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  • Morning,

    Chilli-What a great opportunity for your talented girls.Chilli I thnk Loula is dragging you down to her level. Rest up for your marathon.

    Franny-Enjoy the pampering and hope your headache goes.

    DJ-You are I are obvioulsy they only people with taste on this forum. 

    MC etc-Hope you get good GCSE results.

    A slow 5.4 mile run this morning a bit achey after 8.6 yesterday.

    Have a good day everyone.


  • wow chili - how wonderful, had a little tear in my reading that about your girls, it is so wonderful that someone sees something special in your children

    well, I am pleased with my year 10 results, although some of them are slightly disappointed at getting B grades instead of As, but I had to remind them they have another whole year to get that elusive grade A. It was nice to be at school, I spent a lot of time sorting out kids that hadn't got the grades for what they wanted to do! 

    we went for lunch with my parents at a posh pub nearby for my dad's birthday - I always find spending time with my mother a bit difficult as she winds me up, but they enjoy it and so do the kids so I just grin and bear it!!



  • woooooh...I just had to sit n read back-so much news!!!!!

    to our lovely DJ, I think that's a very sensible decision in light of your situation and as louise said training towards a specific date only adds pressure and starts to take the fun out of a thing you enjoy. doing the run for your 50th sounds a better deal to me!! we can celebrate woohooo!!!! oo itll be one of my milestone burfdees in 2015 tooimageimage

    Chilli, that's amazing news about your girlies! you must all be sooo excited *boingboing*....we all love our kiddies and think they are flabbiest but I agree its nice when someone comes and tells you that too.imagemiss LLB only asked me this morning if she could go to stage school after Alevelsimage....she loves her dance school and is is thinking of starting musical theatre in Sept as she loves singing too so we will see...watch this space....

    Hope you are resting this week for your Thames meander?!! hoe the weather stays good for you-I will be out running so will do some virtual miles with you and our Mattyimage

    Jude that sounds like a lovely trip you did- 3 hours one way isloooooooong I agree, but it sounds beautiful, dyu have any pics? will try n find some more pics of firemen with big axes..ahem

    MC, good your kiddies got good results and in a way encouraging that they wanted to improve on the B!!

    Boss...moi? leading people astray ??*looks around*..imageimageI think we are all being very very good.....image

    well I have a message from our dear Phantom!! hes fine, looking for a new job(maybe Milton Keynes) but not sure , hes doing run club still and im trying to persuade him to do a HM and a full maraimage he says hi and hopes you are all well!!

    franny sis , hope you have a lovely hols -have you seen my nail manicure post on FB? they are coooool. hoe you arnt coming down wiv cold :/ take it east on hols and rest and then you can look forward to  a good winter season with run club.

    I have volunteered to help on 2 aid stations at the Winter100 ultra in November with Centurion , am really looking forward to it and plan to take hot choc n marshmallows, ginger and whiskey cake and mince pies for my runners..maybe a tot of brandy? by the time they get to mile 70 they will be stonedimageimage

  • loula - what a lot of news! great to hear phantom is well

    I only had a salad at lunch but still feel full up! The kids are full too so just toast for us for tea - no cookingimage


  • Loula - thanks for passing on the news about Phantom. It's good to hear that he's OK and still running. Sounds like the ultra runners are gonna be treated to some goodies! yummy!

    MC - well done on getting your students through their GCSEs with good results!

    Just a swim for me today: 70 slow lengths.

    The village we visited was very picturesque and the stuffed pancakes were yummy. I had spicy aubergine, my parents had cheese and kids and hubby had mincemeat.

    No news from niece yet......



  • Well done on your youngsters and their exams, MC. Spoke to one of my year10 youth group today and he did amazing well. Got two A* plus another A and a couple of B's. Got 100% in one chemistry paper! image

    Jude - sounds a lovely day

    Hi Loula! I'm 40 in 2015 so a big year for me too! Which marathon are you doing DJ? Maybe we could come and join you image

    Thanks for all your lovely comments. We shared the news with the girls this morning at breakfast and they were over the moon. Kept saying it was Fame School books come true! lol!

    Am resting now, but did have just taken my townie youth group for a night time walk through a nearby wood. Three of them brought torch apps on their mobile phone image

  • chili - wow, well done to your youth! The walk sounds like fun.

    Bet your girls are all so excited! 

  • Hi all!

    Chili - nice to have a walk in the dark in a wood. Oooooooh!

