I do my running in the rain!

Don't look back, run as far as the eye can see. Embrace the rain with the wind wrapping around you like a blanket of energy. Giggle through the puddles and smile that nothing matters while you run. All your worries suddenly have answers and everything is not as bad as it seems. Wow what a wonderful moment in time a run can give you! Price less.... Thank you for sharing my run today along The Thames cross Kew bridge back over Chiswick Bridge to Ealing Common in London. Happy last day of 2012.


  • I love running in the rain, oh absolutely! It's beautiful. image

  • Me too, I absolutely revel in being totally soaking wet, splashing through puddles and shaking raindrops off my nose - my best ever half-marathon was run in pouring rain.

  • agreed, its by far my fav weather for running in, but not so much yesterday when it was 2 degrees, raining sideways and 30mph gusts of wind, that just sucked, warm/summer rain though and even in spring and autumn, is the best. i HATE running in hot sun

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