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  • Oh god not checking my messages probably- Busy I meant!!!!!!! Naughty Franny.

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    image Haha that tickled me!!


    Franny - I've just had a look at that page but I must have done something wrong as there prediction was 5hrs 38mins. I'll check it out properly when I get home as i'm hoping of going closer to 3hours!! I might just be dreaming with that goal though.image

    AF - It sounds good when you put it like that, 'a marathon runner for over 10 years..' I've actually only ever done one marathon in my life!image I hope you get your niggle sorted soon! Well done on the 8.2miles!

  • hahaimage

    chili - if you are still on the sofa I am joining you! Hope your girl is ok, tonsilitis isn't nice

    nice run this morning, but I was expecting it to be as cold as Monday and Tuesday and was very overdressed as it was fairly mild. 

  • AF - not that busty ...sorry!image (gosh christmas smilies!!!)

    Chili - get well soon to little miss chili.

    Hi to all!

    Back from swimming, writing worksheets, want to go to bed as up since 5.30am marking... better get back to it...

    BFN x

  • Afternoon

    Moi Naughty Not me Boss image

    Nandy You must have put something in wrong as your 3 hrs sounds much more like it. You can put goal times in as well as recent race time.

    Hope all the Chilli family are feeling better.

    Aw Jude hope you got the worksheets done.

    Mathschick well done on your not so cold run.

    6.64 rolling hills for me this morning in around an hour.

    Have made a pot of homemade veggie soup and a chocolate cake.image very yummy even if I do say so myself image

    Have a good day everyone

  • Afternoon,

    Nandy-What are your 1/2 marathon times?

    Franny-Since Loula rarely posts these days you are the Queen of Naughtiness.Must make some soup at the weekend.

    Jude-Hope you got a decent nights sleep?

    MC-Yes still mild again.All my winter stuff is waiting to be used but not cold enough to put the shorts etc away.

    Managed 7.1 miles this morning back ache free and have been to the ostepath who inflicted pain on me as I was out of enligment! OK Now.


  • Oooh, yes please to the chocolate cake Franny image

    AF - ouch!

    Hi Nandy & Jude - how are you?

    Daughter still ill. But I did a short bike ride this evening and it felt lovely. With no races in the pipeline I think I'm going to chill out for a couple of months and do whatever training/exercise I feel like doing. Really want to do a nighttime forest run but need someone to go with. Rocker isn't too far away so might have to start pestering him.

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭
    Evening everyone.

    I bought some new trainers today while on my lunch break, was hoping to get out for a jog tonight but only finished work at 7pm so it will have to wait till weekend now image

    AF- that is a very good question! Truthfully, I have no idea. I went out a few weeks ago and did a steady 14 mile jog on a hilly route. That took 2hrs 4mins. That's the first time I've run that far in 10years!! I know I'm being optimistic but at least it's something to aim for image anyway, good to hear you are pain free again!

    Chili - I'm good thanks, and yourself? I hope your daughter is feeling better soon!

    Jude - weekend is nearly here! Hopefully you'll get caught up before then and have some good time to relax!

    Franny - well done on the hill running! That soup sounds good too!

    Hi mathschick and Louise, I hope you're both well.

  • Quite here today it's imageimage Friday...

    A 7.3 mile club run this morning & have enetered anothe marathon for next year Milton keynes on 5/5 so that & Brighton will be my two road maarthons for 2014. Will look at some cross country one as well.  

    Child free weekend so out for dinner with Mrs AF in a bit.

  • evening all

    busy day for me, but managed a run this morning

    AF - enjoy your child free weekend

    chili - hope your daughter is ok

    nandy, sounds like you can run pretty fast 14 miles in 2 hours is brill considering you haven't been training much yet

  • Morning all!

    Anybody racing this weekend?

    Nandy - yep sounds pretty good to me too and still plenty of time for serious training!

    Chili - get well soon to little one.  Hope the others don't catch it.

    AF - Enjoy!

    Franny and all - H??!

    Had to leave school early yesterday to go to doctors (clicky jaw causing earache!) but in spite of not missing any lessons, the management was cross with me for not doing service bus duty!!!.   ....Don't seem to have as many rights here.

    Anyway, busy weekend as daughter has swimming competition all weekend (a few national standard swimmers will be there  so she is a bit nervous).  Also got to get boys to their music lessons and their swimming training and got to get home for my private English lesson........ probably no time for my training. Istanbul is next weekend and the amount of outside running I have done is laughable.  Still gonna go though but may have to walk some of it!!

    Have a good weekend everybody! x   

  • Morning all.  Feeling really p&%^ off because I went for a gentle club run over the weekend and seem to have injured myself yet again...fortunately I have a physio appointment already set up for Monday so hoping for some help then.  So much for my ramp up plan image.

  • morning all

    Louise - oh that is a pain, hope the physio can sort it quickly

    Jude - would they rather you were off sick with earache? Hope the dr can sort it

    chili - hope your girl is better and that it hasn't spread to the others

    Jude - good luck to your daughter

    spinning then swimming for me this morning, although I was very tempted to stay in bed!


