30th Blaenafon Tri 12 May



  • Hello.....me again..........


    aren't you glad that i have entered............re the swim....after a converstion on another thread it would appear that not all pool swims have lap counters........

    do you have people counting laps or do i have to start learning how to swim and set my garmin up for it.......

    I did actually swim yesterday without a pullbuoy to see if my breaststroke or crawl was easiest/ fastestimage

    thank you

  • Be nice to race with some other pirates!  Although ... I can't see me 'racing' those hills.

  • They've got 'counters' at the end of the lanes to count for you.  You get the 2 lengths to go warning.

    DimTimTris, you're lucky you know what's coming, I've seen quite a few people on the course who were a little, erm surprised the them hills!!

  • thank you Pingu........on eless thing to worry about and i did the distance in the pool yesterday without a pullbuoy......had to take a couple of rest breaks but I'M SURE WITH THE ADRENALINE ON THE DAY I WILL BE ABLE TO MANAGE IT IN ONE GOimage


    DTT,,,,it should be a good race.....

  • i would have receed the course on saturday with the newts but i need my legs for the 100 milers in hay on sunday if I am to keep up with Pingu and BBT.......

  • I would have done it too, but can't on Saturday. Hoping to do the Blorenge climb at least on Sunday morning. 

  • Do you fancy the Hay Sportive DTT?  There's a 35/65/100 mile options

  • I would but only have maybe 3 hours Sunday morning before family stuff!  Damn, wish I'd know about it, might have arranged something.  Hay ... that's going to be some hilly riding image

  • Yeah, it's billed as hilly, mentions something about might wanting to get off and walk at some points!!  Still, don't think it can be as hilly as Blaenavon image

  • There looks to be a nice 12 mile hill just before a nice decent into finish, should be fun image

  • This weather is horrendous


    i don't want to take my new bike out in the rain ass it has narroer tyre i believe and its new.................

    but it has better gears for me to tackle the hills and keep up so i will have to.....

    also thinking that i should fit the mudguard to it or i will get a wet back.......

    warm but wet is so awkward to dress for on the bikeimageimage

  • I'm not taking my good bike ... it's just cost me £189 to service so I aint taking it out in this weather!

  • my old bike just cost £200 service so everything is new on that as well..........

  • I only have one bike to choose from so I will be taking that one image . Do you think it will be ok to leave my aerobars on? I don't really want to move them.

    I always leave mine on my old bike.never taken them off.......as long as you don't use them in a group you are ok....


    I have only done 3 rides on my new bike...but I need the gears.....

     see you all just before 8 in the morning..better get my kit together and go to bedimage

  • Sorry Seren I haven't logged on here fora few days. Yes we do have lap counters in the pool, one on each lane. Hopefully they've been fully trained to count to 32 (I'm not allowed to try, I get lost above 6!) The more inteligent NEWTs get to do this.

    After 30 lengths you'll get a 2 laps to go board pushed in front of you. Ian & Natalie who control the swim for me are brilliant & the only ones to have done all 30 races!!!!!!

    Hope the Hay sportive went well, not the nicest of days to be out there. The NEWTS doing the course reccie bailed out at the bottom of the British. WIMPS!!!!

    PS The roads up there are not good - think I might have to send out a 'Pot Hole' map for everybody pre race day.

  • maybe someone cqan lend me a MTB to do the tri......

    Thanks slugs.....nice to know I just need to avoid drowning

  • A couple of NEWT members will be riding the bike course on Sunday , 28 April. They are meeting at the Leisure centre at 8:30.

    Both just want to try out the hills, dont expect a fast ride, but if you want to press ahead they wont be too bothered. Open invitation.

  • Just Seren playing at Pontypool in the morning I think. 30th & posiibly final edition of the UKs oldest continually held triathlon, is loaded in the car & is ready to roll.

    Good luck Seren, get that pesky swim thing out the way & then its pure fun all the way. See you in the morning.

  • I will be there, starting in the wave at 1. Weather looks like it might be wet image

  • I'm there too!  Starting at 11:30 so hopefully miss some of the rain on the bike.

  • DTT I'm starting at 11:30 as well.........say hello to me image


    Broke.My aim is to finish beforer you.....I will have an hour and a half head start...will that be enough


    I am realy scared of doing this now......really want to go back to bed

  • Wiil do Seren!  Weather changed overnight, now constant rain from 12:00.  Adds to the fun!

  • I think i had better make sure my back light is working on the bike if its windy and wet and misty on the mountain roads

  • Good luck guys!!

  • WOW....what a race.........I am knackered.........so many things went wrong for me so pleased to finish in one piece...........

    but the organisation was amazing and the marshalls to stand out in those conditions...brilliant.......

    so pleased taht i finally did it

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    T Rex jnr did this event.  His swimming and particularly bike are good but he has been struggling with his running.  He was very pleased to finish in 3:20-something and he didn't look particularly exhausted at the end.  If he sorts his running out I'm going to have some competition on my hands (in running events, that is - I don't do tris).


    Looked like everyone enjoyed themselves.

  • Great race.  Also great to meet Pingu, Seren, and BBT.  3:34, not bad for an old bloke!

  • Tough conditions out there yesterday, was glad to be marshalling poolside!

  • Knocked 25 seconds off my 400 pb time in the first 400 (6:20) and would have set a new pb for the second 400m if I hadn't of already set it in the first 400. No wonder I was absolutely knackered when I came out of the pool and just wanted to be sick, took a while to recover on the bike, the trouble is by the time I recovered the bloody hills started coming and coming.

    Hats off to all the marshalls, especially the ones up the top, absolutely horrible conditions up there.

    Great to meet you Tim and Slugs image

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