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  • mr by eck - hope you and by eck finally get somewhere with the drs/dieticians, must be such a frustrating and worrying time for you

  • Morning image

    Jude...congratulations to your youngsters..you must be a proud mummy.

    Loula...........sis.............like the others said we are hear for you hunny (((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    By'ecks...hope you manage to get it all sorted out today and more importanly that them doctors losten to you.

    Louise...good luck for tomorrow...will probabaly not get back on in time to wish you it for the morning so getting in with it now...will be thinking of you...have funimage

    Ecky..glad the car was only "flooded" why do mechanics always assume its us womens fault when a car goes wrong...lol good news that it didn't cost you. How are you feeling now????

    Speak later folks


  • Morning!

    Ecky - good news about the car.

    MC - Hope you have a good day. Wish you lived closer then we could do some training sessions together.

    Loula - I haven't run more than 10 miles since Abo. But I know you have to train up for your Ultra's and I would love another day on the Ridgeway, but I'm going to have to train up for that!

    Mr & Mrs Byeck - really do hope you get somewhere today at the hospital. It must be such an anxious and frustrating time.

    Louise - very exciting about your marathon tomorrow. 

    Oh No!  We haven't had a CRAC team cheerleading practice in a while and we have to get to Dubai tomorrow for Louise? Who has the plane? What costumes are we going to wear? How will we manage the pyramid without Matt around? LOULA!!!!! WE NEED YOU!!!!!

    Today I have a nice day. My pilates class later this morning and then after lunch my birthday present - 90min massage and hot stones therapy image

  • morning

    knee dodgy so no exercise yet today, but I am definitely swimming later

    chili - I am not sure where you live but I think it is quite a long way. I am still nervous about going out on my road bike, but I am not really going to go out until the weather is better

    by ecks - good luck today

    chili - sounds like a lovely day, hope you enjoy the massage


  • Chili - hope you have a lovely day!

    By'ecks - Really hope you find a solution for Moo.

    MC - Enjoy your swim.  Be careful with your knee.

    Louise - Good luck! Enjoy! x

    Ecky - Glad to hear about the car.

    Franny - How's you?

    Hi to everybody else!

    Busy busy here and I shouldn't really be catching up with you all.....image

    BFN x

  • Afternoon all,

    Louise-Good luck on your debut Marathon. You will do us proud. We always like a reace report after the event.Especially as this is your CRAC team debut.

    Chilli-Well done on your bike ride & I think you should get the cheerleaders outfits rady for Louise.

    Loula-my training is going fairly well- not really following a plan- but did a hilly 15.5 miles the Sunday before last and 11.2 miles on Tuesday. Am intedning to build up my Tuesday runs so next week 13 and then 15 etc. Also lokiley to do some long club runs and at least one 20 mile race in March.Just need to have the confidence that I can go the distance! I know times aren't the best for you at the moment,but, it is always great to hear from you and you know we are all here for you.

    Jude-Well done on your kids for passing the exams.

    Mr byeck-thanks for the updates we are all routing for you.

    Ecky-Don't worry about the car I know nothing about cars!!! 

    Hi Franny,MC etc

    6.5 miles this morning a bit icy but pleased to get some fresh air as have been feeling a bit unwell over the last day or so. 

  • afternoon all!!!image  Chiil, when is your next event? is it outlaw again? yes i would love a ridgeway run again-can do as little or as much as you like, i fancy the ivinghoe stretch again, can do out and back if  easier? you will be fine, its amazing how you get right back into it.

    ecky, glad about the car-phew. and yeah mechanics always look at you like its something YOU have done to it!imagelike ,yeah.

    by eck , i really feel for you, is so frustrating for you that nothing seems to change or no new answersimageit does seem as though its all just short term stop gaps doesnt it. (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

    MC, are you doing an event with chili? outlaw?

    boss, your training is going well, i hope you stay injury free -be careful in this weather!

    franny sis (((((((((hugs)))))))))))) fanks , im fine and looking forward to finding a new house and moving so i am all ok dont you worryimagebrighter things on the horizon

    louise!! GOOD LUCK for tomorrow!!!

    RIGHT GANG- WE NEED A GROUP CHEERLEAD PRACTISE PRONTO!!! *trots off to find lurid lycra ,pom poms and nip tassles...for the boys, natchimage*

  • oo chili how did massage go? never ever had a massage OR hot stone therapy!

    and thank you all for your lovely words -you are all fabby image image

  • *does backflippy type move and crashes into Loula*

     Hiya, now where did I shove them Pom Poms......... BO-OSS have you seen them. Nip tassles, well remembere Loula, ooh I think the sticky has come off mine, I need some new ones image

     Phew yes relief about the car but cant believe I was going to get the blame. I told Hubby we need to go on a Car maintanence course.


