Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Sorry By Eck, didnt see you there. How are the kiddies this morning. No more nose bleeds I hope. Little Ecky has them a lot image.

  • Franny-Well done on your 8.83 miler and Ecky on your 2 miler.

    LLB-It is good to have you being naughty - sometimes!!!! 

    7.8 cold miles this morning- nice run and managed to keep going at c 8.00 minute miles throughout the run which is pleasing.

    Bye for now....have a good day everyone.  

  • Blimey AF that's pretty speedy image

    Good work all - getting out there in the freezin'


  • by 'eck, it's hilly wrote (see)
    Our rubbish bin is frozen shut. I've.attacked it with a screwdriver, boiling water and my foot and it's refusing to budge. I've got rubbish that needs to go in!

    Of all the things to happen, eh?

  • AndyV wrote (see)

    Another quality workout AW. Nice one.

    Shady_Ady: " I'm going to start using gels on all my training runs now to replicate what I want to do on race day. "

    There are much more qualified people to reply on this (eg Ruth) but using gels on all runs does seem excessive. I now only use them (and sparingly) on long LSR's and the occasional very tough speed session. I just fuel beforehand on proper food and get by fine with water. Performance wise this means I get the "kick" from the gel that AW refers to and also, I think, trains the body to rely on existing fat stores.  

    Hi AndyV

    I agree, don't use them all the time. The point of using the gels on some of your  long runs is practice for race day (or if any run is over 15miles I would think you should use gels or other fuel). Some people have cast iron stomachs and need little practice so you can use gels etc a a couple of times in training and know you will have little problems on race day others need to practise more with them as the stomach can take a while to get used to eating and absorbing when running. The other thing you should consider is if you are going to use gels on runs don't use them for the first 30minutes and stop as you may find you actually hit the wall sooner as you can prime your body  to receive the glucose then you stop and your body thinks "hey where is my next blood sugar fix, you starting teasing me I would be getting some and now .....image" so either use them on a long run like you will do racing for example every 30minutes or every so many miles/km.

    A.W wrote (see)

    Todays Food Diary!

    8am - Special k (50g) & Dorset Cereal Berries & Cherries (20g) with skimmed milk. Mug of coffee with skimmed milk.

    10.15am - Training. (8.5 miles - 6 x 1000m reps)

    11.45am - Rice pudding. (half a big tin)

    2.15pm - Rice pudding (half a big tin), 2 pieces of toast and jam. Cup of tea with skimmed milk.

    4.30pm - Graze summer berry flapjack and small handful of dried fruit and nuts. Glass of water.

    6pm - Small handful of dried fruit and nuts. Glass of water.

    7.30pm - butter bean, borlotti bean and vegetable stew, basmati rice with a little bit of cheese on top. Large glass of water.

    Dripping feeding carbs at each meal and snack  image 

  • I need something like that, but to drip-feed protein opposed to carbs, to help my muscle building goals.

  • Yes I quite fancied the flapjack.  Bet the other thread is wondering who stole the meal plan image


  • Maybe they posted about a huge slice of chocolate cake on there instead image
  • That is a huge amount of starchy carbs! And light on the salad/veg fresh fruit. Quite high in sugar too. Aren't we all full of curiousity at the mystery post? image

  • Afternoon

    Yes who is our mysterious visitor imageimage

    Has the wheely bin been opened yet By'eck ??? How is little missy and Moo?

    Chili..hope you enjoyed your pilates.

    Ecky...well done on your run.looking  forward to reading Trevs blog.

    AF...speedy gonzales...well done sir...bows down to his greatness...at this rate your marathon is going to be very speedy and an excellent time image

    Louise...did you train last night at home..shame on you girl for ducking out due to it being windy...lol...hope all is going well with your injury

    Mathschick...good that your knee problems seem to be better now.

    Tis still very chilly out there and more snow forecast although not sure we will get any....will just have to wait and see.

    Chico had fun down on the beach today...he dug a rather large hole in the sand....lol


  • So we have a mysterious poster!  

    Thanks Franny- I do have a time in mind - but still have never run further than 15.5 miles which I did on Sunday. Will strat going longer in the next week or two.Good to here you are having fun with Chico.  

    Ecky-Just remebered who Trev is !

  • oo that was a long mystrerious post!! (quite dull in places actuallyimage)ill go find out where it came from.

    franny well done sis on your run and ecky too!!

    we now have snow falling -wonder wht itll look oike tomorrow a.m!!!


  • Oooooooooooooooooooo Loula the detective is on the case of finding out who the mystery person is...hope she doesn't get lost or led astray and get up to norteeeeeeeeee things....imageimage

  • mysterious post, but a bit of a rubbish diet really. Too much sugar

    well, drove home in the snow and it is settling, everyone is getting excited about the prospect of a snow day, but I bet school will be open as usual, it will just be a nightmare to get there.

    was planning to swim this evening, but I am a bit of a wimp about driving in snow so might not, although I bet there won't be many there in this weather


  • They are from the Spring Marathon Paris thread....Loula sis where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuu ???? did you find them too ?

