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  • Morning all

    Chilli Hope you have a nice time in Berlin.Shame your not running in the marathon. Hope your massage was good.

    MC well done on your 4 miles yesterday. I am finding running tough at the moment due to my hormones being all over the place and not sleeping properly..just lacking so much energy but not giving into it.

    Jude hope parents evening went well.

    AF How are your speedy legs today?

    Hi everyone else..its raining and foggy here again image

    6 tempo miles done today image supposed to be doing a 10k race on Sunday but with no actual proper training and the way I am feeling I may not run or if I do just go for the fun of it and see where I am at fitness and speedwise image


  • Franny-My legs are recovering nicely. Am away this weekend otherwise I would have entered out local 1/2 marathon. Well done on your 6 miler. Do your race for fun.Will do a 5-6 miler tomorrow and similar on Friday. Then ratch up the miles next week.

    MC-Well done on your 4 miler.

    Chilli-Enjoy your sports massage.

    Bye for now,,,

  • franny - do the race for fun, just enjoy and don't worry about times

  • Thread easier to lcate today.

    A slow 6.6 mile run this morning...still a bit achey.

    Having a light week this week of just 3 runs as away for the weekend. Then refocus onto traing for my next marathon.

  • Morning all

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy can find Crac towers much easier again.

    AF.Enjoy your weekend away.Where you off to ?

    A gym morning for me and will have a short run with Chico when we are out his walk this afternoon. Going to build his running up gradually so as he can come out with me sometimes and means I can double up walks and runs.

    Beautiful day here today.Bright and sunny but a tad chilly

  • We are off to Oxford for the weekend.Our next trip away is to hopefully to Edinburgh in late May to celebrate my big 50. Will probably arrive the day after the Edinburgh Marathon as don't want to be tempted!!!

    Enjoy the Gym and run with Chicho.

  • Nice AF enjoy..you could always run the half with me and get me a super duper PB...lol..I am not doing the full one next year.image

  • Franny-The 1/2 may be tempting!! 

  • Hi folks!

    AF - Enjoy your weekend away!

    Franny - I'd just do the race for fun if it was me.  We have so few races here that I get soo incredibly nervous and excited, I would really just love to race with no pressure at all!

    Chili  - You must be there by now.... hope you are having fun!

    Well, I did my normal 70 lengths at the pool yesterday and followed a plan from the swim4fitness website for the first 32 lengths which gave it some focus. I was feeling pleased with myself until my daughter came back from her training session and said she had had a timed 30 minute session in which she had swum 2km......( more than twice as first as me.) and then had gone on to do another 1 hour's swimming.image

    Anyway, it was 33C here today. I was gonna try and run when I got home from school but its the first evening I've been home by 6pm this week so I've conked out on the sofa instead.image Hope you are all being more committed than me, lol.image 


  • Well, it looks like I've frightened everybody away....image

    Just got back from a swim. Soooo glad it's Friday.

    Hope you are all OK.


  • hi everyone

    AF - have a great weekend

    Jude - well done on your swimming, don't compare yourself to your fishlike daughter! 

    had a good run this morning and swim session last night

    youngest son packed off to cub camp and relaxing now, probably have an early night and I will attempt to run the whole of parkrun tomorrow before swimming again. I am determined to get better at swimmingimage

  • I watched this tonight and thought I would share it with you all.  Very touching story about a boy who wanted his brother to run too.  image  http://www.news9.com/story/23543509/young-boy-reaches-out-to-news-9-for-help?fb_comment_id=fbc_578204085580397_4921052_578227588911380&autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9352485

  • HI Mrchili - hope you are not missing chili too much!

    house is very quiet with only one child in! I don't regret having the second - he is truly a fantastic kid, but I hate the arguing and bickering that goes on!

    off to parkrun this morning (was very tempted to stay in bed!) then swimming

  • Mrchili - that just brought a tear to my eye - haven't watched the video yet (someone in the room is watching the Simpsons) but just reading the kid's letter. Will catch up on the video when I am alone!

  • Morning

    Beautiful day here in Edinburgh image

    Mr Chill...what a lovely video image

    I did an 8 mile club run yesterday so resting up today ahead of my hillyish 10k tomorrow afternoon.

    Bad news about Fionna from my club who qualified last week for team GB..she has badly injured herself and has been diagnosed with anterior compartment syndrome. V serious and not allowed to run for about 3 to 4 mths. Such a shame after her amazing achievement last week but running around a track for 24 hrs is just really stupid. Surely organisers for Team GB should b able to come up with better qualifying races image

    MC Hope parkrun was good this morning

    Jude Don't compare yourself to your daughters.you are much better at swimming than me any day.

    Have a good day everyone



  • oh franny that is bad news about Fiona

    parkrun was good, managed to run almost all of ot - just walked twice for about 90seconds each so happy with that, then had a fantastic swim and a nice quiet afternoon

  • MC - well done on your park run! So good you were able to run most of it.

    Franny - Good luck for your 10 K. Enjoy!!

    Mr Chili - gonna watch now.

