Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Good going Louse image

    Jude Great that your knee is much improved and hope you get out for your planned run image
  • Louise-I guess it must be nice living out in Dubai. Us lot hardly ever train in hot and humid conditions over here. You will do well to enter some summer races!! Well done on your tempo run.

    Jude-Good to here your knee feels good.

    Franny-10 miler races are a nice distance I have done 3 2 on the road and I XC just before christmas. You will get a good time I am sure. 

  • jude glAD your knee ok -take it easy though!

    franny sis - thats ok , dont worry about pole, prob best or i will be in more troubleimage- if i speak nicely to the captain though he may let me lay it in the gangway lol -not!

    boss, im still in my own house , had viewers this weekend and today. have to go back to CAB next monday to do form filing then it looks like me finding a property to rent privately . trouble is here , anything more than 1 bedroom costs a fortune and they are all shoeboxes with gravel strips for gardens!! but im sure i will find something.image i need garden and garage too preferqably.

    RR hope your 10miler goes well- you will be fine.

    aw by eck, i dont know wht else to suggest about moos milk.

  • Jude - good to hear that your knee is ok, and your dinner sounds nice

    louise - I hate running in the heat, but I guess you get used to it

    loula - good luck with the house/flat hunting, hope you find somewhere nice

  • Managed my lengths in the pool. Went this eve with two big daughters whilst other was at Brownies (hubby not working tonight so could stay home with Smidge).

    And the ice has all melted so am looking forward to a bike ride tomorrow. Have missed the cycling actually...

    Well done AF, Franny, Louise and MC on your runs today. image

  • morrninggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!

    MC, def NOT flat hunting lol

  • morning

    minus 6 here this morning, so a turbo session for me

    chili - be careful if you go out on the bike

  • It's frozen here too. I want/need to run tonight

    More blood courtesy of miss by eck so we're living the rock n roll life ans heading to the drs this morning.

    Lou, hope you soon find a new place to live. If you want to kip in crac towers I'm sure we can arrange something
  • hope the dr can sort her out by eck and that there wasn't too much cleaning to do!


  • Morning,

    Would have enjoyed a run this morning - lovely crisp winters morning in Sussex. But no running today as took daughtrers to school and then straight to work.

    byeck-Hope Moo gets sorted and you get out for a run this evening.

    Chilli-Well done on your family swim yesterday.

    Loula- I hope your house situation gets sorted- must be a tad worrying.You don't deserve what you have been through recently.

    Take care everyone. 

  • Afternoon all

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very icy and crisp this morning.

    Gym morning for me...no running...just crosstraining,core and weights.And Chico walking...he was funny bounding about on the snow up in the hills...lol

    Loula....Sorry about the pole sis....image really thought I had it....Hope you find somewhere soon...and em whats wrong wiv a flat my sis.....?????? imageimage The Chemist up the road is looking for a pharmacist part time...i reckon you should up sticks and come and live up in chilleeeeeeeeeeeeeee Scotland then you can run with all the ultra nutters in my running club....image

    AF..aw shame you never had time for a run....work should be banned...lol How is your ankle...all better now ???

    Chili..hope yopu get out your bike ride.

    MC...wise choice to do turbo if its icy...don't want you getting anymore injuries.

    By'eck...hope little Miss does not get anymore nosebleeds..she is having a bad time of it as is Moo and you coz you can't get out your running...Sending you ((((((HUGS))))))))

    Ecky...Have you been out training with trevor yet????

    Hope everone else is having  good day.Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Afternoon

    Very cold here but no ice on the ground so went out for my bike ride. Did 16 miles. It was so cold the water in my drinks bottle froze!

    Byeck - so sorry about you missy. Hugs to you.