  • I imagine the mysterious post is from a parallel universe where eating veg and other fruity bits will lead to short life spans and poor body shapes.  Over in that universe they eat deep fried fatty foods and lots of sugar and chocolate in order to stay healthy.    Hmm .... WWWWWAAAAIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DON'T LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yes!!! the ruth woman is one of the trainers/nutrionist typre peoples- but as you say MC, pretty crap dietimage

  • i mean - a whole BIG tin of rice pudding?????????

  • Hi all,

    Oh the irony of someone posting in this group about food,and no mention of the most important of the food groups.CAKE!!!!

    Sorry i've not been around in the last week.It's all been a bit of a blur.I did have a better birthday than i might have had,as we went to some friends for a meal and a drink,and it allowed me to escape my woes for a few hours.I went into work on Monday,just to tie up looseends,but i have had the rest of the week off on compasionate leave.There has been so much to do with helping my Dad and sis organise things,it really hasn't hit me yet.The funeral is on 31st so we have a couple of weeks before we can really begin to try and move forward.It will be so strange without Mum being around.

    Thanks for all the kind words and hugs.You are true friends.

    Just to help matters,my car failed it's MOT really badly,so i've had to scrap it and buy a new one,which hasn't helped my financial situation any.But my new car is gorgeous.It's a Mazda 323F.It's quite old,but looks really good and goes well.I love it,and i'm hoping to have it for a long time.

    After all the problems of recent weeks i haven't done any running,but i'm going to go out at the weekend,and start to get ready to do a marathon in Spring 2014.

    I will try and keep up with the thread a little better from now on.

    Nighty night.

  • So lovely to hear from you AF. We are thinking of you and sending (yet more) hugs - we seem to do a lot of that on this thread too image

    I know, wasn't the cake ommission shocking?! I could understand eating a whole much more that a whole tin of rice pud!

    Car sounds nice... umm... can I be a real girl and ask what colour it is? That's the most important thing in my book image


  • morning everyone

    DJ - good to hear from you, I'm sending more hugs too.

    might have to wander to the spring marathon to what other responses that daily menu got!

    car sounds nice DJ - but I think I will have to google and see what they look like

    no snow day image and the kids are going to be a pain constantly asking whether they are going to get sent home. Just hope I get home before the worst of the snow gets here


  • Loads of snow falling here.No work as i'm on bereavement leave until Monday,so it's quite nice watching it fall.I may take a walk down to the town later and photograph Romsey Abbey in the snow,although the light isn't looking too promising at the moment.Leaden grey sky does not help a photograph.

    Chili the car is bright red.I have to admit i go for colour and looks with a car too.Then how it goes and mundane stuff like reliability.I loved this car as soon as i saw it.

    Have a nice day,and be careful out there.

  • Hi DeeJay.  Everybody should have a red car some time in their lives! 

    I tried to remedy the shortage of cake by (again) tinkering with pictures of my breakfast carrot cake but somehow it ends up a bigger file after I crop it than it starts out!  Anyone know how to shrink JPG files?

    Anyhoo, the cake was earned after a 17k run.  Foot felt a little tender during, and fine afterwards (?!).  Still on the ice and exercises but feeling pretty positive.  No snow here but a chilly wind and about 10 degrees at the start.


  • Ooooo, red is good! image

    Snow is falling, schools close at lunchtime, our weekend guests are now arriving early. I wanted to go for a run!!!!!!!! (stomps off feeling grumpy... think I need a good snowball fight!)

  • Hi all! Just checking in. No running to report as usual as I have worked until 11 for the last three evenings. Gosh, anybody would think I was running the country rather than teaching a lot of 7-8 year-olds!

    Hope you are all enjoying the snow.  It's got warmer here. 

    DJ - Good to hear from you.  Hope the light improves enough for you to take some nice photos.

    Well better get back to it.  More portfolios tomorrow......but one more week and we have 2 weeks off!image


  • My wife has just been sent home early from work because of the snow.It's still coming down here.If it continues i won't be taking any pics as the snowflakes ruin the image.I do need to get some snowy shots for a couple of projects i want to do later in the year.I want to do a calender and some Christmas cards.


  • DJ-Good to here from you.Hope you can get some nice wintry pictures later.Pleased you got out for your birthday.Enjoy the new car.

    Snow bad here and looks like child free weekend is going to be cancelled so I am grump and fed up. I do hate it the way this ocuntry comes to a grinding halt because of the bad weather. Rant over. I sympathise with you Chilli!

    Louise well done on your 17k run.

    jude-Sounds like you are working very hard at the moment.Hopefully you will get some time to yourself soon. 

    Hi Franny,LLB,by eck,Ecky etc etc 

    6.15 miles with a few from the club in the snow this morning.

  • Afternoon all

    Aw nice to have you back with us Deejay and remember we are here for you when you need us.

    Well we semed to have escaped the snow for the moment...very chilly frosty bright sunny day...me and Chico have been out for a 2 hr walk...lovely it was. I was at the gym earlier on for weights,core and crosstraining and swim finished off in the jacuzzi for 10 mins ( muscle massage for my ankle of course)

    Hope evryone gets home safe and sound today.

    AF...seen you have been out for a snowy run with the ladies...well done you.

    Jude...so busy later nights for you...hope you manage to get out your run this weekend.

    Chili..enjoy the snowball fight image

    Byeeeeeeeee for now folks

  • Hi AF...ooo crossed post...pity about your cancelled child free weeknd...I would be grumpy too..did you have much plannned?

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