  • Morning

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr looks cold and frosty out there. Off to Parkrun in a bit.

    Jude Hope your earache is ok today. can't believe the management in your school were not happy. Good luck to your girly today.

    Mathschick..Enjoy your spinning and swimming.

    Louise...Ouchy that is a real pain and hope the physio can sort it out for you and that its not too serious.

    AF Well done on your run yesterday and hope your meal out was nice. enjoy the rest of your childfree weekend.

    Nandy You out running today ?

    Hello to everyone else. Have a fabby day

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone image

    Jude - I hope your earache gets better soon. Good luck to your daughter in swimming comp!

    Chili - how's your daughter today?

    AF - good on ya for entering another marathon! Hope you have a nice quiet weekend.

    Mathschick - thanks, i think 14miles is my limit at the moment, I had to stop about a mile from home as my legs ached sooo bad I couldn't continue! Spinning AND swimming?! You must have energy to burn!!

    Louise - I hope it's nothing serious and you get back running again soon! Is it a leg injury?

    Franny - I've just got back from a 9 miler, had a mile warm up, pushed a bit for 10k the a cool down. I only got out quite late as we've had sleet and hailstone here today!! How was your park run?

    Enjoy the rest of your days people! Chill out for me this aft then cinema tonight to see Captain Philips.
  • Afternoon

    Well done on the 9 miles Nandy. Parkrun was freezing cold and icy at bits along the course. Did it in 25.04 not my fastest but not my slowest either Was worried about slipping so that was at the back of my mind I guess image Really want to get a parkrun PB before the year is out but not sure if its on the cards to beat 23.47. But never say never and anything is possible LOL

    Enjoy the flicks tonight.

    Hope everyone else is having a good Saturday.

  • Thanks for the get well wishes.  Actually I have had very mild earache all the time for a few months but googled it and found out it was connected with my jaw which clicks and doesn't quite fit.  (It came slightly out when I gave birth the first time - all that pushing, lol!) Anyway, just wanted to make sure it was this and not something worse.  Also wanted to have my iron levels looked at, being a veggie and all.

    MC - well done on your training!

    Louise - Oh no! Hope it's something that mends quickly.

    Franny -well done on your chilly park run!

    Nandy - enjoy the pictures.

    Well daughter had 3 races and got three silvers. She is very pleased as she was racing against a current Turkish champion in all 3 races. She also knocked 23 seconds off her 800 Freestyle time (now 10:36) and 5 seconds off her 400m time.

    Anyway, the races continue tomorrow.........

    Have a good evening everybody! x

  • wow, fantastic for your daughter Jude. image 23 seconds is a massive amount to knock off that 800m time. 

  • Jude - well done to Elif! That is amazing!

    I did parkrun too! My daughter is much better thanks. The antiobiotics kicked quickly.

    However, I was ill yesterday and spent most of the day in bed. Went to parkrun this morning cos I had all the timers etc and am in charge of results. Did my slowest time ever cos I decided to be sweeper and collect in the flags along the way.

    Franny you are so much faster than me!

  • Morning all image

    Back from my quick trip to Dubai.  Ate and drank too much and ran too little....

    Jude, that's fantastic news about your daughter.  Is she planning to take it seriously as a career?

    Nandy, I ran the Marlow half just over a week ago and I pushed quite hard on the downhills.  Noticed a very slight twinge in my (I think) sacro-iliac joint afterwards but being me, ignored it.  Set off on a long run with my club in Dubai on Friday and had to get a cab back because it got so sore,  Now it hurts to walk on it image.  (Sad faces look wrong with Santa hats don't they?).  I am hoping a few days proper rest and some physio will sort it out.  I had to stress it yesterday travelling back from Dubai with luggage etc when probably should have rested it completely.

    Franny your parkrun times are great!


    Chili, hope you're feeling better.


    Hi everybody else, hope the training is going well.


  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Morning everybody!

    I'm still feeling it in my calves from my run on Saturday, maybe pushed a bit too hard, was 57seconds behind my 10k PB. The film I went to see was very good, Tom Hanks plays an excellent part!


    Franny - well done on your park run in far from ideal conditions! How far is a park run??

    Jude - Wow!! Congrats to you daughter, you must be very proud of her!

    Chili - Get well soon! Glad your daughter is feeling better now!

    Louise - I hope you get well soon too! So frustrating being injured!! Yes, sad faces do look odd with Santa hats on. Apart from the injury, how was Dubai?

    AF - I hope you had a relaxing weekend!

    Have a good dayimage


  • Afternoon everyone. Wet and miserable. I don't mind getting rained on once I am out running, but actually leaving the house in the rain is horrible. I know my logic doesn't make sense but there it is...

    Nandy - parkrun is always 5k.

    Louise - sorry to hear you are injured image. Not nice

    Am far too busy and not sleeping and worrying about different members of my immediate and extended family. At the forefront of my mind is my Big Girl aged 11. She is doing superbly well at secondary school, but that is part of the problem. She has won everything, been chosen for everything... we are talking presentations, running, poetry, musical theatre, best in year etc. Each week brings another major achievement and she is very highly strung. Anxiety and stress is showing and she is not sleeping properly. Have been given some cognitive behavioural therapy worksheets to help her from a dear friend and hoping we can work through some of this stuff together.

