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  • Ooooo, exciting. I hope Mr by eck doesnt get stuck in London

    I have a running question (does anyone remember that word?)

    There is a new running group being set up where we live. It's aimed at new runners and uses a local field I often do some work on. There are 3 different distances they are marking -1km, 1.5km and 2.25km. The group runs once a month but the markers will be staying up (its not difficult anyway). I thought it would be a good way of encouraging Mr by eck and little miss to join me. My question is - what distance do I pick. Miss by eck can run 5km with encouragement snd a little walking support in 35 minutes. I know I will need to pace them both so tips on that would be appreciated
  • go for the kill-2.25km

  • Afternoon,

    Flying visit...a light dusting of snow in Sussex nothing to cause problems.

    byeck-Yes 2.25 k which is a managable 1.5 miles.

    Achey after yesterday so resting. Run tomorrow morning.

    Bye for now. 


  • we are melting now i think.image

  • ooo i thought you had some last week

  • Awwwwww did I miss the crumpets and Hot Choc.

    Lots of snow this morning but its all slushy now. Made walking to work very difficult and I ended up being a bit late.

    By Eck, I agree with the others to go for the biggest one.

  • No snow in Dubai....but it's windy.  Did an hour on the bike and it was VERY hard work.  Glad you are on the mend Chili.


  • lots of snow here, roads are awful but I am home now and not moving till tomorrow!

    by eck - go for the 2.25k, maybe miss by eck can see if she can beat her dad?

  • Louise, do you cycle outside? or in a gym?

    We had over 2hrs of snow and girls are playing in it but it is already melting away.

  • I ran. image

    Not entirely ache-free but not too bad.  Did about two and a half miles.  New experience running while snow was falling. image

  • well done RR

    my knee is feeling good today so no bad effects from yesterday's 7 milerimage

    not going to risk running in the ice/snow tomorrow and going to turbo instead in the morning and hopefully be able to get on a treadmill in the gym tomorrow. Really can't risk falling on the ice!

  • Yeah, I won't be going out there if there's actually snow on the ground - first off, my shoes aren't designed for that weather and secondly, my knee wouldn't like a collision with icy concrete.image

    Might reintroduce HIIT tomorrow on the exercise bike.

  • RR - if you fancy some hard cycing training for the exercise bike you could try these:


    they are downloads, not too expensive and I am a little addicted to them!

  • Interesting, might check 'em out. image


  • Well, the English course I went to is desperate for a teacher but it's right on the other side of the city so I think it's not worth travelling there just for an hour's lesson - half my pay would go on petrol.  They seemed really nice though so I'm gonna keep in contact for when/if I give up working in schools and maybe I could get some longer hours there.

    Don't take any risks in the snow, guys! Have a good evening. xx

  • Mornin' all.

    Chili, I cycle outside at a cycle track - want to do that while I am still here in Dubai with reliable weather.  When I move to London 'spect I'll be doing a spinning class or similar (and have to convert from kilometres to miles...).  It's mainly recreation / cross-training for me, I'm scared of cleats and cars image

    Well done RR and mathschick for getting out in the snow, knees and all! 

    I am due a 9k run on jogging track this evening.  Still doing the icing and physio strengthening exercises, which are really paying off.  I expect rock hard hamstrings and peroneals.  Might be a bit scary image.


  • morning everyone

    ice is terrible here today so it will be the gym for me later

    take everyone

  • Morning. I'm going back to bed.
  • Morning

    Whats up By Eck?

    Morning Mathschick.

    Its very frosty here today. I will run later if the ice has gone. No more snow yet though.

  • Anastasia woke with a nosebleed so I've had to change her bed, and wash down the walls where she went looking for her lamp switch. I think it's caused by the pressure in her sinuses.

    Moo still isn't drinking ihis milk. I spoke to a forumite last night who is a dietitian. She reassured me that I'm doing all I can, and has given me some alternatives to ask about
  • Ah Byeck, that sounds rough. Poor girl. Hope you manage a nap.

    Pretty icey here. Slipped and slided walking the girls to school this morning so won't be running until it melts. Ice patches on the road so not keen on cycling until those go either. Might have to go swimming later instead (although sore throats and swimming don't really go together image)

    Hope everyone has a good day though. There will be soup served in CRAC towers for lunch. Lentil and tomato and cock-a-leekie (cos I'm practising for Burns night) with homemade  wheaten bread. Followed by apple pie. image

  • Morning

    Aw By,eck ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((big huggies to you)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))0

    Deejay...thinking of you xxx

    Chili....glad your feeling better and hope the sore throat goes soon. well don eon your 3 miler.

    AF...well done on your 15.5 hilly miles...image

    Louise...good luck with the 9k.

    No snow here well only on the hills....7.25 miles for me this morning.

    waves to everyone in CRAC towers....speak later as off to the docs now for one of them unpleasant experiences that only us ladies have to suffer.image

    Loula sis....I haven't got the extra pole as I originally thought...I must have given it to someone when we stopped doing the lessons and parties....the only other one i have is in one piece and am not sure you would be allowed that on the plane...LOL image

  • Morning,

    byeck-Hope the day gets better for you.

    Chilli-Good to here that you are feeling better & well done on getting out for a 3 miler.

    Franny-Well done on your 7.25 miler in the hills- what's your next race?

    Louise-Enjoy your 9k- you never said what you were doing out in Dubai?

    Loula-How's life with you at the moment? Hope you have sorted out some accomodation.

    9.3 miles for me this morning- no snow or slush a little chilli and some icy bits,but, a nice run although a little achey after Sunday.

  • by eck - hope you get some rest

    boss & franny - well done on your runs

    chili - wise to stay away from the bike in the ice. Well done on your run too.

    mmm, those soups sound good


  • Afternoon image

    Well done on your chilly,icy 9.3 miles AF.....my next race is a 10 mile ladies race at the beginning of March image never done a 10 mile race before so it will be a PB regardless though hoping to do around 1.20- 1.25.The timing of it is perfect too and fits in with my marathon schedule.

    MC...hope the kids aren't driving you too mad at school

    Got snowed on whilst walking with Chico.

  • By'eck - get well to Anastasia.

    Well done to those who have managed a run today or any other form of exercise!

    Just back from school and had supper (vegetable stew with lots of homegrown pumpkin and peppers, made by hubby). Piano lesson tonight after a 2 week break.

    Knee feeling great.  Might even get out for a run on Sunday.

    BFN xx

  • Good news on the knee Jude.  And on the dinner actually....

    AF I have been living and working here for a couple of years, but due to go back to UK early April.  Didn't used ot run when I lived there before so I'll have some weather-adjustments to make - I'm used to training in hot and humid conditions and harldy ever any rain.  No wet weather kit either, as I discovered at the Marlow half marathon last year.

    Managed my 9k.  Did it as a tempo run and averaged 6min per k which is not bad for me image.  Foot in preventative ice-bucket now.

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