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  • Just registered for Seville February 23rd, 2014.  Flat, city streets, hopefully not too freezing cold (!), reasonably easy to get to, and about the right timing for training schedule.   

  • Morning

    Louise..What's the distance for the Seville Race? That's impressive mileage image for the year so far

    Jude Yep what Louise said about treadmills image I get bored easily on them and only use them for short speed sessions or treadmill specific plans.

    AF..Your mileage is going to be mega for the yearimage and now you have your eyes set on ultras and tri's..image 

    @ AF and Jude...that 1st mile clocked in at a 7.2 min mile. Not that fast in your terms Boss but blimmin fast for me..I thought me lungs were gonna burst...lol

    Have a good day everyone. I had a lie in this morning image so no running or gym for me..just doggy walking.

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Afternoon everybody! Thank you for the support for London. I'm quite looking forward to it! I'm raising money for Children With Cancer UK so its all good! It's also the 10th anniversary of the first and only time I did the marathon!image 

    Two weeks ago I went out and ended up running 14miles (should've been 10 but I got lost!!) its the first time since 2004 that I'd run over 10 miles. It hurt!


    Franny - I hope you're feeling better today!

    AF - Well done on your yearly miles! You must really go through some trainers!

    Louise - Again, well done on your yearly miles! I've just had a look on my app and this year I've racked up a GRAND total of 123miles!!image 71 of those since the 19th of September! Good luck with your training and the events themselves.

    Jude - I find running on a treadmill a bit strange, very difficult to gauge your speed!

    It doesn't help that the gym I used to go to had some kind of oily/slippery substance all over the belt thing you run on. Absolute hazard!image


    Does anyone else use Strava?


    Enjoy the rest of your days, the weekend is almost here!!image


  • evening all

    nandy - good to hear from you. 

    Had a rest day today

    Jude - they are called paddles hereimage 

    Just looked at my mileage for the year so far - 344 running, 1386 cycling and 107 swimmingimage total time 314 - average about an hour a day which isn't bad

    good luck to everyone racing this weekend

  • Hi everyone, sorry i have been awol this week, but been rather busy.

    Jude - sounds like you will soon be winning swimming medals too! image

    Nandy - congrats on getting a london place. I hope to win a ballot place one day.

    Very impressive mileage Louise. Well done.

    Hi Franny and MC.

    It's our parkrun anniversary tomorrow. Hope my legs are in good shape cos I've promised my No.2 girl I will help her get a PB as it is also her 50th run so she gets a pretty red t-shirt. Am also incharge of the prize giving and presentations afterwards cos I considered to be the best talker image


    Sorry not been on either but its been a really crazy week this week


    Nandy great to have you back. How exciting to have a London place. I was rejected but not too bothered as I was lucky to have been able to do it last year. The experience is just amazing, have you done it before.

    No running for me today as getting stuff done on house although have been eating really badly so trying to get back on track to get my energy levels up.

    Hope everyone has a good day. I will try and catch up later and have a read back.

  • MC-You have swam 107 miles- that is increadible. An hour a day exercise is brilliant!!! 

    Nandy-Yes I do seem to get through trainers just ordered another pair only £58 this time!! Running isn't a cheap sport.Now looking at a winter jacket and some calf guards that might help my never disappearing shin splints! What's a strava? Hope the training goes well now that you have a London place. My club have a spare place for London and I am tempted but am doing Brighton marathon the week before so not sure my old body will be able to cope. 

    Chilli-You must be really proud of how succesful the parj run has been. Never done one myself.Think I ought to do one,but going quick in a 5k sounds painfull!!

    Franny-7.2 minute mile good stuff. I don't oftern go under 8 minute miles these days. But just seen I finished my last mile in last weeks hilly marathon in 7.35.Guess I am going to have to do some 7 minute miles tomorrow in my race although I think it is muddy and hilly so we will see. Going to be planning my trip to Edinburgh soon so hopefullly we can meet up for a little run one morning? Won't be until the 2nd may day bank hoiliday. Am tempted to do the marathon or half marathon on the dunday but not sure Mrs AF will be impressed!!!

    Louise-That sounds a nice race. My club do a race abroad each year.They are going to Naples in February,but, due to my planned trip to Edinburgh next year don't think I am going to be able to go.  

    Ecky-Really hope you win the Tesco's competition. If you don't I will boycott tesco's!!!  