    Niece got 11 GCSEs. Mix of As, Bs and Cs. Very happy for her. image 

    Had an earthquake here the other day - forgot to mention it! Only 4.1 so no damage done but a bit unnerving.

    Just back from breakfast up the mountain. It was a very pleasant 16C where we stopped which wasn't at the top. Back down to higher temps now.

    Planning a run this evening while kids are swimming and going to mil and sil tonight for evening meal.

    BFN x

  • Hello All image

    Nice to see everyone is well and checking in to crac towers. Just thought I'd share tomorrows weather report for the Thames Meander... should be interesting! image



  • Matt!!!! Great to hear from you and that you are well and able to run with chili tomorrow - weather not that bad, at least you won't be far too hot! Have a great run tomorrow

    just back from bike ride and cafe stop with the kids, very humid out there. It is nice to get out on the bikes with them

  • Afternoon all.  Chili what great news for your children! 

    I managed 15 miles this morning.  Had to give myself a stern talking to around mile 10 when the thought of stopping seemed very attractive, but managed to get back on track.  Also then managed NOT to go for the almond croissant since I have a few left over holiday wobbly bits to deal with. 

    Got to finish tidying the house, brother and family joining me for the weekend.  The big pit outside my front door is now concreted and ready for painting, and almost everything else finished in the house so it is just about fit for guests.


  • Matt - Good Luck for tomorrow! Enjoy! (Hope you don't get struck by lightening!!!image

    Louise - well done on your 15 miles! Have a lovely weekend with family.

  • Matt & Chilli-Enjoy tomorrow and hope the weather isn't too awful. I don't mind the odd showers  but constant rain isn't fun.Chilli- 40 is so young! 

    Louise-Well done on your 15 miler- you showed strength by carrying on after those inner deamons turned up!  

    MC-Pleased you had a ncie bike ride with the kids.

    Jude-Well done on your 70 lengths. Really impressive. What's mil & sil?

    6.5 mile club run this morning- warm out there now.

  • Good Luck to Chilli and Matt...have a fantastic run both of you and enjoy

    Chili..I think its Brighton that's Deejay is doing ??

    I am working over the weekend image but  then off yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Loula...say hi to our phantom..nope haven't seen your nail thing on FB...

    Well done to everyone who has been out running/cycling /swimming and galavanting image

    Have a good weekend

  • Matt- LOL to your weather ! Cloud, sun, cloud, rain,cloud, sun, and so on !!

  • It's so humid I think you may be glad of a rain shower or two'! 

  • very humid, went for a little run this evening and it was very muggy. 

    chili and Matt - have a great day tomorrow and chili have a lovely holiday

    AF - I think mil and sil are mother in law and sister in law

  • Louise - I'm just as impressed at you will power to resist the almond croissant as I am the 15 miles!

    Mmmm, great temp for tomorrow, just hope we don't get too soaked!

    *Boing! Boing! Boing!* I'm a bit excited image

  • Good Luck to our CRAC runners Chili and Matt! You'll be brill as usual I'm sure! Hope the weather is kind and enjoy!!

    AF - yep, mil and sil: mother-in-law and sister-in-law. They did a very nice spread. Lots of salads including artichoke and aubergines plus a BBQ with meatballs, chicken and mackerel. Yummy! Bil and his family came too so it was quite a gathering.

    Franny - Take it easy at work ...not long till you are on your holiday!

    Just the normal 4.5 mles this afternoon while kids were swimming. I felt really comfortable though and was thinking of doing a couple more miles when I came across a little boy crying as loud as he could. He had lost his mummy so I felt obliged to stop and help him find her. That was my good deed for the day!image




                    GO CRAC TEAM GO GO GO


    .image.........................ENJOY YOUR 26.2 MILES...................image

    Now better get to work

    Have a good day folks

  • good luck to chili and matt - have a great day

    off swimming soon

    have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyoneimage

  • Is it bank holiday weekend? I'm back to work on Mondayimage and parents are still here for another week so I hope kids don't drive them crazy!! Hubby is hunting quails this weekend. (But he probably won't hit anything.)

    Just back from kids swimming and a 6 miler for me. Gonna have a concert this evening for the grandparents and they are keen to join in too!image 

    Have a good day! x


  • GOOD LUCK CHILI AND MATTimageimageHave a good day meandering.

