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  • Hi Mathschick, I should be able to say soon. I hope all is okay with you.

  • I am fine ecky, but despite being old enough to know better my kids were both up and making noise at 6 this morning, so I am tired and grumpy - I should have just gone out for a run but felt too tired really

  • Morning!

    Good luck Chili - and mostly, have loads of fun. 

    Jude, hope the injury settles down in time.

    I've been working at my shoulder physio exercises - really seems to be paying off so I am feeling optimistic.  I already have noticeably better range of movement so looks like surgery not necessary (hooray).

    Had a really awful hill training session yesterday though, crashed out of it feeling like lead.  No idea why, just seems like general fatigue so resting today. 

  • They don't seem to get better with age do they. All I seem to be saying lately is that mine are old enough to know better.

    Hi Louise, I hope you manage to avoid surgery, keep positive image sorry to hear you had a bad run though, hope you manage to get some rest.

  • Afternoon,

    Hope Chilli si doing ok and not getting blown about! Still not sure what race she is doing!

    Thanks for peoples support.The Beechy Head Marthon was the hardest thing I have ever done,but, the scenary was stunning and it was dry- but very windy!! Had a great day out with three members of my club & pleased to finish my 4th maarthon of the year. My time of 5.05 was a bit slower than I would like,but, that did include a stop for a cup of tea and a susage rolll!!!!!  


  • Well done AF! That is fantastic! Wow image

    I did it! finished the Stort 30 but it wasn't pretty. Here is my race report.

  • I booked and place and trained for the Outlaw Half at the beginning of June but had to pull out due to some gyne problems and a hospital procedure. Was gutted. But managed the problems through the summer, trained really well and ran the Thames Meander Marathon in a PB of 4hrs 38.

    So decided to keep up my training in order to run the Stort 30 today. Unfortunately when I was out doing a last 3mile run on Fri my health issues flared up. Yesterday was horrendous; the worst it has ever been. Usually an episode lasts 24hrs so I was hopefully everything would be under control and although not at my best I would finish the ultra.

    Last night I did get some sleep, but I woke at 5.45am with no change in my condition. This had now lasted 36hrs. Did I pull out of my run? Or ignore the problem and hope it would go away in the next 3hrs. I decided on the later. Got dressed, woke the family up, had breakfast.

    At 6.30am my hubby drove me and No.2 daughter to Rocker/Liz who were also running/supporting. It was pouring with rain. However by the time we got to the event the sky was blue and sun was shining. By 9am my condition had improved and I decided to run! image

    Started at the back and soon made friends with a lady who was doing her first ultra hoped to complete in 6hrs. The route was lovely along the River Stort. The wind was horrendous and the first half was slippy horrible mud. By 3 miles having warmed up I could tell I was only running on half power, but I was keeping a good pace and decided that if I got to the half way turn around point by 3hrs I would continue.

  • As I ran into the aid station at 2hrs 56mins my gorgeous daughter came running to meet me. She got me squash and re-filled my water bottle. Was lovely to see her and I took stock. I was weak but still keeping the pace. I hadn’t been eating enough and was struggling to swallow food, but I had been drinking huge amounts of fluid. Worryingly so, so I started eating crisps to up my salt intake.

    I set off back with my new friend but as I reached 20 miles I began to struggle. I hit the 4hr mark, but realised I had very little left to give. My hands were swollen and my insides hurt with the jarring run. The effort was making my head pound and my eyes go funny. I have hit the wall once before and knew it wasn’t that bad, and also knew I didn’t want to run myself into that state.

    So I changed tactics. I can walk quite fast and although the mud was awful (there were several casualties) I decided to mostly walk the last 9 miles. I told my running partner to go ahead and I got into a smooth rhythm. One lady coming up behind me was in tears as she passed – she’d had me in her sights for 45mins but my walk was nearly as fast as her run. It rained, got soaked, got cold, rain stopped.

    As I entered the town I made a huge effort to run the last 400m. My daughter was there and came to hold my hand and run me around the field and into the finish. The 30miles had taken me 6hr 30 mins.

