Equivalent to Nike Equalons

Hi all,

I feel a bit of a charlaton calling myself a runner! but I do need some help / advice as to what replacement shoes to buy.

I am 127KG, 6.4" and train solely in the gym - as such my trusty old Equalons have lasted slightly longer as I only do 3 to 4 miles a week on a treadmill.

But about 4 weeks ago I noticed a pain in the ball of my left foot - I put this down to the Equalons coming to the end of their life. As such I popped into my local sports direct and left with a shiny new pair of Dual Fusions. However, the pain was worse when running yesterday.

I do not believe there is enough support / cushioning in the Dual Fusion's and now doing my research I am confused between the Lunarglide+ 4 / Pegasus+ 29 / Structure+ 16.

As said, my local sports shop is Sports Direct and they are a little lost when I ask for advice - so I turn to you!

Thanks in advance



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