    Did 4 miles last night.Again a little quicker than my last run on this route,so i'm slowly improving.It was very muggy and sticky.

    The marathon i am running is Brighton.It takes place in April 2015,the week before the London marathon.Entries will open on the Monday after next years event.If anyone wants to run as well it would be cool.It's a really good event.It has the feel of a big city marathon,but without the huge numbers.The crowds along most of the route are really good,and it's a great location.There is a really good Expo on the Saturday in the conference centre which is where you collect your chip and number.When i ran last time,Steve Cram and Liz McColgan were among the guest speakers.

  • Morning,

    Good luck Chilli & Matt

    DJ-Brighton is a great Marathon- although rediculously expensive to enter. The crowds this year were amazing an experience I will never forget- despite the disappointment of my time!!!  May get a charity place fro 2014 and quite likely to do it again in 2015.

    MC-Enjoy the swimming.

    Jude-Shame you have to work on monday.Well done on your run.

    Miserable weather today. Race tomorrow Arundel Castle 10k- if I can get in as need to enter on the day.

  • Chili and Matt are well I hope, just to update you on rocker , he's gone through CP2 ok , weather a tad grey and dull and a wet start , will pop in again later to update his progress image

  • oh go rocker!!

  • Hi Everyone

    And thanks so much for your good luck wishes. It was a great day.

    The race started at 9.30am and it only takes an hour and half to get there so we left at 7am. The race HQ was in a private school just in Richmond London and very well set up. Nice numbers, good registration great hall, dining room, changing facilities etc. Met up with Matt and we got ready... after I had been to the loo twice image

    The half and full marathon both set off together. One couple was wearing Pirate colours so I went over to talk to them. The wife was running the full marathon with her 9mth old in a pushchair image Total respect to her. There were several members of the 100 marathon club including the blind runner we met at Abingdon.

    Couldn't hear the annoucements but did hear the horn and we were off. Along a private road and into Richmond Park. It was beautiful, made stunning when we saw 5 red dear (I think) stags each with a full rack of antlers image

    About 3 miles through the park and then dropped down to the Thames. The rest of the way was along the Thames path and it was lovely. Off road, flat and lovely. I talked non-stop image Neither of us had garmins and we there were no mile markers. We were a bit worried at the 6/7 mile aid station that we were behind time, but we were feeling pretty good. At the 10mile aid station we had picked up the pace a bit.

    Nearing the halfway turn round point we passed Putney Pier were a boatload of very noisy Arsenal Supporters were just embarking under the watchful eye of the police. This was the only busy bit and we had to cross a main pedestrian bridge to make the aid station at the turn around. Our time was 2hrs 17 mins and we were feeling good. image

  • Obviously the second half was tougher but we kept up a really good pace. Until then the weather had been slight drizzle, which was quite nice really cos it kept us cool. But at about 16miles the heavens opened and it hammered down. We were soaked through. Not cold but dripping wet and shoes filled with water. The downpour continued the rest of the way.

    We were doing really well and keeping up a great pace until the last check point at 23 miles. Our time was exactly 4hrs, which meant if we could keep our pace we could finish in 4hrs 30. But we didn't. Hubby and girls were there to cheer us on and my Big Girl decided to join us for the run back through Richmond park. The problem was that this was the only up-hill bit. And right at the end! image Matt dropped behind and when I stopped to wait for him he yelled at me to continue and get my PB. I tried, but it was tough and although my daughter was there talking constantly, it didn't feel right without my running buddy.

    On the way back we saw the red deer does and the stags again. Then we were back out into the private road and nearly finished. My Big Girl stopped at the gate I ran through to the screaming of Hubby and other children (who had dashed up in the car to see me in).

    My time was 4hrs 38 mins a PB of 17 mins. image

    I'm really pleased. I trained well for this marathon and I ran it well. It was very enjoyable despite the rain. But I know I can do 4hrs 30... might try again next year.

  • Erm... what Chili said! image

    I agree, Chili trained well for this it was obvious at the end. She was still going well!

    It sort of lifted the tough times when it hammered down with rain, just as we were going through a tight path with high bushes on each side. You couldn't get wetter. I stopped caring about skirting the puddles or dodging the small branches!

    The official times were Chili at 04:37:53 and me at 04:41:35. image

    Thanks for the support all image

    Wonder how our Rocker is getting on...

  • chili - massive well done, what a massive PB. Hope Matt finished ok. Have a great holiday

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