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  • just caught up on the old thread - hope you are ok loula

    and loula - I am doing outlaw half for me and for fun, but OH does think it will be the end of me! 

    had a good walk in the forest with the kids and OH, although they were all arguing about going....

  • So this is the new crac towers [looks around].. nice!


    Liking the new years resolutions!

  • Loula - sending you hugs and love. Take care of yourself hunny.

    Rocker, Liz, Big Girl and me have just done a 4.7mile run through the woods in the sunshine! image Was wonderful. So good to see our gorgeous Rocker and meet his lovely lady. Was a very tough, slow run cos of all the mud. Got thoroughly soaked and muddy feet. Was my Big Girl's first proper trail run and she did great. Am very proud of her.

    Hubby is going to post a photo on here when he can shrink it. And in keeping with CRAC tradition we had lemon cake and flasks of coffee at the end. image

  • MATTTTT!!!!! *Flies at Matt for New Year hugs and kisses* How are you? We haven't heard from you for a while. How is your knee? Are you running? Any plans for the year. How is your lovely wife and kids?

  • Matt - how are you?

    chili - sounds like a great day, your girl has definitely made you proud. 

    right, off to do a turbo session before I talk myself out of it, as I just feel like lazing about now

  • Off out for a run soon.  image

  • Chili - well done to you and your big girl - sounds like a hard run!

    RR - Enjoy!

    Matt - Hi!

    MC - Enjoy your turbo session. Glad the forest walk was a success.

    Franny - some good aims for the year!

    Ecky - How's your head?

    Loula - sorry, I must've missed your post too.  Hope you're OK. Thinking of you...

    Just back from kids swimming.  They got to play water polo, for a change.image 

    Trainer wants Elif to take all her medals to show the younger ones and inspire them, as they have their competition soon. Him asking made Elif happy.image





  • Jude - that is lovely, hope she inspires them and they do well

    modern family life - everyone in my house is sitting at a different computer. OH and the boys are playing some game online together though, they are using headsets and mikes to communicate. I think they are going to drive me mad, I had better go and read a book or something to escape!

  • Did some running today on LLB's favourite route. It was so muddy I've decided I need a better trail shoe. This mud isn't going to disappear over night.

    I currently run in an Adidas supernova riot, but that is a hybrid. Great for going betwsen road and trail but ends up looking more like mud pancakes stuck to a shoe in this stuff. Any suggestions?
  • Evening All & Happy New Year,

    Welcome Blisters and Louise.

    Good to see certain people have or are threatning to misbehave from the word go!!! LLB you deserve some fun and I truly hope that you and your daughter are ok?

    I will post my New Year's Resolutions and aims tomorrow.

    Been hetic today with My Knacker Cracker 10k - major hills, extremly muddy 500 steps etc- time of no irrelevance. Virtually everyone was on facncy dress- perhaps someone who isn't as inept as me (Loula?) can post some pictures of me in my Thunderbirds outfit! At one stage I fell over and someone siad Thunderbirds are gone! which made me laugh!

    Have a good evening everyone and here's too a great, injury free 2013.    

  • 7.6km for me today, good pace and three of the steepest longest hills in my immediate area.  And would you know it, first run of the New Year and it was right slap bang in the middle of The Zone. image


  • Chilli, that sounds like a brilliant run. Well done to your Big Girl.

    Jude my head is okay now Thanks. I had some tablets earlier and got out in the fresh air. Just had a lovely beef dinner too which was yummy.

    Boss I have been sooo Good so far this year. Well done on Cracking the Knackers too. Sounds a real tough one.

    Mmmmm did someone say Cake. I am being good so no pudding today although I did some lovely Yorkshire puds. I am building up for my 6 miler tomorrow.

  • I'm so sorry folks (Happy New Year btw!) ... I've been trying ALL DAY to upload the photo I took and it simply will not let me do it today, for some reason. image  I'll keep trying ... and will get it up there eventually. Again ... sorry!

  •    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

    I made it to the new CRAC Towers.Looks good.

    I'm hoping to push on and regain my running mojo after a very disrupted 2012.My problems are still there,with my Mother being rushed into hospital this morning,and my wife beginning to feel the effects of the MS a bit more,but i'm determined to get back to doing something i really love,eating cake,er i mean running.

    So my new routine starts on Saturday then 3 nights a week until i feel ready to add a 4th.

    I hope we all have a fabby year and overcome any setbacks in our lifes.May all the anger,pain and sorrow,leave your lives,and may your roads be clear,as Greg Lake sang.

    Ah a song reference.Well i won't have time for Tune Of The Day this year,but may i suggest we take it in turns to choose a song each day.This will give us a wide variety of tunes to listen to.



  • Sorry to hear that DJ - hope she gets well soon!

  • So sorry to hear that DJ

    May I propose a tune for tomorrow then. My musical knowledge is limited but I did gear my favourite smoothie today - I can't help falling in love with you by Elvis Presley.
  • Good Morning friends.

    DJ - Thinking of you all. 