    Have a good weekend 

  • ecky - so exciting, hope you winimage

    AF - good luck for tomorrow

    don't think I even hit 7m/mile pace when I am running short intervals

    chili - hope parkrun this morning is good - well done to your girl for getting to 50 runs

    Louise - Seville in Feb should be a nice temperature

    nandy - i use fetch to track all my training, free and easy to upload from my garmin and record all my swimming and biking too

    I did spinning and swimming today

  • Ecky - that is such wonderful news. Am really excited for you.

    Our parkrun anniversary was fantastic. Ran it with my No.2 daughter (aged 10) who was completing her 50th run and wanted a PB. She did amazingly well and got her first sub 30 in 29:49! image Am so proud of her. She is not fast but she has a determination the others lack. The run hurt and I was a bit concerned she was pushing too hard but she was so determined to do it.

    Then I had the privilege of giving out the prizes to our top winners. The sun came out and we had loads of cake and smiles. Was really lovely.

    Since we have been busy all week with the club and looking after the team, this afternoon we used the two family tickets my girls won for paradise wildlife park. Took two of my older teens as a thank you for all their hard work this week. Was sooooo gorgeous to see the white lion cub. Really lovely day image

  • Chili - sounds like a lovely day - very well done to daughter no.2!

    Louise - Seville? That sounds nice! I've spent a few days there, It's a beautiful place.

    Franny - 7.2 min miles is sooo fast!! Well done you!

    MC - well done on your super mileage.  That is serious training.

    Ecky - Gosh, what lovely news.  I do hope you win, you absolutely deserve it!

    Af - Good luck for your race!

    Hi to anybody I've missed.

    Well, hubby has gone hunting for the weekend as the partridge season opened today. He left yesterday with his buddies and his shotgunimage

    So, a busy day for me today, getting the kids to their music lessons and daughter to her Grade 5 music theory exam.  This afternoon had a private lesson (thank goodness students came to me) and then sneeked out to the fitness room for an hour leaving kids with sister in law. Swimming training for kids tomorrow and piano lessons and hubby is back tomorrow evening.

    Kids now watching Pirates of the Caribbean - what a boring film!!!!!   

    BFN! x 

  • Evening ALL

    Quick check in I got a super duper PB today 50.42 for my 10k. That's what the official time was but my garmin said 50.23 so think the official time has been the gun time and not the chip cos I pressed the button going over the line both ways. BUT a PB either way so am very happy. imageimage



    Congratulations Chili to your daughter on her sub 30 5k Great Time.

    Jude Hope hubby brings you home lots of partridges home to cook.

    AF How did you get on today ???


  • Franny - well done on your fantastic PB!  So pleased for you!!imageimageimage

    Hubby got one partridge but cooked and ate it whilst camping.  (Thank goodness!! I'm a vegetarian!!)

  • franny - wow., well doneimage

  • My 10k was extremely tough,muddy,hilly & 90% cross country?I came 100/360 but my time was 55.20. Well done Franny on your PB.

  • Wow! A great day for the CRAC team. Congratulations Franny and AF image

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Morning Everyone!

    Franny - Well done on your PB, Excellent! Especially after not feeling 100% this week too!

    AF - Well done on your 10k too, sounds like a tough course that!

    Ecky - Yes i'm excited and equally nervous. I have done it before but it was in 2004 when I was 19 (and considerably fitter than I am now). All I can really remember from it is the atmosphere and how amazing the crowds were.


    I managed to get out Saturday afternoon and do a 7.5mile run. I attempted to run up a hill cars struggle to get up! I had to admit defeat on this occasion and walk part of it. Slowly getting my fitness back.

    Extremely cold here this morning, the shutters over my office windows are frozen shutimage

    Hi Jude, Chili, mathschick, Louise and anyone I've missed.

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

     When I was a youthimage

  • nandy - great pic!

    Boss - well done

    wow, swimming last night was really hard work but I was really pleased with how well I did.

    It is my eldest son's birthday today - 13! We have just had lovely chocolate cake with raspberries for puddingimage

  • Yum, yum! And well done on the swimming.

    New shoozies! image Didn't make me go any faster though. Just finished 5 miles. Needed gloves and hat tonight.

    Well done Nandy on the hill training.

  • MC - Happy Birthday to your Teenager! Well done on your swimming.

    Chili - Well done on your 5 miles in your new shoozies.

    Nandy - nice Picture!

    AF - very well done on your 10K.  Sounds like a tough one!

