New Year's Eve 31st December 2012


Lyrics: Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air

What: brisk walk plus stretches
Why: being careful not to overdo any "running" yet. Aim to run a little more tomorrow before seeing physio on Wednesday

Glad to hear the "good news" re your partner's Achilles recovery, M:  gives me more hope! You must be pretty fit to run a marathon PB one week and another marathon the week after. Or mad!

Its that time of year to look back and look forward! (Hence the title!) Achieved absolutely nothing, running-wise, in 2012 due to injury: probably the first time since 1965 that I've not run one race! The plan for 2013 is to be fit by the end of it, having lost at least a pound a month in weight each month. Onwards and upwards!



  • Morning.

    Happy Birthday sweep!

    They sound like good goals Alehouse.

    2012 wasn't my greatest year health wise, nor for many of my friends, so I'm mostly hoping for a healthier 2013.

    What:                 nothing
    Why:                  nearly ill (sore throat, swollen glands, tired)
    Last hard:          not being indestructible
    Last rest:           22/12

    Lyrics - no.

  • Morning you lot

    Lurgy is now, at last beginning to lift.

    Wet and windy up here today.

    Just been out walking Geordie.

    Need to catch up over coffee

    Morning LMH

    Happy Birthday sweep.image

  • Sorry Sweep:  meant to say happy birthday! And many of them!

  • What: Now tradition to go kayaking after dark on Hogmanay
    Why (not): but doesn't look like the weather will be obliging
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: No

    Happy Birthday Sweep!

  • Cheers everyone image

    Happy new year to you all, hope it's a great one for you all
  • happy brthday sweep, and happy new year to everyone!
    lyric - dont think so

    what - club's NYE fun relay event cancelled due to awful weather (OK for us old 'uns but don't want to put off the youngsters : U9s & U11s), so will do an easy 5 recovery later
    why - finish the year with a run, think it will be about 1900 miles this year (highest ever)
    last hard - sunday
    last rest - 17 days


  • Well done on the year's mileage, Dustin: I've carded my lowest since I was at primary school I should think!
    Surprised no-one has the lyrics! By the way, where's Tom?

  • Happy Birthday Sweep

    11.75m run for me this morning with club

    So here is my year in numbers.... and heres to next year....

    Total Miles 1830

    1 injury - Jan / Feb (carried forwards from 2011) Hamstring Tendon Tear
    1 Operation - Jan Feb - Bladder works

    51 parkruns, asmannaged a couple of doubles and extras on bank holidays etc

    29 Races from 100 meters to Thunder Run (36.9m)

    2 PB's 1:26:00 (Half Oct 2012) and 1:23:565 (Half Nov 2012)

    Targets for the year were Sub 85 for Half, TICK and done.

    Targets for 2013

    1. Marathon PB
    2. Get to and stay under 11 St 7 Lb
    3. Take what I can, leave nothing behind.....
    4. Probably more Tattoos........ (PS dont tell the wife...)

    Take care and Happy New Year, may it be blessed and enriched throughout

    Take care

  • Afternoon all.

    Another wet and muddy run for me this morning.  Legs are feeling stiff, but know i won't get a chance to run tomorrow and probably Wednesday.

    Happy birthday Sweep
    Good mileage from lots of you this year.  I haave managed 547 miles, which is ok seeing as I was injured for 3 months and moved country in that time image

    Happy New Year see you in 2013 

  • Kayaking called off - would have been feasible but not much fun. image

    However got short 3 mile run round Scapa before sundown. image
  • Happy New Years Eve to you all, we have just had an invasion of giddy 16 year old girls, and my ear drums are taking a high pitched pounding. My sound proofed head set has just found a new use.

    An hour on the turbot boshed out. Diving DVD finished. A stack of cheap DVDs from Amazon, ASDA & Tesco is awaiting my attention.

    RFJ wrote (see)

    Targets for 2013

    1. Marathon PB
    2. Get to and stay under 11 St 7 Lb
    3. Take what I can, leave nothing behind.....
    4. Probably more Tattoos........ (PS dont tell the wife...)

    Take care and Happy New Year, may it be blessed and enriched throughout

    Take care


    Er, RFJ, I have this feeling that your wife might spot the fact that you have gained a tattoo. It's not the sort of thing that you can easily hide for very long.
    My personal targets, by comparison with yours:
    1- mara PB? No chance. Top line target is to complete Ironman distance triathlon.
    2 - Get BACK to and stay under 11st 7 lb
    3 - dare I get an IMdot tattoo? Is it personally justifiable if I haven't paid the silly money premium for a branded race?

    I'll have to come back to you with annual totals. Suffice to say that it's better than last year.

  • I think I've run the most miles ever this year and definitely had my highest ever mileage weeks and months, surprising since I train primarily as a triathlete. Maybe I'm stronger now and could just be a runner who cross trains a fair bit - may find that out if my asthma continues to be an issue.

    Blisters - have you decided which full distance? I can recommend a very good, cheap, mid September race if not, and yes, absolutely - if you want the tatt, get it, or a variation of the same - there are some good ideas out there.

    Glad you made it out OH - is the forecast bad for tomorrow too?

    Feel much better than I did at this time yesterday so as difficult as I find rest days it was obviously the right thing to do. My wearing of the sensible head will hopefully be rewarded with an enjoyable run en famille tomorrow.

  • Evening all

    happy birthday/NY

    What 8@8 recovery commute
    Why Panto pm
    Lyrics No

    And for the year

    What 996 miles
    1 marathon D&D (Nice to see you at the start LMH)
    1 pb D&D
    1 injury conquered

    Currently cranking it up ahead of VLM with a possible sub 2:45 by the end of 2013.
    Oh and maybe an HM pb at Wokingham to kick things off with.

  • LM.H No prospect of getting kayakers out tomorrow! although the forecast is better
    ... competing attractions of partying tonight and The Ba' game tomorrow for most.

    OW swimmers are a different breed and we will be hitting the water at 10 tomorrow!image

    Quiet house here tonight (girls are now away again to Auld Reekie) and Elspeth is just being called back in to work.

    Haven't counted miles for 2012 (and don't intend to start for 2013!)
    but 2 marathons and 5 halfs will do me in my second year of running

  • Hi all

    what : 60mins very easy on the beach

    why : recovering

    Alehouse - back in October I think I was a bit of both! Still slightly mad but not as fit now! Lots of time to get back though.

    2012 brought marathon and 10k PBs. Very happy with both. Will try and keep that going for 2013. 2012 also brought a great deal of happiness in lots of other ways. Will count my blessings and hope for a 2013 that is just as good.

    Happy new year all - and happy birthday Sweep!
  • LOL Blisters..... once done though it cannot be removed....image

  • That's why I've not considered  a tattoo until I'm definitely old.

    LMH I have paid up fully for Challenge Henley. After all it's the Pirate Party. Gotta be wurth it. I also have the entry form for Schmunks' and my local half at Cotswold 113.

    Tomorrow, when I'm sober, we start some serious training.
    With a race.

  • Forgot to say that I know the lyrics!! And yes very appropriate for NYE image
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