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Ive always been interested in minimal shoes, after of plenty of research and shoe testing i finally purchased a pair of new balance minimus mr00, and i love them. Ive ran 3 runs this week, total mileage 15 miles, more than id originally planned. I found myself constantly focussing midfoot striking. As result the day after my third run i could barely walk due aching calf muscles. Never realised the results to your lower leg muscles. Short term pain, long term great results (hopefully)


  • i started in minimal shoes a few months ago, now run exclusivly in them, but hold back and just increase your mileage very slowly.  I started off just doing a mile at the end of my run in them.  now running over 30 miles a week.  I still get stiff calfs after long runs.

  • If you had done plenty of research how could you fail to see all the advise of building up the running very slwoly to allow the calves time to adapt....i have only read the threads on here and learnt that fact ......

  • But it is tempting to do too much cos it feels so good.
  • I had planned to only run 2 miles per run, three runs over five days. Like Gee Bee 2 mention i just got carried away. Gee bee 2 did you find yourself constantly think about your running form ? Also did you have any issues on long runs when your legs become tired.
  • I love my nike free's, calves hurt like mad for the first 3 or 4 runs, but within a month I managed the Great North Run in them and smashed my PB.  I rotated with my other running shoes so I didn't go out 2 days in a row until I was totally "adapted".  I can't see me going back to other shoes soon, though I did bottle running my first marathon in them and stuck my Lunarglide's on at the last minute.

    The only thing I noticed was that if your legs are so tired as to start heel striking than just walk - its safer.  You soon get used to them.

  • Those mileages sound quite high - I've heard of people starting off with a few 100 meters to begin with and taking it very steady to get back to normal running. 

  • Richard, do still think about running form a lot, although it feels more natural now. It's reignited my interest in running and actually find myself smiling like an idiot whilst out for my runs. Now running injury free for the first time in ages. Before Xmas, put in a couple of 50 mile weeks and no shin splints any more. Longest run in them has been 23 miles and obviously my legs ached at the end but no worse and perhaps less than in normal shoes.

    I'm a complete convert but my only worry is I'm doing the Thames path hundred in march, and should I run this in my new balance 110's.
  • Great points daeve/ Gee bee. ive found myself think about every stride. ill follow daeve advise on slowing up if i fatigue on my long run. great to read how much mileage you two can cover in minimal shoes. Gee bee maybe continue with your training and am sure you ll be ready, especially with the mileage you ve been hitting. daeve/ Gee bee how do you find going back to a traditional shoe ?
  • I have run in them for about 2 months. I'm thinking of trying out my old trail shoes incase I want a bit more protection for the final 50 miles of my next race.
  • I ran in a more traditional shoe today (Lunarglide+4) 8.75 miles - 3 miles off road - didn't really notice, though I've trained myself to mid/forefoot strike no matter the shoes (even do it in heavy leather hiking boots - don't ask, but did a 3 mile run boxing day in them!)

  • im going to focus all my running in minimus, ive got a 10k race in feb, a half marathon in may and nov. just hope i don't lose fitness, while im trying to settle into running minimal
  • Hi everyone,

      I know some of you may have read some of this before, but for those who have not, If any of you are planning to run the London Marathon in minimalist shoes and would be interested in taking part in a study regarding injuries in minimalsit footwear runners, for university college london, please contact us at or and more information can been sent to you.
    Ian Masri

  • Evening Ian ive not planned to run vlm this year, interested to read any research you gather. I will be running two half marathons chester and conwy. both will hopefully b in nb minimus shoes. im new to minimalist running, but want to focus all my training using minimus shoes.
  • I'm already in Ian.
  • Thanks again Gee Bee 2

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