  • louise that sounds painful, take care

    chili - oh dear, while it is lovely that she is winning stuff, it must be hard to keep winning loads of things. Have you tried talking to the school? They should have access to a counsellor that might be able to help - I know I have got students in for counselling from my tutor group really quickly that way to help them through things. It might help if they don't always choose her as well to get her out of the limelight, even if she does deserve to be the one that is chosen

  • Hi all!

    Louise - get well soon! What a nuisance!

    Nandy - Sounds like your running is going well. Don't push too hard though!

    Chili - Your daughter is doing brilliantly well but it sounds like she needs to chill out a bit. It's interesting that in your post you said that you couldn't sleep and then later that she couldn't sleep.  Maybe she is taking after you a bit! I would talk to the school as well.  As a teacher I would say that even if she is the best, she shouldn't be chosen for everything as it will put too much pressure on  her, doesn't share opportunities with the other students and could end up creating bad feelings amongst her and her friends.   

    Hi Franny and all!

    Daughter got another 2 medals on the Sunday.  (Same two champions beat her again!!)  She is pleased! Louise - at the moment she has no idea what she wants to do in the future but she does love swimming.....

    Anyway, school is turning into a nightmare again.  Parents meetings on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon (when I should be going to Istanbul to pick up my package for Sunday's race)  I may have to drop out, or we may be able to arrange hubby to go earlier to pick up my number and me meet him there after my school meetings....... Lots of arranging to do!!

    BFN folks!xx 

  • Chilli and Judy you have gifted sporty daughters. Hope things get sorted out for your race Jude.

    Louise-Hope the injury gets sorted.

    Been busy did a muddy 10 miler with the club on a crisp Sunday morning and have done 7 miles on a wet and miserable tuesday. I did however feel that I ran with a bit of pace this morning which was pleasaing. I think my shin splints are nearly going----fingers etc crossed!!!!!1 

  • Oh, Jude I do hope you are able to get to your race. And congratulations on Elif for another two medals! image

    AF - good news about the shin splints

    Yes, it is like mother, like daughter! I am very high functioning and it looks like my Big Girl is going to be too. I wrote yesterday's post just before she arrived home from school to tell me that she was been chosen to open the carol service with the solo of Once in Royal David's City. Then today an e-mail request came from the Council inviting her to perform at one of the Christmas street fete things! Yes, we are now working with her to help her reduce the amount of stuff. And I shall be speaking to the school to ensure their support.

    Another of day of no training. image Have got to do a run tomorrow or shall be climbing the walls!

  • AF - well done on your runs and good to hear your shin splints are going! (hopefully!)

    Chili - well, I think we are all pretty high functioning on here!! lol!image Lovely to sing the solo of Once in royal David's city.  Hope you are able to get out for a run soon.

    Fitness room last night and swimming tonight.

    Have a good one folks! xx

  • wow, chili, she really is getting chosen for everything. 

    Jude - you seem to managing to get more sessions in this year compared to a year ago. I do hope you get to your race.

    nothing for me today as I had another bad night's sleep but I really don't know why

    Running tomorrow morning though and swimming in the evening

  • MC - enjoy your run and swim tomorrow.  Hope you sleep better!

    Yep, I'm doing more exercise thanks to the lovely new swimming pool and mini gym 10 minutes walk away.image  I've even lost a kilo or two! Still not doing much running though but that's because of living in the village and not being able to run in the dark here. (I sound like a scaredy cat but if you could see where I live you'd understand. Hubby won't let me anyway, tbh)

    Right, off to bed. Nighty night!

  • evening all, been a tad chaotic n busy lately but thought I needed to pop in and make sure you are all  being v nortee...image oops did I say nortee? I meant good ..with a bit of mischief.

    hello jude!! how are you? have you still got your little xmas tree out there?

    boss, sounds like you had mud fun too like I did at the weekendimage

    nandy! good to see you back ! how the devil are you ?? sounds like you are really getting the run bug back.

    franny sis, hope you are ok too, going for a speedy 10k next time? you n me both still trying to get under 50!!

    will aim to get on here more but miss LLB is on it a lot facetiming friends and on Skype-my lappy has been abducted it seems!! I now have a pre-eenagerimage

    well I had a fab time at a trail marathon (got lost en route so added extra mileage -pfft) on sunday. was a total mud fest and hills hills hills, tough , but very enjoyable and stunning views from upon high - lovely organisation, happy marshalls even when standing in cow pooimage

    I was scratched , muddy , tired but loved it. had a special end to the day when lovely friend arrived at mile 22 to run in thr last miles with me and drag me out of mud bogsimage - a saviour to a tired girl indeed. free buff at start and an unexpected medal made from wood at the end image yummy teas n cake  in the hall afterwards-bliss....highly recommend Cotswold running events .

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