shin splints

hi guys


about three months ago i started going to the gym 4/5 times a week in an attempt to loose some weight. over the three months my fitness has improved drasticly and have even managed to start running again (apout 4/5 k per time) i know this isnt a lot but i felt like i was getting some where (weight hasnt changed much but am starting to look a lot leaner) however i have been struck down with the worst case of shin splints ever. i have had to cut ALL running out and stick to really low impact there any advice that anyone can give me regarding these horrible things i remember in the army they were cause for medical discharge.


any advice welcome



  • Hi Stephen

    Youtube "toe tapping shinsplints"..It might look a bit daft doing the excercise but they worked for me and a few others on here .Shin splints are usually an overuse injury (too much too soon) ive made this mistake in the past and its easy too fall into that trap when fitness levels start increasing.

    In the meantime keep up the non impact stuff and ease back into running gradually.

    All the best mate

  • I have just started running and only able to run about 4 mins before my shins cramp up. What i am doing is running until they hurt then stopping and hopefully my shins with strengthen.

    Not sure I am doing the right thing but at the moment even after a 15 mins walk/run I am aching the next day. This shows i am totally unfit, dont use my body and I am glad I am doing something now, imagine how i would be in 5 or 10 years time if i didnt.

    Hope you get it sorted,

  • cheers guy

    At the moment i am willing to try anything lol so will check out the video.

    its shin splints for sure with me ive checked out other possibilities and luckly enough i dont get any pain else where.

    I did suffer with a slipped disk last year and narrowly avoided surgery.

    i am iceing my shins after any exercise as recomended but the biggest nightmare i am having is trainners ive been told to get really padded soles by one person then by another to get really basic trainers so i am almost running bare foot.

    do you guys have any experience in this very confusing department.

  • Get yourself to a running shop and have the experts analyse your running technique. They will advise you on the best type of running shoe for your style. The wrong trainers could easily have contributed to your shin splints so its important you get the right pair for you. Good luck

  • Once the pain/inflammation was cleared in my 'case' , I taped up the dodgy shin and got on to some soft ground. Heel striking on concrete too soon after recovery is asking for it. I was able to cross train without issue even with the anterior tibialis ballooned up. Just take care its not compartment syndrome or some other nasty
  • compartment syndrome????? sounds bad


    i intend to get over to the running wharehouse in sheffield as soon as the new year madness has subsided.


    cheers for everyones responce


  • just read up on compartment syndrome and its not that. its shin splints for sure thank god.


  • I used to get these quite badly myself. I have never been a regular runner until around 6 months ago, mostly treadmill warm-ups in the gym and the odd run on the road, and I always got them if I ran more than a couple of miles.

    Six months ago I started running more seriously, and have a 10k, half-marathon and a couple of sprint triathlons in the calendar next year. At first in training the dreaded shin-splints were always there, but now I seem to be able to avoid them. What's helped me, in no particular order, are:

    - shoes that are suitable for my gait (I need moderate support as my ankles tend to roll inwards)

    - building up distance gradually (sticking to the old rule: never increase distance more than 10% from one week to the next - either overall distance for the week, or the distance of the longest single run)

    - improved running technique. I (like many new runners) was running with a long, low-cadence stride, landing on my heel with my foot a long way forward of my centre of gravity. Now I run with faster cadence, land much closer to mid-foot, only slightly ahead of centre of gravity. There is also more knee bend, with my hamstrings called into action more.

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