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  • Hiya

    What no cake, that person is on the wrong thread for sure. I think I need a big slice of cake just to get over the fact that someone doesn't eat cake image.

    D.J your new car sounds lovely and the idea of doing a calendar and cards sounds fab.

    Hi Jude, your job does sound tough.

    Chilli, I wanted a run too but too much snow. Our Girls were off this morning as they have to travel but little Ecky came home at lunch. Hubby is still out there somewhere in his van as they wont let them come home.image

     Boss that's such a shame. I love snow but its so disruptive.

     Hi Franny, I hope you enjoyed your walk with Chico.

     I have walked for miles today. Little Ecky wanted to walk to school and then I walked to work and to get little Ecky at Lunch. It was so lovely walking through the lakes in the snow. I just wana run though.

    Right I'm off to have a hot soak as I'm full of a cold too. Im just glad its the same time as the snow so I dont have too much time off running.

  • I couldn't cope. Having got the house ready for guests I looked at my watch and saw I had 53 mins before picking up girls. My 5 hilly miles usually takes 52 mins, but school it 2 mins closer than home, so would the extra 3 mins compensate for a thin layer of soft snow underfoot and it hitting me in the face on the downhill section? I decided it wouldn't matter if I were 2 mins late getting to the classroom. SO I went for it! 5 mile run in the snow timed to perfection to pick the girls up.

    So not feeling quite as grumpy now. AF - I'll happily rant with you, sorry your weekend is changed.

    Now, what am I going to do with 4 hyper girls for the afternoon?

  • Totally unimaginative but you could always tell them to go their room and play? My kids spend a long time playing on their own.  Daughter always wants to play schools image and the boys usually oblige coz she's the boss!

    Just had supangle which is like cold chocolate pudding - yummy. At least this school gives nice snacks!

  • Hi Chili - glad you managed to get out there!  Endorphin starvation is not healthy.

    AF - may I know why you are sometimes termed the 'boss'?  Miles in the snow sounds intimidating.  I think I prefer the heat.  I guess I'll just have to adapt.

    Franny that sounds like an incredible amount of exercise!

    Sorry to hear you have a cold brewing Ecky image look after yourself...

    Jude - puuudddinnnggg image

  • Just pullups for me today - no running as I haven't got any suitable shoes and I'd be concerned about slipping too much as well.

  • Louise I think you will have to ask others why I am called the boss!!!  

  • Chilli,well done on getting out for your run, You are braver than me.

     Thanks Louise. Its all in my head which is annoying.

    I am worried about Hubby as he is out there somewhere in his van. I just want to know he can get home safe.

  • Well done chilli on habving a timed perfected run.Enjoy your visitors grump free now.LOL

    Jude............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pudding sounds yummeeeeeeeeeeee

    Ecky...hope your cold goes away quick and hubby gets home safe and sound.

    Louise..meant to say well done on your 17k run and yes it sounds alot doesn't it...lol,just back from another wee walk with hi ...only 45 mins this time..ha ha..the weight will be falling off me wiv this puppy walking as well as my other stuff...don't know what i did before we had him. I do just love get out walking too but hipe to take him on some of my runs too.

    Oh and AF is da boss coz it was decided ther we needed one to keep us norteeee girls in place...erm don't know who he means image so he keeps us all in check and looks out for any norty talk or misbehaviour  such as posting pics of hot fir hunky men imageimageimage

  • hot fit hunky men it meant to read...LOL

    RR..get out in the snow ..its brill for running on as long as there is no ice underneath it image and its all soft and fluffy...slush and ice is not so nice...but be careful of your knee if you do go out.

  • Ecky, hope he gets home ok.

    Dj, thinking of you and your family.

    Well, I have walked today, and hope to run either tonight or tomorrow. We have 3-4 inches already, with more forecast
  • Hiya By'eck..hows the kiddies? Hope you get out for your snowy run.image

    We still don't have any...just hill snow image

  • Miss by eck is better today. She was in school until it closed at lunch time. Moo was in nursery until just after 2. Walking in this is hard work, especially when moo is in his pushchair
  • Good upper body workout as well as lower then image Glad little miss was well enough to go back to school and that moo got to nursery.

  • arghm i did a big long post and then tinternet disappeared!!