    AF - Well done on your race. Sounds like an excellent way to start the year.

    Have a good day!


  • DJ ((((((( hugs))))))) so sorry to hear that , hope your wife feels better in time, I'm sure with you to look after her she will. Just make sure someone looks after you too!! Xxx
  • Morning

    DJ sending (((hugs))) too. Seems like you have been having a real tough time of it lately and yes, I agree with Loula.

    Morning Jude.

    Well day 2 of Marathon training. 6 miles today which is the longest I have done in a while. I will have to start training with Trev soon although I reckon I may have to get permission to take him round London on the Tube. I need to find somewhere to stay too so will have to keep my eye's open for any Hotel cancellations.


  • DJ, (((((hugs)))))) from me too. Hope your mum is ok and your wife is too.

    Ecky - well done on your run

    I am a bit worried as I seem to have got used to sleeping till 8 - next week when I have to get up and be out by 7 is going to be a shock and I am going to be tired and grumpy!

  • MORNING ALL!!!!!


    Oooh, it's new and shiny in here... how long before LLB or Franny break something while swinging vigorously from the pole?image

    It's nice to see everyone being so positive, changes and new goals can happen any day, you just have to make them happen...

    So, my review of last year - ermmm, interesting! Thanks to all of you I made it through my separation, went from having run a half marathon to having run 3 ultras, and had a damn good laugh on here.

    Onto 2013 - well, as you all know, I have the lovely Liz in my life now, and i'm the happiest I've ever been (soppy I know, but that's just me image ). Running wise I'm starting to get the hunger back - I've amended race entries etc - so far I only have 4 planned. First race is the Grindleford Gallop, a hilly 20m trail race around the Peak District in March. My two main A races are the North Downs Way 50 in May, and the Ridgeway 85 in August, then i'm doing the Round Rippon Ultra in October - other than that, i'll be at VLM cheering on Liz who has a place, and hopefully entering a race or two with her!

    Right, better get on with my work!

  • Hola senors et senoritas.  Kinda dropped off the old thread.  Things got busy and I mostly hibernated from my online life.  Anyway, goals for this year, in no particular order:

     - drop the final 10Kg to get down to the 82.5kg target.

    - get properly fit, and by that I mean can comfortably run 5k, and run 2.5k in a suit with a backpack in 15-20 minutes (London Bridge station will be ceasing to work sometime in the new year).

    Think thats it.  Sure by 'eck will have other plans for me...

  • rocker and mr by eck - great to hear from you both

    rocker - a very eventful year for you, and some big plans for this year

  • .Afternoon,

    DJ-Pleased to here from yopu.Hope 2013 is a better year for you.   

    Ultra-Please don't encourage Franny and LLB!  

    RR-Well done on your 7.6 k.

    Ecky-Well done on your 6 miler.  

    I am feeling a litle fed up as I have my 1st running related niggle for a few months- I have a pain above the back of my foot and it ached when I ran 4.1 miles this morning. Have applied some pain relievibg gel so hope it willdo the trick.May rest tomorrow moning if still niggly. 

    Must go off and do housework as day off today (back to work tomorrow), but Mrs AF working.

    Resolutions for 2013:-

    Complete my 1st Marathon in April in a respectable time.......that's my main focus at the moment with a few races thrown in beforehand...not sure what yet. 

  • Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo everyone

    Mattttttttttttttttt..great to hear from you..hope you are back running again.

    Deejay....Big hugs ((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))) we are hear for you.

    AF..well done on your race yesterday and hope your niggly foot pain goes away with some rest.

    Ecky...well done on your run...........image

    Chilli and Rocker...sounds like you had an amazing muddy run...they are the best kind..lol

    By'eck...you too..great you have managed to get out there and get muddy too.

    Hiya sis...hows you hun????? glad you enjoyed your run yesterday.

    MC...I am sure you won't be grumpy and once you are back in the swing of things it will just be routine again.

    Jude...well done on your running too and its great to run for fun and not get bogged down with training schedules.

    I haven't managed out for my 1st run of the year as yet image..was a very busy 3 days at work and today i have been feeling rather lethargic (womens problems) and also needed to get the house ship shape...all christmas stuff away and everthing all nice clean and sparkling again...won't last long....lol...we have been out with Chico tho for a nice long walk this afternoon.

    Hope everone is having a good day

    Speak soon



  • Heylo CRACers image Hope you all had a good xmas and new year!


  • Hi Tom! How's you?

    Franny - well done on sorting the house out. We are still in a bit of a lego mess.....

    Ultrarocker, mr By'eck and AF - like the resolutions!

    Ecky - well done on your day 2 run.

    Hi to everybody else.

    Just had supper and psyching myself up to do my marking: 60 odd tests and homeworkimage. (Wonder when the Christmas smileys will disappear? I'm gonna use them as long as I can.)

    Have a good evening folks. xx

  • /members/images/623379/Gallery/elif_team.jpg

    Elif and her relay team and trainer.  (I'm obviously putting off my marking!)

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