    Yes, i am terribly disappointed in myself for walking so much and taking so long. On the other hand I am quite simply amazed that I finished it. The medal and t-shirt are beautiful. I am starving hungry and need to recover cos tomorrow morning I am leading a holiday club for 70 children.

    Have decided not to book any long distance events until after I have had my operation.

  • Oh Chilli, you are just amazing and I don't want to hear the disappointed word come out of your mouth. I am so proud of you for not only completing and Ultra but with health issues too. Inspirational? you betcha.

  • chili - I have said it on the tri thread, and I will say it here, that is an amazing ultra you have completed and you should be proud of yourself

  • Chili - that is so fantastic.  Hats off to you having the determination to finish.  How lovely to see your daughter at the end like that.  Ecky's right, inspirational.

  • Morning

    I hope the wind destruction has missed you all. We don't seem to have had it yet in the midlands so going shopping early just in case.


  • Blustery but no damage.  Sun is out now image.  I really should have gone for a run and not wimped out...


  • Hi Louise, yes sun is out here now. I managed a little plod after shopping and it was okay. I am just so happy because for the first time in ages I actually had the urge to go and run. Mojo has come back into the building image

  • Chilli you are a star well done and a great achievement.

    Not that bad weather wise down in Sussex and the sun is out.

    No running for the 2nd day,but, faiirly ache free so will knock out a few miles tomorrow. 

  • Wow! Well done Chili on your first Ultra! Superb performance! Good luck with the holiday club.  Hope you have some help.

    Hi everybody else. I'm at school today but we have the day off tomorrow because it's Republic Day. Yippee! 

    Giving the old leg a rest and trying to get rid of the dodgy calf pain.  Swimming on Wednesday evening and hoping leg will be better for Thursday in the fitness room.(swimming doesn't hurt at all!)

    Have a good day everybody.

  • Evening everyone, and thank you for your kind words.

    Not aching very much. Bit of a sore right knee, but otherwise I am fine and quite happily bounced along with the kids this morning. Mind you, it was a challenging day cos our electricity went out! And to re-arrange the plan but went ahead and had a great day.

    Loads of damage through our neighbourhood and town though.

    Jude - enjoy your day off tomorrow.

  • storm wasn't bad here at all, just rain this morning but we didn't get the high winds - yesterday afternoon was worse than this morning

    chili - you did well today with the kids club, you must be so tired!

    Jude - enjoy your day off

    I was back to school after half term today

  • so this week is  busy for me, but managed a turbo on MOnday and a run yesterday, haivng a day off today though

    hope everyone else is ok

  • 6.6 miles yesterday and 7.2 miles this morning. 5-6 tomorrow morning and have a 10k race on Sunday.

    Hope everyone is ok?


  • AF - good to hear that you are all recovered and racing again so soon!

    My week is rather manic, what with running the club, feeding 7 young adults + looking after my family. So I'm not running again until parkrun on Saturday. But I have feeling embaressingly ache free. In fact I haven't really suffered from the 30 miles at all! Either the amount of walking I did mad eit easy, or I trained really well!

    Well done MC. Are you still on school hols?

  • No, back at work this week and it is manic as ever

    good to hear you are ok after the ultra

  • Morning all!

    MC and Chili - Hope you find some calmness in your busy week.

    AF - well done on all your runs and good luck for your 10K.

    Just checking in to say hi. Swimming last night and fitness room this evening.  Am hoping not to pull my calf again.

    Have a good day all! x

  • Hi everyone.  Chili, glad to hear all is well image.

    AF, that's lots of pre-race mileage - not an 'A' race?

    Jude, hope your calf is recovering - swimming should be fine though

    I've had an easy week, after being very tired last week.  Did intervals on Tuesday, which covers around 6.5 miles, and a very easy 5 miles this morning.  Sunday morning is the Marlow half marathon, and I'm hoping to do a bit better than my last attempt at a half image.


  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Hello everybody!!image How are you all doing? Hope everyone is well!