    I did a 9 miler yesterday while kids were swimming. Then in the afternoon, swimming pool owed me a session due to the cancellation of one of mine the week before last, so I went with daughter for 40 minute swim. 

    Legs are tired this morning but kids are going training again so I'm off for another run.image

    Have a good one everybody!

  • morning all

    my legs are tired too, but going to go out on the mountain bike with eldest son - get him away from the video games!

  • Hello everyone * Sneaks in *

    Aw Franny !! I can't believe tht abt Fiona ! Poor thing - I'd do my nut if I couldn't run for tht long image hope she keeps her spirit up. How did 10k go today ??!
  • eveningimage

    had a good ride with eldest son, then lots of washing because youngest came back from scout camp. Good swim this evening too

    Loula - how are you???

    franny - hope the 10k went well

  • Morning all

    The organizers were not kidding when they said that this 10k was a challenging event . It certainly was a very hilly challenging 10k which was a mix of trail and road and was very narrow at parts so quite congested .And the fact that I did not train for this reflects in my slowest 10k time ever of 58 mins....lol The weather was very very hot also  which really does not agree with me and not sure if I like doing an event that starts in the afternoon. However I will return next year to do justice to my time image

    Hope everyone has had a good weekend.



  • Morning image

    Franny your slowest time rather resembles my fastest....I'm with you on preferring to start early morning though.  Getting food right any other time is a challenge.

    I've been quite good again this week - about 9.5 miles Friday, Hills session Saturday, and twice around Richmond Park yesterday (about 14 miles, a bit hilly).  30 minute recovery run and gym this morning.  I really need to enter something, I have no idea how I am doing!

    Saw a very nice physio about my stiff ankle, which she says is indirectly causing the pelvic pain.

    Jude, it sounds like the training is going pretty well, swimming and running - thinking of entering a Tri event? 

  • Well done Franny! That certainly sounded a tough one.  Well done for surviving!

    MC - well done on your bike ride and swim.

    A very tired 8 miles for me yesterday...but beautiful weather.image Hope it lasts until my holiday in 2 weeks.  Getting excited now...

    toodle pip


  • Oh and I baked again....date and apple flapjacks.  Requiring vast amounts of butter and sugar in a cholesterol fest.  I had to give them away before I ate them all.

  • Louise Your training seems to be going very well image yeah enter something soon as you may be surprised at how well you are doing. You have certainly put the work in image date and apple flapjacks sound delish

    Jude Your running and swimming are coming along nicely too.well done image Are you away somewhere on hols or is it just time off ???? Hope the weather stays good for you.

  • Louise - gosh well done on all your training at the weekend! Flapjacks sound yummy - I love them and its absolutely ages since I had one.  I may have to attempt to make some myself image

    Franny - it's a religious holiday that luckily falls on Tuesday-Friday so we'll have the whole week off school.  We are driving to Greece and getting a ferry across to the Greek island of Thassos.  Just a 5 day break but we didn't go away in the summer so we are all looking forward to it.

  • franny - well done on your 10kimage

    Louise I like the sound of those flapjacks

    Jude - ohh, that sounds nice have a lovely time

    busy day at school and when I left the road was shut, got home to find out one of the kids from school was knocked over - hit and run which is awful. Just hope she will be ok, and that they find the guy that did it

  • MC - Any news about the student from your school? I do hope she is OK...

  • Hi Everyone, I'm home! image

    It's awfully quiet in here, but lovely to read bits of news. Well done on your 10k Franny.

    I've had a wonderful holiday. First time away on my own and it was wonderful to spend time with my brother and his lovely girlfriend. They started running 4 weeks ago and so on Saturday morning we did the Berlin Marathon Breakfast run of 6k. They had 8 elite runners who had set world records in Berlin over the years at the start. So I waved to Haile image The run was 6k and they restricted the speed with vehicles so no one could race. Was a fantastically fun run with everyone smiling and cheering. For my brother's girlfriend it was her furthest run so she was really proud of herself. It ended in the Berlin Olympic Stadium followed by a free breakfast. I think they estimate about 10,000 runners.

    We cycled everywhere, watched part of the inline skating marathon. And then on the Sunday we watched the elites set off at 8.45am. The halfway point was at the bottom of the road where my brother lives, so we then went out to cheer them through. Then back home again to watch them finish and set a new world record!

    Then cycled into the city and watched everything finish through the Brandenburg Gate. Was so much fun!

    Then yesterday I ran with my brother. He wanted to do 5k in just under 30mins so I paced him for that. 

    Home now. Is very lovely to have hugs and kisses from my hubby and girls. I have missed them, but not the noise!

  • chili - that sounds like a great weekend. Wow, a free breakfast for all those runners

    Jude - no news from school, I am hoping there is good news when I get back to school tomorrow (have been on strike today)

    been feeling shattered all day so have had a day off, but did visit a new running shop in Nottingham, got some winter gear - under armour cold gear tights and a top, I am ready for cold weatherimage and they gave me a 20% discount which was nice - there was a voucher in the local paper yesterday but I couldn't find a paper anywhere, so they gave me the discount anywayimage that's the way to get repeat custom!

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