  • Well I am very excited about the cheerleaders but can some of them be nearly-nekkid lads?

    I will provide full race report, is likely to include consumption of chocolate during and quite possibly cake immediately afterwards image  Just hope I manage to finish.....

    Mr & Mrs By 'eck, hope you are getting some real answers about Moo



  • LOULA, where did you put them Nakey Torso Men?

  • Thanks all.  Well, we're back home, with Michael, having got nothing more than 'him losing weight isn't serious until he's lost a kilo', and he's not really dehydrated.  They can't seem to give us any clear indication as to how bad it has to get before they should do something, or how we really avoid getting that far apart from the really helpful 'Michael has the control over feeding'.  Gee, thanks.  How exactly do we get that back from him guys?

    I can't help but think that before too long we're going to be at the really bad stage.  I so truly hate to be here, but we now have to keep a detailed diary of every discussion with medical staff as I just have this awful feeling that we are going to have to be suing them in the not too distant future.  And that really sucks.

  • *picks Ecky up off floor * erm the nip tassles are here Ecks , still in that Trolley we nicked from Littlehampton that night when we had loads to drink and got that police officer to wear that feather boa and i tried to get his shirt off and-imageum, *coughs*...well nekkid lads Louise? yep me n Ecky have a few stored somewher...*flips through numbers on CRAC towers mobile*........

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/imagesCA154KC3.jpg




    louise how about these to cheerlead you on? have to have Mr Beckham......image


  • oh mr by eck, sorry to hear that basically today has been a total waste of time

    Jude - I think I forgot to say well done to your kids for their music exams - grade 5 already is amazing


  • byeck-So sorry to here about your woes. Rgeards and thoughts to all of your family.

    LLB-Those pictures are disgusting!!!!! 

    p.s I do have all of the nipple tassles!! Can help pinning them on before we go off to Dubai.

    Don't think any of us will forget that night in Littlehampton back in the old days!!.

  • how can the Drs say Michael has control over the feeding???? hes 3!!!!!!! oh my goodness thats is SO frustrating. mr by eck i can feel frustration too-i too would be demanding they give suitable explanations and realistic suggestions. my sympathy is with you.

  • So sorry to read of all your woes by'ecks.  Have you considered going to the media about it?  Hate to say that sometimes that works faster than any other method.  Best approach is to have a look at your media source of choice.  Search through for medical stories ... different kinds ... see who the author/producer of the story is and contact them.  Usually those kinds of writers are more sympathetic and may take your case.  Worth a try?  Will pray.

  • I'm thinking about doing the Thames Meander Marathon on Sat 24th August. Starts at Kingston upon Thames and is a flat trail route with lovely scenery. Anyone want to join me?

    Oh Matt! Matt, where are you?

  • Morning all!

    By'ecks - Oh goodness, how frustrating and disappointing. Thinking of you.

    MC - thanks!

    Last day at school - yippee! This week has gone soooo slowly!!

  • chili !! id love to if its off road....only thing is i start my ridgeway ultra that dayimage

  • morning

    Jude - enjoy your last day!

    loula - chilli and I are doing the outlaw half ironman in June. I might end up having to walk the half marathon part of it if my knee carries on like this, so I had better work on getting quick at the bike and swim parts to make up for it!!

    chili - that sounds like a good marathon, though I think I need to get my knee sorted before I enter anything else! I have already entered a few tris for this year!

  • LLB - tha nks for pics, they are a great comfort to me image

    Preliminary race report:


    5h03+ (waiting for exact chip time)

    ouch.  everything hurts



  • Wow! Louise, that is great! image Well done imageimageimageimage

    Enjoy your time off Jude

  • well done Louiseimage

    plenty of rest and food and fluids.....

  • Well done Louise! That's fantastic! imageimage

    How does it feel to be a marathoner?

  • Well done Louise your 1st ever Martahon you should be really proud of yourself. image

    byeck-How are things today?  

    Chill-That sounds like a nice Marathon.I am contemplating an off road one if I do myself justice in Brighton.

    9.3 mile club run-somewaht muddy in the fields now the snow has virtually gone. 

  • Just home from school.image

    Yippee! No school for 2 whole weeks!imageimage

    Kids came home with brill reports.imageimageimage

    Might even get some running in.imageimageimageimage

    A piano lesson this evening and then RELAX!!!imageimageimageimageimage

    BFN xx

    (Well done on your muddy run, Boss!)

  • JUdeimage

    enjoy your time off, don't even think about planning lessons for the first week! And brill news re the kids' reportsimage

  • I tried to use Mr by ecks turbo trainer tonight and I didn't get on with it. His bike is too big and is set up with clip pedals and my bum got really sore image

    Moo was at nursery today. He had a good day at nursery, at reasonably and drunk a bit. He won't even let me near him with a bottle of milk.
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