    No training for me today - just lots of marking......but the fitness room tomorrow night.image 

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys! Still means a lot to me that day!

    No training for me tonight, calves are still on fire from hill running. I'll get out for a few miles tomorrow night! I've been thinking about trying to get a rowing machine for nights i cant get out running. Did anyone see that James Cracknell program a couple of weeks ago? What an inspiration he is, such a shame what happened to him!

    Franny and AF must be tired out today after there races.image

    Good luck with the marking Jude.

    Mathschick - well done with the swimming.

    Chili - Good effort making it out in the cold!!

    Good night!image

  • G'day

    Congratulations Franny on the PB imageimage

    My Marlow Half was interesting - perfect conditions, clear and cool and not too windy.  I pushed a bit hard in the mostly uphill first half (7 mins faster than last year) and ended up paying for it by not being up to pushing it in the lovely downhill 2nd half, ending up only about 3:25 faster than last year overall.  I can also feel that I've recovered much faster, feeling fine today and itching to run tomorrow. 

    Nandy, it sounds like you have ramped up quite quickly? (The resilience of youth....)

    Jude, sounds like you are managing to get quite a lot of general training in these days.

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Louise - Well done on your half! Always good to be quicker too. What run you doing tomorrow?

    I have ramped up pretty quickly, mainly due to doing a duathlon in October. I couldn't really train In august with having an injury and going on holiday so I really had to knuckle down in September. I've done a lot more cycling than running this year. Approx. 500miles, 190 of which from the start of September.

    I've seen a program I'd like to follow for the marathon but I'm not fit enough or fast enough yet to follow the program and I'm not sure if I'm going to be image

  • Well done Louise! image Sounds a lovely race. And great recovery too.

    Today I did my first proper swim session since June. My local pool closed over the summer for refurbishments. Although it opened in Sept the place was in an awful state. But seems ok now. I'm sure it will look lovely once it's finished.

  • well done Louise - faster is faster!

    well done on getting a swim in chili

  • Well done Louise!image 

    Been to the fitness room this evening.  Going to bed early (it's 10.30 here) but have to get up early for marking again.... can't seem to keep up!


  • Morning

    Thanks for all the congratulations for my PB image Official results are even better imageimage I got 50.21 imageimage now I am kicking myself for not pushing to get sub 50 lol but I knew I had done my best. Someday I will dip under the "50" image

    Sorry for being missing but was just busy with work image

    Nandy What a great picture and am sure you will find a good mara plan to suit your fitness. Have you looked at MY ASICS. You can put in your current paces and goal race pace then enter your race date and a plan will appear image Have a look and see what you think..

    AF.well done on your muddy hilly trail 10k. that's a superb time image I do hope we will be able to meet up for a run when your in Edinburgh next year. The only thing is I wouldn't be able to run with you on the Saturday as I will be resting pre-race for the Sunday.Not sure how long you are going to be up for but I could arrange a day off in the week after the race when we could head up the hills image let me know

    Louise Fantastic result in your HM.Faster is always good.

    Chilli well done on getting back to your swimming.

    Jude Hope you had a good nights sleep after being at the fitness room. How is your calf ????

    Have a great day everyone


  • Morning!

    Have a daughter home with tonsilitis. Hubby is away all day and evening so not going to manage a run today. Might make chocolate chip shortbread instead cos that is what I fancy with my coffee. Anyone care to join me on the CRAC towers sofa? I have lit the fire. image

  • Morning,

    Franny-The tentavive plan will be going up on either the Sunday or the Bnak Holiday Monday. Will let you know. Definetly up for a few miles one morning. Well done on your PB. Was disappointed by my time on Sunday.But, have a few niggles at the moment.

    Louise-Well done on your 1/2

    Nandy-A marathon runner for over 10 years. I only did my first in April so you put me to shame. I am going to look at some marathon plans for the two road ones I have planned for next year - Brighton in April adn Milton Keynes in May. Am aiming to get my friend under 4 hours and also try and go under 3.50.

    Chilli-Sorry about your daughter. Definetly getting colder here now and may light a fire at the weekend.

    Jude-Sounds like you are really busty at the moment!

    8.2 miles yesterday but had a pain in my back after 4.5 miles so osteopath appointment for tomorrow. It has niggled me a bit recently.Will do a few miles tomorrow 1st thing to see how it is.

  • Ooooooooooooooooooooo Jude THE BOSS thinks your "busty" at the moment imageimage LOL

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