    Chilli - Massive congratulations for completing that Ultra! Unbelievable mental strength!!

    Louise - Good luck in the half marathon!

    I cant believe it was July last time I posted. Where does the time go?! Nothing much to report, did my first duathlon at the beginning of the month. Definitely didn't show the event enough respect! Only did 3 weeks training (was pretty intense training)! I was just glad to finish it without walking!

    I was lucky enough to get a ballot place in the London Marathon so I've got my sights set on that at the moment. Training is going ok so far! Has anybody else entered/got a place??


    Have a good day!image


  • Afternoon

    Wow Chilli Well done on your Ultra..truly amazing report but huge CONGRATULATIONS..such determination you showed image

    Hi Nandy..Good to hear from you.Well done on getting a place for LONDON..That is brill news

    AF..Good luck for your 10k this weekend AND LOUISE for your Half Mara. I am sure with all your recent training that you will be fab.


    Jude.Carefull at the gym and mind that calf of yours.

    I am feeling bit out of sorts this week..just lethargic and achey. I too have 10k race on Sunday. My last race of the year. Now hope I don't pukeimage at the end of it like I did at Parkrun on Saturday there. Was so embarrassed but it happened to a few folk. I wouldn't have minded but it wasn't even a PB...lol.However looking at my splits my 1st mile was very fast image

    Have a great day everyone

  • Afternoon,

    Louise- What do you mean by an A race. Good luck in the 1/2 marathon.

    nandy-Good to here from you & well done on a marathon place.

    Jude-take care enjoy the swimming.

    Franny-Hope you are ok? Not yet puked after a race!!! So how fast was that 1st mile?

    5.2 miles this morning and have now run over 1500 miles for the year.

  • Louise - Good luck for Sunday! What time are you hoping for?

    Nandy - It's always nice to have a visit from you and hear what you are up to! Great you have a place for London! Good luck with the training!

    Franny - Good luck for the 10K. Hope there is no puking involved!! You must have pushed really hard for that first mile!

    AF - well done on your superb mileage!

    Well swimming was great yesterday.  I've bought some hand pallette.  Really don't know what they are called in English. It was great to use them and they gave my shoulders and arms a great work out.  Had a workout in the fitness room today.  Trainer was pleased with my plank.  (It was my first time ......) Is it normal to run a lot faster on a treadmill or have I just improved drastically ....lol!

    Anyway, feeling a bit braindead and writing gibberish as have just done lots of marking...... bfn guys!

  • Morning all

    AF - 'A' race - 'important' so that you train, target a time and taper to maximise results.  Based on your heavy pre-race mileage I am guessing this 10k is not it.  I surprised myself with my stats too by the way - my rolling year mileage is around 1400, higher than I expected.   I really should be faster based on that!

    Jude - after my lousy showing last time out I am not predicting anything!  The same race last year was my 1st ever 1/2, and I took it easy at 2h19 as a hard training day out.  It's quite hilly, but in theory I am much better trained this time round. *shrugs* who know?  Treadmills aren't always calibrated correctly so it can be quite hard to gauge.  Needs to be set at a slight incline, apparently, to better mimic effort outside.  My plank is hopeless!  I am resolved to get to 2min by the end of the year.

    Nandy, that's great news on your ballot place.  I will probably be a supporter again this year so might see you there and shout encouragement.  I have signed up for Two Oceans Ultra again this year so will need to do a marathon in the 1st couple of months of 2014, not sure yet where / when.  Training starts on 12 November!

    Hmm.  That's a lot of exclamation marks,  Not like me to be so bouncy in the morning before coffee.

  • Louise-I am trying not to get so hooked up on times these days. As the race on Sunday is XC I have no idea what to aim for . My flat 10k PB is 45.02 so this is hilly so will aim for c50 minutes.Well done on 1400 miles that i simpressive.I think I need to do an ultra.

    Jude-Well done on your swimming. I think I knoe what you mean by the pallettes. Think I need to so some swimming soon- perhaps a Tri in 2015. Too many plans for next year!

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