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  • Just been for a walk to the shops - mile each way and definitely thawing. Not safe to run in, which is very frustrating. Means the,trail routes will be even muddier
  • LLB, I am in Dubai.  It's winter here as well but that means overnight temps around 5 degrees and daytime temps 20 - 25 degrees.  Mostly blue skies cos it only rains a couple of times a year.  Have lived here for 4 1/2 years and am moving back to London in a couple of months time, carefully timed so that the shock is not too much for my system image


  • afternoon

    llb - yes, 10 is too young to be left alone. Hope you managed to persuade her to carry bags

    OH took the kids to play in the snow and I walked to the gym, it was so hot in the gym it was really hard to do cardio, but did 5k on the treadmill and some weights

    the kids got really really cold and soaked through but they have been dunked in a warm bath and had some nice hot soup so they are fine now

  • Hi guys!

    Just back from school.  It's raining here. Gonna do piano lessons in a minute with my kids.  We have some new Harry Potter music for daughter to learnimage That's as exciting as it gets here.......image

    BFN xxxx


  • my exercise consisted of scraoing car clear of snow-driving totown, and lugging bags of shoping a mile back to car lol


  • Afternoon all

    My exersize conisted of Chico walking in the snow....yes the snow finally arrived here last night..its beginning to melt away now as the sun has been out image Chico was so funny bounding about in it all and had fun with all the doggies in the park...silly us forgot to take the camera image we took it this afternoon though but doesn't look as good as nearly all the snow has gone....the cheeky sacmp stole a wee girls hat...she thought it was funny and was chasing him about the place...

    well done anyone who has managed running and hope you get out to run tomorrow if you have one planned.

  • Snow wasn't really suitable to run or cycle on which is okay cos i have guests so can't go out anyway. We did have a walk through the country park this afternoon though.

    Otherwise I am on overdrive mode for food trying to keep everyone fed!

  • Have you see this?


    Watch the sportskids of the year clip. It is soooo moving.

  • We're waiting to see if moo needs to go to hospital. He is starting to get dehydrated. Has lost even more weight and we just can't get him to.drink any kind of milk.
  • morning

    by eck - hope you don't have to have the trip to hospital.

    no exercise for me today, I turned round yesterday afternoon and my knee 'went' again, really painful, can't move it much. So fed up. I am going to go t the gp tomorrow to see if he will refer me for an mri

  • chili - that had me in tears, what a lovely boy that is

  • It's just started snowing again
  • Mooooooorning

    Chilli that brought a lump to my throat. What an inspirational young man and such an amazing family. Sounds like you are very busy too. I hope you are having a lovely time with your guests.

    No running for me again today as there is even more snow. We are attempting to walk to church in a bit as our Car is still stuck by Hubby's Van. The walk to the shops was not too bad yesterday and we got plenty stuff but then I spent the rest of the day in bed as I felt really yucky. My cold is all in my head and I just cant seem to shift it. Hubby has been fab though and did all the washing and cooking. I am feeling a bit better today though so hopefully this is the end of it.


  • Oh By Eck, I hope moo is going to be okay. Thinking of you

  • Awwww Mathschick, that must really be getting you down image

  • ecky - yeah I am really fed up. hope your cold clears up soon

  • ((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) Mathschick and By Eck

    Thanks too. I feel more like eating today so it must be improving. I just couldt be bothered with food much yesterday which is so unlike me.

  • Morning

    By'eck...sending hugs and positive vibes..hope Moo gets better soon(((((((hugs))))))))

    Mathschick......Ouchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....did you do it at the gym ?

    Ecky..Hope your cold goes away soon. Good your feeling a wee bitty better.

    Bitterly cold here today and quite icy in places....no running for me...being sensible as no need to run really and no point if icy underfoot..mara training not started for me yet thank goodness.

    Have a nice day everyone

  • Thanks Franny, yeh I am starting to get back to my usual self. Just off to shops now in the snow to get some stuff to bake a nice cake for pudding later. I am not running either even though I am in Marathon training, I dont see a point in getting injured and being off for longer. I may have to run up and down the stairs for a bit. Snow is getting bad again here.

  • helloo all!! another snowy day for us all i guess! tke care out there!

    chili that is indeed a very inspirational young person makes you realise what we all have and take for granted. hope you are not too overun with guests image

    franny sis , im doing same as you and staying safe indoors and no running. i really really really REALLY want to but i dont want to fall and be hurty.

    took my car to town for its first MOT!! IT PASSED-PHEW! so relieved as really didnt want more cost right now with having to move and everything.

    miss LLB is currently outbin snow with friends so im keeoing an eye on their antics whilst i have a hot cuppa

  • franny - not at the gym, I was getting ready to take little one to his guitar lesson, went to get a scarf, picked it up, turned round, and I guess it was the twisting that did it image

    glad everyone is being sensible in this weather 

  • by eck and MC- Sorry to here about your woes hope the day gets better for you.

    LLB-Pleased to here that your car passed it's MOT.

    Chilli-I agree very inspirational.

    Had a lovely 8 mile run in the snow this morning- the fresh snow stopped it being slippery. Kept it easy at a 9.00 minute mile pace- last mile was with the sunday papers!

    Busy cooking roast pork- bye for now have a good sunday everyone. 

  • Big girl is making a lovely Victoria Sponge, anyone want a piece.image

  • Update on Moo from Byeck

    It looks like he is getting home after getting some fluids and electrolytes

    They are going for short term fix

    Well done all our runners today Very brave of you

    Ecky look yes please Vicky Lou sponge
  • Hi all!

    By'eck - Oh no! Hope Moo has drunk some milk today.  Thinking of you.

    Ecky - wishing your head cold better. Mmmmm, I'd love a piece of Victoria sponge.

    MC - what rotten luck! Hope it heals really quickly.

    Loula - Good news about your MOT!

    Franny - Hi!

    AF - well done on your 8 miler.

    DJ - Did you get to take any snowy pictures?

    I managed a 3.5 miler this morning.  Didn't want to overdo it and found even that distance tough as I've lost fitness - but knee was absolutely fine.image

    One more week of school and then 2 weeks off. Counting the days, hours and minutes....... 

  • *passes round mahoosive chunks of cake* Does anyone want a nice hot Cuppa with that?

  • ooo vicky lou sponge- my fave!!!image

  • Moo is being admitted to hospital........By'eck wanted me to let you guys know...we are all thinking of you By'eck ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Jude..great you got out a run and that your knee is ok...fabby

    MC...so annoying about your knee...good luck at docs tomorrow

    Hiya Loula sis................image

    We have been car shopping image getting new car next month..its silver in colour...image

  • *passes Loula a lovely big chunk* Gald your car passed the mot too Loula.

    Oh yes Franny, please let By Eck know we are thinking of her. Poor little Moo. Ooooh new car sounds lovely.

  • Yes Franny send my regards to byeck.

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