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  • Got to admit I'm glad not to be in the snow...although I did have to put a sweater on today.

    Good ankle news too!  Ran my 5k last night, reasonably hard and fast - was a bit achey afterwards but no ill effects this morning so physio says I can go up to 9k on Tuesday.  Hooray!

    Jude do you have strengthening exercises for the muscles that stabilise the knees?  (Apologies if you said you are doing that already). 

  • Well done Louise on your 5k

    Well done to your boy Jude you must be really proud of him.

    Just back from my longest ever run 15.5 hilly miles on the South Downs. image

  • well done Louise and AF

  • Well done AF on your longest run ever! imageYes, I'm very proud of my boy.image

    Louise - Good news about your ankle! You must be so pleased. I don't have strengthening exercises and I think that's what the problem is.  I haven't been running very much recently and I think I must have lost muscle tone, therefore joints are vulnerable.


  • Good one AF, especially the 'hilly' part!

  • Hiya

    I hope everyone is having a good Sunday.

    D.J, Im still thinking of you and your family.

    Louise, well done on your run. Glad things are improving.

    Jude we are snow free at the moment but it is coming later.

    Not much running for me today as have been on a course for running leaders. Well it was kind of a catch up really to refresh what we learned and to get some new ideas. I am looking forward to our Thurs sesh now as we have some new and fun activities planned.

  • well no snow here for us in Oxfordshire and a bit of a v crappy day BUT i have my new lappy sooooooooooooo let the fun begin with a nice pic for those of you have snow- this would certainly warm me up!!!



    me upimage

  • * tries not to dribble on keyboard*

  • LLB-No No and No. Can't we have some nice pictures of lades please? 

  • well done to all those who have run over the weekend-i havnt had chance to with lots of things to sort ( all very stressy unfortunately ) but all will come out in the wash as they say !! image

    i may try and grab a chance tomorrow if we dont get snow overnight. had a house viewer yesterday so that 2 interedted-god knows what i will do if it sells as i have nowhere to go! lol. image

    Franny sis i think us gals need to go out on the razz and have some drinkies to have a fabby night ou ( i must stay away from men though because i do still love my bfimage) can i collect my Xpole from you in May sis? i will have to make sure when i move house i find one with suitable ceilings to withstand the pole !!! eek!!

  • Alistair Fitzgerald wrote (see)

    LLB-No No and No. Can't we have some nice pictures of lades please? 




  • Erm, didn't the boss say lads?
  • Lades.  I took that to mean ladies, but with a slight mispelling.

  • Well done RR - Some more of those quality pictures please.

  • http://www.dreamstime.com/young-girl-friends-running-at-seaside.-thumb26767015.jpg

     Running partner?  Yes please... image






  • ah, loula, hope you are ok, a tough time

    by eck - well done on getting out for a run

  • RR-You have done a fine job this afternoon!  

  • hmmm boss im happy wiv my lotimage

  • Lovely photo Loula image

    AF - great run on and on those hills too!

    Well done Jude to your lad.

    And to everyone else who has been running. This throat infection is lasting a very long time image Haven't done anything since Tuesday. It's still painful but I feel slightly less 'ill' if that makes sense. Really need to do something tomorrow.

  • Yes Loula, much nicer pic than norty Road Runner has put up.

    Awwww Chilli, I really hope you feel 100% again soon.

    Well we have a tiny bit of snow.


  • Awwww,chili. Hope you get better soon. How is little chili?

    We have snow too. Miss by eck is still poorly so at least I don't have to do the school run. That's a mile each way and it's downhill there and properly uphill back.
  • chili - hope yuo get better soon

    by eck - hope miss by eck gets better soon

    snow here, and snowing as well, kids are hyper and it is going to be a long day with a difficult drive home!

  • Hi!

    Get well soon to Chili and Miss By'eck.

    At school........

    Gonna go to a language school tonight as they are desperate for teachers apparently.  Maybe, I could take an extra few hours at the weekend in preparation for escaping school teaching next year....

    BFN xx

  • good luck Jude

    snowing loads here, nearly break time - and the kids are not allowed to throw snowballs at all!! In the past they have been allowed on the field to play in the snow. Don't think it is going to work....

  • Jude - you work so hard, take care of yourself. Hope the class goes well.

    Thanks everyone. My daughter is all better and back to school. I'm feeling a bit brighter this morning and have just come back from a slow 3 miles. Simply couldn't cope with doing nothing for yet another day.

    We have a very light dusting of snow over the grass and trees, but nothing really on road or pavement although the forcast is for more later in the day.

    Byeck - hope your day isn't too stressful and that Little Miss is better soon.

  • chili.hope you are feeling better today? sore throats do seem to hang on dont they? :/

    hope the whole chili household diesnt succumb-seems to affect one by one and drags on for weeks lol

    jude, dont work too hard!! go play in the snow and have fun image

    byeck,hope missy is ok- maybe drs tomorrow if snow has cleared?

    we have a couple of inches-car was covered -snowing again here now but quite wet and icy -just hope it doesnt freeze. am nice n warm by the fire with a cuppa now-anyone want some? biccies?

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/thCA9E0IOP.jpg



  • Ooooo, yes please Lou!
  • its snowing heavy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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