    Sounds good training Franny

  • I'm reading 0 degrees right now - so today's gonna be my first ever officially 'freezing' run. image

  • enjoy it RRimage a good baselayer and a hat are the essentials for running in the cold. Well I don't have a hat, I wear a fleecey headband thing to cover my ears (northface ear gear I think it is called) as it is only my ears that get cold.

    can't run on all the ice that is around though, still have compacted snow on the ground here that is just really icy

  • Yuck!  I feel like a wimp cos I stayed home instead of going outside for circuits in the wind, and it's about 18 degrees here image

    I promise I'll do some weights and stuff here in the warmth at home image


  • Antibiotics and a blood test on Monday. Oh, and back to school tomorrowimage
  • Franny-My injury appears to have recovered- fingers crossed. Going to keep it starpped up when I run over the next few days (as per physios instructions).

    Chilli-Well done on your bike ride.  

  • 5.9k at a bit over 6mph average - and completely ache-free as well. image  I'm not going to do any hills at all for a while, and when I do I'll be doing them at a steady pace - not chugging up them, but not racing up them either because my knee doesn't seem to want to go there.image  I guess your legs still get a decent workout even if you don't dash up them. image

    It's odd isn't it - once you get going, you don't feel cold even when it's reading 0 degrees.

    Good news about the injury, AF. image

  • glad your injury staying away boss thats good news

    franny sis- i dont thnk id survive in edinburgh cold climate !! imageimage- my nip tassles would be sticking out waaaaayyyy too far image in fact- theyd drop off!!

    RR yes it really isnt that bad once you get going in the cold-just dont stop!!!!!

  • I would rather run in the cold than the wet or wind.

    LLB-Naughty talk!  image

  • yeah, the cold isn't too bad

    it is the ice that is stopping me at the moment though

    anyway, swimming tonight

    boss/RR good to hear that injury is at bay. My knee has been improving, thank goodness! 

    Edinburgh is lovely, although OH has proposed holidaying in the highlands in 2014 instead of abroad, and my heart did fall a bit - it is just the unpredictable weather, and right up in the highlands (he is talking about Ullapool) summer temp is about 12 degrees. It is lovely, and walking/running etc is good, but not the same as going abroad

  • loulabell wrote (see)

    glad your injury staying away boss thats good news

    franny sis- i dont thnk id survive in edinburgh cold climate !! imageimage- my nip tassles would be sticking out waaaaayyyy too far image in fact- theyd drop off!!

    RR yes it really isnt that bad once you get going in the cold-just dont stop!!!!!

    Loula... ooo errr missus... image

    And yeah, it's fine when you're running along but when you stop... aiiiyeeee, it's cold! image

    Alistair Fitzgerald wrote (see)

    I would rather run in the cold than the wet or wind.

    LLB-Naughty talk!  image

    Damn straight, AF! 

  • morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    of course its norteeee talk- what else do i do?image

  • by eck - how are you and the kids today?


  • Morning

    The lovely norteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Loula is back...that made me smile bout the tassles....imageimage you had better bring about 3 layers up in May sis...lol although we had our hottest day on Mara day last year...am hoping its not going to be again this year so bring your fleecy image

    MC...Oooooooooooo don't think i would be brave enough to holiday in the scottish highlands although it is stunning scenery...erm Ullapool gets a bad reputation for rainfall image I like my heat for my hols and the sunshine...it keeps me going all year. In fact we have our hols booked again for this year image just got to save the money up now.

    8.83 miles for me today image Going to visit Mum in Dunbar before the snow arrives in style.

    Have a good day everyone

  • Well done on your run Franny

    It's very, very cold this morning. Think I might just be content with my pilates class.

  • Our rubbish bin is frozen shut. I've.attacked it with a screwdriver, boiling water and my foot and it's refusing to budge. I've got rubbish that needs to go in!
  • Moooorning.

    Just had a little 2 mile hilly run. Brrrrrr Chilli it sure is cold out there. I would stick with pilates.

    Morning Franny, no training with Trev yet but I have been carrying him round the house. I need to start on his blog soon. Well done on your 8.83 miles.

    Loula are you being very norteeeeee again? We would be worried if you behaved.image

    Just waiting for my Mum and Dad to visit. I just hope the journey is okay for them.


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