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  • Louise - leaving a piece of cake is so very, very wrong. But its interesting you should bring up the subject because I have had two very unusual experiences this week.

    1. I ate a piece of cheap mass-produced presevative full carrot cake and couldn't bare a second mouthful (fed it to the kids instead!)

    2. Last night we had a M&S lemon tart (short dated and thus reduced) for pud. It was too sweet! I felt a bit sick after my slice.

    Do you think there is something wrong with us? Are we still worthy to be members of the CRAC team?

    In my defence the fat free, wholemeal fruit cup-cake I made myself and ate at lunchtime, tasted perfect image

  • serves her right if she was suspended

  • Rather harsh, Lou.  My guess is that she kept the kids attention in all her classes...

  • I am with Mr byeck on this one!! Loula you still need to redeem yourself.image

  • loula - we need some balance here

    chili - I don't like mass produced cake much, compared to home made it just isn't nice. And I really don't like cakes covered in all that sweet buttercream stuff - eg cupcakes where there is more buttercream than cake. 

  • Hello everyone,

    Thanks for all your kind words,thoughts and hugs.Yesterday went as well as these things can do.A nice service,a good turn out,lots of tears but some happy memories too,and it was nice to see some friends and family i haven't seen for a while.

    Going to go for a run on Sunday to get back into the swing of things.Better get the Garmin charged and check on the kit.I have only run once since the middle of October,so it's going to be tough.

    I think a song for today should be Van Halen with ''Hot For Teacher'',which totally fits with the pics posted by Mr By'Eck

    I love all types of cake including those smothered in sweet buttercream stuff.I have a very sweet tooth. 

  • A friend and I went to a really nice tea room for lunch. We had soup, followed by scrummy cake and pots of lady Winchester tea. image

    Sadly it meant I didn't get my run in. But spending time with friends is very important
  • by eck - yep, spending time with friends very important, sounds like you had a lovely time. 


  • DJ-Good to here that all went well & you are about to go running again. Good luck & I will have to check that song out.

    byeck-Always another time for a run. Never tried Winchester tea before.

    Step children have gone so Chinese meal with Mrs AF tonight.

    Hi MC- Any good music tips at the moment? Need to discover something different. 


  • boss - I have recently got into the Black Keys - have you heard them? Bluesy style. Enjoy your child-free timeimage


  • I will also have to listen to your tune DJ. May the God of peace be with you and your family. And I hope you manage to get out for your run this weekend.

    Byeck - lunch and cakes and friends are very important. Glad you had a nice time. Has Moo eaten today?

    I did my 10 miles image Am very pleased because it's been quite a few weeks since I last did that kind of distance.

    So, we need to get a bit organised and make a list of this years events so we know what the CRAC team are doing. Events are classed as races, big planned trips, or a real chalenge. Can be any distance, time etc. And we will do the next 6 months.



    25/26 Chilibean - 100 mile Cycle to Cambridge & Back over 2 days

    6 Chilibean - 5k Radlett Rotary Run leading Rosedale Runners

    2 Chilibean - Half Iroman Outlaw Triathlon


    If you are not sure how to copy, paste and add to the list just let me know your dates and I'll add you on.

  • By eck - ndw50 sometime in may

    Possibly also giants head marathon 22nd June
  • Loula

    April- compton 40?


    August-pacer for another runner in his 100miler


  • Hi all

    Sorry not been on for a bit but had to sort stuff out for meeting on Weds. Im am going Oooop North for the day.

    D.J, I was thinking about you on Thurs.

    I will have to sort my list out as I have a few coming up but not sure of dates.

    March. Fradley 10k

    April, London.

    Wow Loula your races are Mahoosive.

    No running for me today as Little Ecky had an inset day. I took him into town and as we were coming out of Greggs we were pounced on by a policeman and a Truant officer. I was okay as I know they are only doing their job. I did say to the Policeman that I dreaded taking my kids to town on training days as they seem to be different from the rest of the local schools and so it does look like they are skiving. I always seem to get looks of disgust as if I am a terrible parent, spesh if its the girls.


  • Okay, we're adding August in as well image



    Loula - Compton 40
    25/26 Chilibean - 100 mile Cycle to Cambridge & Back over 2 days

    6 Chilibean - 5k Radlett Rotary Run leading Rosedale Runners
    Byeck & Loula - North Downs Way 50

    2 Chilibean - Half Iroman Outlaw Triathlon
    22 Byeck - Giants Head Marathon


    Loula - pacer for another runner in his 100 miles
    24 Loula - Ridgeway 85
    24 Chilibean - Thames Meander Marathon

    Wow! Byeck  - I didn't realise you were doing an Ultra! All respect to you image

  • February

    Louise - Abras 10k series race 2


    Louise - Two Oceans 56k (Eek!)

    April Loula - Compton 40 25/26 Chilibean - 100 mile Cycle to Cambridge & Back over 2 days

    May 6 Chilibean - 5k Radlett Rotary Run leading Rosedale Runners Byeck & Loula - North Downs Way 50

    June 2 Chilibean - Half Iroman Outlaw Triathlon 22 Byeck - Giants Head Marathon


    August Loula - pacer for another runner in his 100 miles 24 Loula - Ridgeway 85 24 Chilibean - Thames Meander Marathon

  • Chilli,

    Tomorrow Chichetser 10k  

    March 10 Worthing 20

    April 14 Brighton Marathon.

