Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • woohooooo louise !!!! well done hun!!!

  • here's the very long version - I've never done one of these before.  Well, I s'pose it was a long race...

    As you know, during the run up to the marathon I had a minor injury – peroneal tendinitis – from ramping up my distance a bit too quickly.  Because it was just 4 weeks from race day I really thought I’d blown my chances of running, but because I am rather prone to chronic tendinitis I wanted to make sure I treated it early and avoided  any long-term problems if possible.  So, lots of ice and physiotherapy, and sets of calf, hamstring and peroneal strengthening work.  Complete rest from running for 10 days (I did a bit of cycling and weights work to maintain some fitness), then some trial runs – 2k, 4k, 9k, 18k…despite a few niggles, everything seemed ok so I decided to go for it, although I had rather reduced my time targets from an ambitious 4h35 down to 5 hours.  Main objective was to finish without further injury.

    Had a quiet leadup, with the only exercise in three days before being a 3k walk!  Sensible eating, early nights, and an early start on a cool and misty Friday morning.  Roads were closed, so I parked about 1.5k from the start and walked in along with many of the other runners.  There were a 3k fun run, and 10k race, along with wheelchair 10/marathon events, with a total of around 20 000 participants – 2000 of which were marathon runners.  The start was quite lively, with inevitable queues for loos image

    I was lucky in that because I run with two of the local clubs, I knew a lot of people – runners and supporters, and wearing club colours gives us instant recognition out on the course.  We arranged ourselves more-or-less by expected finishing time which meant I was hanging about down the back with a bunch of other ‘social’ runners, avoiding being trampled by the super-keen starters.  I started with a very easy slow trot of about 7min per kilometre – and then locked in at between 6:40 – 6:50 per k right through to the 30k mark, with a few slower sections…including the one where I did a one block diversion and nipped home to use my own loo and then realised I hadn’t fed the cat, so did that too.  Not something most people do mid-race, but hey – I said I was a social runner image

    I felt pretty good up to the half way mark, but frankly it is a very boring course – flat and straight, so fast and popular for people chasing a PB, but the monotony did get to me.  The mist stayed until around 11h00, which was a real blessing since it kept us cool.  Once that burnt off the temps went up to 25+ - fine for me since most of the summer training was in much worse conditions, but it probably did slow most of us at the back of the field down a little bit.  The fast runners were long since home by then!  Helping to pass the time, some good friends of mine kept popping up at various places with a shout and a camera.  I expect to see the pictures in sequence of my deterioration from ‘annoyingly chirpy’ to ‘staggering bravely along’.  There were also bunches of supporters with pompoms – I presume that was you guys????  Great that you managed to get here at such short notice imageimage I thought of you when I saw them.

    Our club had set up a couple of stations along the route and it was great – we had pre-arranged all our favourite indulgences so were greeted with sliced fruit, chocolates, and ice cold drinks (the other water tables didn’t have chilled drinks). 

  • 1st call was at 17k but I was feeling good and felt it was too early to take a sugar rush.  By the time I came back the other way it was a different story!  I have a fore/ mid-foot strike, and one of my biggest issues is that the balls of my feet get really sore, especially the right one.  By 25k it was quite painful – I was expecting this and had asked (half-joking) for iced water to throw on my shoes.  The wonderful people had organised a cooler box full of iced water for me to stand in.  Bliss.  Such a relief, and made a massive difference to my pain levels.  Topped up with chocolate and set off again.  The last 10k was really brutal – by then pretty much everything hurt, but the tendinitis didn’t seem to hurt more than the rest of me so I decided it was holding up.  Stopped at another ‘club’ stop for more banana, chocolate and water and a chat.  Tottered on walking and running….things supporters should NEVER say – ‘nearly there’; ‘keep going’ (what the f* do you think I’m doing!); keep running (no, I have a plan, and it includes walking) and ‘only xx to go’ (trust me, the runner knows to the metre how much further to s/he has to go!).  As you can tell, by now I was bitter and in pain image

    Managed to dredge up a slight trot at the end (feels like a sprint, only it isn’t) and staggered through the finish line, got my medal, sobbed a bit – which took me by surprise, didn’t realise I was feeling so emotional.  Sat down and could hardly move for about half an hour.  The 1.5k to the car had stretched to about 3 apparently, cos it then took me over half an hour to get back, bit by then everyone was walking a bit funny.

    On reflection, feeding the cat and stopping to chat may have cost me that 3 minutes and 10 seconds!

    Club social in the afternoon at which I demolished at least two full meals and 3 glasses of wine.  Home to bed by 20h30.

    Good news

    – At the end I didn’t think ‘never again’ – I thought ‘I really need to prepare better next time’.

    – It was loads of fun and I actually did enjoy most of the run.  The supporters were fantastic and made the day.

    – A little bit stiff today but nothing unmanageable, and the peroneal seems surprisingly happy considering the abuse it took.  Hooray!

    Bad news

    – Although my chip registered at the start and half way, there is no finish time.  And since I know I covered every one of those 42.195k I darn well want my official result!  So I am chasing the organisers.  I seem to remember an official photographer right at the finish so I presume we’ll be able to sort it out, but it was a bit disappointing to be down as DNF.




  • louise - great race report! The marathon sounds fantastic. Hope you manage to sort your result out.

    loads of snow here and kids' morning activities have been cancelled because of the weather. I think the kids have had enough of it too and aren't interested in playing in it anymore!

  • Mooorning

    Louise that's a fab race report, Welcome to the Marathon Club. You just feel so unreal when you have done it. I understand the emotion at the end too. We were cheering you all the way.

    Hope everyone is okay and having a good weekend. Our Snow is going now so I should be out running soon.