  • evening all

    well, we have lots of snow here, started at lunch time, as forecast, and was awful at 3, as forecast. School did not close early so I had an awful drive home, a bit skiidy in places, so now I am safe I am  not going out again!!

    would like to run, but the pavements are icy under the snow so not going to risk it, might try to go off road tomorrow if I can't get to the gym. only run once this week, and that was only 5k on the treadmill, so not very happy

    by eck - hope mr by eck gets home safe

  • Louise Franny is indeed one of the naughtiest girls on this thread,but not the naughties.....I will let you decide who that is!!  image

    Quite a lot of snow here - roads appear to be ok.Unfortunately, step sons haven't gone t their Dad's....hopefully tomorrow morning.  

    MC-Pleased you got home safely...all schools closed around here and i bet they didn't have anywhere as near as much snow as you did in Nottinghamshire.  

  • Phew, Hubby is home and safe although he cant get his van on the drive. He had to dig it out just to get it straight on the road.

    Boss, I am the bestest behaved and am never norty.

    Hi Mathschick.

    Loula, that's sooooo frustrating when that happens.

    By Eck Im glad Miss By Eck was better today.

  • ooo tinternet is back image

    miss llb had a snowy play out with friends earlier

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/untitled_25.png

    do i need to say ANYTHING????! HES HOT!!!!!!


  • Miss by eck is clearly feeling better - she polished off half of my tea. Sirloin, green beans and wedges. Coulda cooked it on that hunks chest
  • Well today we had no snow at 8am and about 5 inches by midday!! miss llbs schol didnt close -it remained open until 3pm whereas all the sdchools in town closed from abut 11am onwards! i was allwowed to leave work an hour early at 1pm to make sure i got hme in case school did decide to shut. my normal 10 min journey took nearly 40 at 10mph! was a bit dodgy as i got intp the village but allok. snow still falling here .

    well done chili and af on your runsd -i may attemot tomorrow if miss llb is with her dad for a while.

    ecky , glad mr ecky got home ok. by eck-hope your poorly patients improving, (((((hugs)))))


  • glad mr ecky got home safe

    still snowing here too

  • Just a crazy warm wind here. - known as a 'lodos' - it's nearly always followed by rain.

    Glad everybody's safe there.....I think there is even snow on the Isle of Wight where my parents are.

  • Yes Jude there is quite a lot of snow on the island. We have ths same local news service and the downs looked soooo pretty

    Well our Car is well and truly stuck for the weekend so Hubby and me are walking to the shops. I still feel a bit yucky but as Hubby said "at least you are ill while the snow is here so you cant run anyway"

    Mmmmmm Loula,just what I needed to wake up to on this cold morning. We can always rely on you for our Daily dose of Hunk.

     I must admit I was relieved when I saw his van. I had txt him to say ti was getting bad but he didn't realise how bad as he was stuck in the same house all day. Normally he would have been driving round all day and so would have come home earlier.


  • morning!! i need to go shopping but the chnce of getting miss llb to walk 4 miles are slim and i need too much stuff to carry so dont knw what to do!

  • morning

    how old is miss llb? can she be left for an hour (sorry, don't know how old she is, my eldest is 12 and we can leave him for a bit, but wouldn't want to leave him for much more than an hour) 

    or you just tell her she has no choice and say she will get a reward (hot choc in a cafe at the shops? new something, a treat....) for her efforts

    kids want to go sledging, we haven't got a sledge, chances of any shops having any left are slim - there is only one shop within walking distance that sells things like that.

    no chance of going anywhere in a car

    might ring the leisure centre to see if there are open so I can walk there and do a treadmill run...if not it will be turbo I think


  • loulabell wrote (see)

    arghm i did a big long post and then tinternet disappeared!!

    maybe it manifested in a cake-free universeimage making it a better place

    Alistair Fitzgerald wrote (see)

    Louise Franny is indeed one of the naughtiest girls on this thread,but not the naughtiest.....I will let you decide who that is!!  image

    hmmm.  Think I gave that one figured out....thanks for tasty treat LLB image

    It feels strange being here in the warmth while everyone else battling with snow and ice.  The only ice I see is for my foot therapy!  Foot is feeling pretty good after yesterday's long slow run so I am feeling optimistic today about at least managing to get to the start line on Friday morning. 

    Look after yourselves x

  • louise- i think you are right!! tinternet seems to be unforzen for the moment anyhow image

    aw you are so lucky being in the warmth -where are you exactrly? sorry im sure you have already said somewhere amognst all our posts but ive had to scrutinise tiny posts on my phone until my lappy was back lol

    MC, she is 10 in may so not really old enough to be left!

  • LLB-Not a very nice picture! Pleas can you post a decent picture? Of a lady.

    Roads around us are fine and have been in to town. More snow possible tomorrow, So fingers crossed that i get out for a run tomorrow.  

    Pleased everyone got home safely yesterday.

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