30th Blaenafon Tri 12 May

Sunday 12 May 2013, it'll be the 30th year for this race, the longest continually held tri in the UK. Any more pirates coming to join us? We're half full already. Sorry Seren you've got to ditch the pull bouy image. Its a nice small, friendly event, might involve a couple of largish hills, but I've ordered the party cake to add to the post race buffetimage



  • I was thinking about this this morning whilst swimming...........If I alternated breast stroke with crawl.i think i might be able to manage the 800m............or maybe sneak in those buoyancy pants that i have heard about image

  • I'm already in.

    I'm definitely going to be down there for a recce!

  • Boooooo, I can't (sensibly) do this this year. image

    Do you need any extra marshalls Slugs, would love to be involved still?

  • alright..i seem to have pressed the enter button.......

  • Pingu I never say no to a willing volunteer. Disappointed you wont be racing, but yes please if you can help us out - have a race crew t-shirt to go with those race ones, and you deserve a piece of our cake.

     Glad to have you on board Seren I know you'll be OK on the swim. I'll try and pass on details of any bike course recce I hear of.

  • I'm in, it would be rude not to as this is pretty close image

  • Only 1/3 of the places still left. Filling up nicely. Dont wait too long to make up your mind.

  • For those who don't know the course, it's brutal and beautiful (the run is very off-road), you won't regret doing it.

  • I think I will have a tootall around the course after work one evening as one of my training rides, I think the start is around 5 miles from where I work so its ideal for me to go there straight after work.

  • BBT the bike course isn't the best for doing in the dark, particularly the Blaenafon climb, its a narrow, steep, twisting single track lane, and the Tal y Waun to Hafodrynys section (road surface), and given the recent wet weather there'll be quite a bit of debris on the road.

  • Ye no worries was going to wait a bit until is light until a little later.

  • BBT, give me a shout if you want some company, I live 5 miles from Pontypool.

  • i was thinking we could do the brynbach park run one saturday morning then do the bike course from there...can't be that far from the course can it

  • Let me know if you go around March and I'll come down!  It'll need to be then for me to get fit again!


  • Seren its about 12 miles from Tredegar to where you'd join the bike course in Bleanafon. You'd then do the old route, from when it was based in Bleanafon. So you'd do the two big climbs in the opposite order. It would certainly be a long (in time) ride, right round & back to Tredegar .

    NEWT will probably do a recce ride or 2 on a Sunday morning March/April. That would be open to you all. As soon as I know dates I'll post them up.



  • Last 10 places image

  • i am so struggling on hills at the moment.this is going to be a nightmareimage

  • Plenty of time Seren. When I used to race this I didn't start big hills till March/April

  • thinking of doing the route tomorrow if the weather is fine.......image

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    thinking of doing the route tomorrow if the weather is fine.......image

    The snow & Ice will have melted by then.image I hate those climbs so have only rarely rode any of the route except on race day. Always used the Tumble climb, Llanfoist to Bleanafon as my 'training' hill. Not quite as steep as the steepest bits on the course, but a nice constant gradient that just goes on & on & .......

  • I did the beginning of the first hard climb yesterday.  That's no hill.  That's a cliff.

    Slugs, I've done that one on a mountain bike but not my road bike yet.  Might venture up there next Sunday.

  • oh maybe i won't go northwards tomorrow image

  • Slugs, where's the steepest bit then, I always think it's a section on Oak lane, not long before you come out of the woody section onto the mountain bit.  I prefer the British to Oak lane!

  • Yes Pingu, thats the killer bit although there is a section a bit lower down when you're alongside the stream thats almost as bad.

    The worst bit about The British is the road surface & the way it just seems to stretch for ever upwards.

    DimTimTris wrote (see)

      That's a cliff. image

    Slugs, I've done that one on a mountain bike but not my road bike yet.  Might venture up there next Sunday.



  • We are now full. BUT there is a waiting list set up on EntryCentral and over the last few years I've gone through a list of 30+ reserves to ensure we have a full race. So if you want to race with us get your name down, I cant guarantee you a race but I'll do my best.

  • A couple of the NEWTs are intending to ride the bike course on Saturday  14 April. All welcome to join in. Meeting at the Pontypool Active Living Centre ready to leave at 11:00am.

    Pace is said to be 'steady' - we'll see!

    Hopefully the snow & ice on the top will be gone by then - no I'm not joking, the road was unrideable in a couple of spots last Friday evening!

  • saturday is the 13th isn't it

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    saturday is the 13th isn't it

    image Silly small calendar. Keeps catching me out. Sorry Seren yes Saturday 13th April

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