you all.

  • Keep it up. Not the only dogged by injury! Lost 1 kg last week. Still no long runs, cold, banged up, fell off the diet wagon big style (more like jumped!), still a problem with the Achilles but I am keeping up with it.( Pb and club run cancelled last night because of snow! )
  • No change this week but motivation is back bad week, training and diet and stayed level. Just done 4 miles felt good. Hopefully mojo is back

  • Hi i would like some help on shift my last stone. I have lost 2.5 already. Regular runner but can't shift this last stone. I run 6 days a week eat healthy with the odd snack once a week i have a chocolate bar. I also been try to get rid of jelly thighs any advice anyone. I would like to loose this before end March?
  • What about some interval or fartlek training?
  • Back on track!! Undone the damage only 1 lb lost this week, 1/2 a kilo doesn't sound so good. Struggled with interval last night and another group run cancelled ;-(, but seriously determined. Achilles not sore this morning image

  • Another run cancelled, swam 800m instead. Good interval and core training, but need to get back on the road. Entered the Sheffield half hope that helps weight the same this week
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