    Well I don't know if you all remember that I won a Jacket through Women's Running. I still haven't received it so I mailed them to make sure it hadn't gone to another address. They were really sorry that I hadn't got it and gave me 2 free tops and 2 magazines while I wait for it to arrive, result.

    Mathschick, I reckon everyone has had enough of it now. It took me ages to walk to work yesterday as its just ice now. We were supposed to get more yesterday but thankfully it didnt arrive.

  • Hi all!

    Louise - great report and a huge well done again!  Hope you get the official time sorted out. I haven't run a marathon yet but it's reports like yours that keeps me hoping that one day I'll get to do one.

    Ecky - good news about the tops and magazines!

    MC - bad news about the snow.

    Well, I took the kids swimming this morning and managed a mini 3.6 miles in the park.image Somebody from the local council was there taking photos.  (The mayor walks around the park every Saturday and provides soup for everybody.) Lots of photos were taken of me image so I may end up in the council magazine.

    Piano lessons this afternoon then I'm gonna put me feet up and watch a movie.image

    BFN you lovely lot. xx

  • ecky - good result on the tops and magazines!

    snow here is melting now and everywhere is very wet and slushy

    Jude - well done for getting a run in!


  • Well done Louise. Do you know where you will be moving to?

    I'm just back and cleaned up after an 8.mile adventure. It was fab
  • well done louise!! that was a brill report fitting our CRAC towers style filled with detail, feelings, humour and of course the words we all think and mutter when we do these things!!! lol!

    i absolutely agree louise that spectators , as much as they think they are helping say the daftest things!! like the 'keep going' and ' not far' when it blimmin IS far , like 18 miles more 'far' image

    well done and dont worry about the time- end result was that you did it!

  • Or, there's only 10k left and you've run that hundreds of times. Yes, I have, but not after I've already done 20miles
  • Well done Louise great report. Not many people have fed their cat during a Marathon!! You deserve to be proud of yourself and the CRAC team enjoyed seeing you running! hopefully, they will sort your offical time out. 

    I must be the only non-marathoner on this thread!image

    Ecky-Good result with your tops! If you don't ask you don't get!

    How are things in the byeck household?

    Hi Chilli,MC,Loula,Franny,Jude etc etc ...by the way where are all the boys?

    Rest day for me... 

  • Boss .....HERES THE BOYS!!!!



  • AF - I still haven't managed to do a marathon, always seem to injure myself and scupper it!! one day....

    nice pic louimage

  • AF - I haven't run a marathon either but I'm still hopeful .......

  • Nice pic!

    I've never run a marathon. I've toddled around, walked quite a bit and generally made myself do it one mile at a time whilst thinking I really shouldn't complain because I volunteered. Last time, I had the lovely ecky who stayed and kept me company.
  • By Eck, it was one of the best days ever for me and you were a true inspiration that day.

    Jude, you will do it one day and you too Mathschick.

    Loula, we can always rely on you for the Hotties.

    Well the snow is melting and I'm hoping to run tomorrow. I have been grounded for over a week now and its driving me barmy.

  • morning everyone

    off to a swimming course today, better set off extra early as there seem to be flooded roads to contend withimage

  • Morning

    Hi mathschick....enjoy yor swimming course and drive carefully.

    A quick check in as at work.haven't had time to check all your news so I apologize in advance but did note louise did her marathon...........Woo Hoo well done you and I hope they get your time sorted out.

    Have a good day everyone and happy running to all.

    My marathon schedule starts this week...well it should be the week after but I like to have a week in hand incase of illness etcimage

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice boys Loula........they are seriously HOT HOT HOT..................send em over to me pronto...lol imageimageimage

  • mornng sis!! yeah they iz hot hot hotty boys for sure!! aw shame you at work-hope its quietish for you image i do that too on a schedule , always start ahead in case i get injured etc. i REALLY should be on my schedule already but the stupid weather is messing it up!

  • Mooooorning

    Yeeeeey, the snow has gone and I can get out running. I am behind in my schedule now but I will have to try and make the time up without getting injured. I haven't run since last Thurs image.

    Loula, what is your weather doing now?



  • Morning all!

    Franny - hope your day at work passes quietly.

    Ecky - enjoy your run.

    Loula - Hi! Are you running today?

    Took Elif swimming (Cem said his legs achedimage) and managed another mini 3 miles in the pouring rain. Legs were still tired from yesterday's 3 miles - GOSH I'm sooooo unfit!

    Kids have started their homework as they all have a lot to do over the holidays.image

    (even my little 'un!)

    Have a good day all!

  • I am disgusted at those horrible pictures Loula.Please sort out some decent pictures or you will have to sit on the naughty step.image

    Nice day down here and went and did a 7.3 mile run this morning.Just seen the weather forecast for Tuesday doen't look very nice for my planned 13 miler. image

    Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.

  • Awwww, Loula, you is in trubble again, quick I will hide you so he cant sit you on the step again.

    Well done on your run boss. What is your weather doing in the week. We are due for lots of rain.

    Hi Jude, well done on your run. You will soon get back into it. Boooooo to lots of homework.

    Well, I managed just under 3 as I was suffering a bit from too much Vino last night. It was only 2 glasses but I have not touched a drop since New Years. I did see one of the school Mums doing her first ever run so I gave her a few tips and she went off quite happily. I love to see people having a go at running.

  • oooo ecly we had better hide under the stairs then image* slams door shut ......*


  • *whispers from inside cupboard*.......

    ' is there a cuppa going?.....and perhaps a biccie or 3?'.....its a bit quiet in here

  • Choklit brownie?
  • LLB-You can come out of the cupboard if you post a nice picture of a lady!

  • Pssssssst Loula, By Eck has Choklit Brownies.


  • evening

    brilliant day today, but went on much longer than anticipated! 

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