    Many more to be announced/entered I will keep your informed.

    MC-Thanks I will investigate them. 

  • wow, there are some serious events going on on this threadimage



    7 Sussex Marathon (ok, looking very unlikely now, but maybe I will back running and able to drop down to the half mara)

    21 - David LLoyd Sprint Triathlon

    27 - 5k swimathon

    May - 5 Southwell Sprint Triathlon


    2 - Outlaw Half Ironman

    22 Dambuster Standard distance triathlon

    July - 22 - Woodhall Spa Sprint triathlon

     23 - great Notts bike ride



  • guess I need to be training properly for all thatimage

  • Morning,

    Wow what a lot of races we are doing. I will get the list for League races soon so will post them.

     Running for me this morning but I have a bit of a cold again so will take it easy. Marathon training is not going as planned so just doing what I can.

  • morning- wow MC, you have a lot going on!!

     and chili- some massive bike rides!! impressive stuff from you guys!

  • loula - yeah, but I need to be able to run!! well, can always walk the run stage of the triathlons...

    anyway, just back from the gym, did 30mins of walk 2/run 2 and felt better today, calves achy but I think I wasn't on my toes as much as the other day. Thought I better stop after 30mins though and not push it. So did 40mins on the bike, 10mins, rower (had to stop it there because someone with really strong perfume came onto the rower next to me and made me feel image) and some weights. Good way to start the weekendimage

    going to make some bread now to have with some homemade soup for lunchimage

  • Well donbe on the Gym Mathschick. Mmmmmm homemade soup and fresh bread sounds good.

    I just managed 4 miles which I'm pleased with as Im running at 10 min miles again. I have lost 1st 3lb since Abo and have stopped losing weight now as I feel great. I just need to up the miles after a training blip. One of my running club teamies has suggested a longer run tomorrow morning as our season starts up again in April.

  • Afternooon everyone image

    No running for me today as ran 9.5 miles yesterday with club.image

    Some serious mileage going to be done in events by CRAC...woo hoo

    My events for this year

    March 2nd ( I think 1st Sunday in March........Arbroath Smokies 10 mile ladies race.

    March 24rth...Grangemouth Around the houses 10k

    April 12th....Edinnburgh Rock and Roll Half Marathon

    May 26th........Edinburgh Marathon

    Lovely day here crisp,cold and sunny..have a good one folks

    Ecky...well done on your running and good your running your 10m/m again and very well done on your weight loss..that is fabby.


  • Hi Franny, well done on your run yesterday and Thanks. I just seemed to put it on so easily. I have to be careful now though as I will be doing high mileage.

  • Hi all!

    Ecky - well don on your weight loss and 10 minute miles.

    Franny - well done on your run yesterday.

    MC - well done on your gym session.

    And...Well done to all of you on your racing committments! I'm not coming to England this year because of lack of funds so I'm really restricted with races. There is the usual 15K here in Bursa sometime in April and the Istanbul marathon/15Km in November which I pulled out of last year. I'll see how things go....image but I probably won't enter if I'm only running once a week because it is a bit demoralizing!!

    I've been out of action again for the last couple of days with the snuffles but am hoping for a run tomorrow.  Met a friend for breakfast yesterday and another friend while kids were swimming in the evening which was lovely.image No cake but lots of homemade börek (savoury pastries).

    Just done piano lessons and planning a game of RISK this evening coz the kids love it.

    BFN xx

  • That's what happens when you take a break...

    I had a week out because of that virus, then another week where my motivation went missing.  Finally got out there yesterday and I was fatigued after fifteen minutes.  Not my legs: they were fine, no - my CV system was struggling.  Still managed to get to the end of the route so 4.1km all told, but it was a real struggle.

    Getting some dumbells soon.  They have a greater range of motion than machines and are supposed to be better at working individual muscles (like biceps), and as a bonus I should be able to fit the weights to the Total Trainer for tougher leg exercises. image

  • Resting up today.

    Some good races lined up. Well done on all of those who ran this weekend.

    Franny- You never know I may do the Edinburgh 1/2 in 2014 as Mrs AF and I are planning to go to Edinburgh for 3-4 nights to celebrate my big 50.Will probably go over the Easter holidays.  Do you live in Edinurgh can't remember? Any recommendations for decent hotels?

  • Aw Jude..hope you feel better soon.

    RR..your cv fitness will return in no time at all

    AF...yes it is Edinburgh I live imageThere are hotels on the High Street which is right in the thick of it all....The Radison Blue in the Royal mile or Apex in the grassmarket. Depends what you are looking at price wise.Balmoral on princes street and The Caledonian if you really want to pussh the boat outimageThat would be good and am sure you would enjoy it..the Rock and Roll half is usually April and takes you around the city where as the the other half which is on same day as the marathon is not so city orientated.  I loved the rock and roll half last year image

  • the rock and roll half sounds like a lot of good fun. Maybe I will suggest a little trip to Edinburgh next year - OH will be up for it, but not sure about the funds as we are about to get our bathroom done up (it has needed doing for years) and is going to cost a fair bit because of the amount of work that needs doing, can't wait much longer to do it, as loo doesn't work properly, black mould everywhere because the walls weren't done properly.... you can only keep on top of it with so much bleach but it keeps coming back!

    ecky - yeah, I put on weight really easily too

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