Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • morning all

    well, throat ok but knee not so no turbo and hobbling around schoolimage

    Louise - your weekend event sounds like fun

  • Afternonn- nearly!

    Franny-Well done on your 5 miler and 9 miler to be.

    Franny/MC- The going slower thing for me is the solution and I will hopefully do some 18+ mile runs with some of the ladies from the club, who will help me with this.

    Louise-I was wearing skins yesterday which do help. I am not achey at all today and probablu could have gome out today.Will do 5-6 tomorrow and then club run on Friday.

    Chilli-Well done on your 1 mile swim impressive.

      Have a good day....  

  • AF..sounds a good plan to me...skins are great i got some 2xus for christmas and they have been the best thing image

    MC..take care of that knee now

    Well I went out and di 5.5 miles...housework now completed..having lunch as I type and then another Chico walk.image

    Oh and Chico's running belt came today..i got it from amazon it is a waist bekt that has attachment for his lead...well we will see how that goes lol..will try him out in a place where there are not too many dogs or distractions otherwise Franny could end up who knows where image

  • Louise  - enjoy the sunshine. It's freezing here!

    Franny well done on run and housework.

    RR - enjoy your weights. I have a 5kg dumbell that sits in the corner of my bedroom. There is no carpet downstairs so I do my stretches and bit of strength work squeezed in beside my bed... which also doubles as my study cos my hubby works from home and trying to write essays in the same room as him simply doesn't work. Am supposed to preping one now. How come writing the essay is easier than making the outline?

    MC - image

    Biked 22 miles this morning. Sleet and one point and very cold horrible north wind. But otherwise fine image

  • chili - you are doing well on the bike, 22 miles is a brilliant mileage

    the outline is when you have to do the thinking, once the thinking is done it is easy! (well....)



  •  O M G .

     it is indeed fweeeezing out !!!!!!!!!

  • franny sis i hope its not too boiling for your M-day either but i want it very boiling for my ultras lol.

    miss LLB has noticed that by eck and the Boss STILL do not have avatars- she says could you endeavour to have them soon pleaseimage

  • I did ask them but apparently a picture of my pussy wasn't allowed
  • I will not comment by eckimage

  • He is a very pretty tom.called Mr.Tom Kitten.
  • ok, done 20 mins of core work (well, gentle core work) which has got me out of my grumpy mood! so tomorrow morning, knee or no knee I get up and if core is all I can do, I do core!

  • Fighting talk MC! image That's what we like to hear.

    Hi Loula *waves*. How are you hun?

  • Whoa.  Just done my first workout with the dumbells - felt a lot tougher to do than when using the machine!  Am expecting a certain degree of soreness tomorrow...

  • Loula-I have no idea how to do an avatar and you know my IT skills are somewhat poor.

    byeck-Not sure what I can say!! I think you are getting corrupted.   

  • by 'eck, it's hilly wrote (see)
    I did ask them but apparently a picture of my pussy wasn't allowed


    Hit that core hard, MC! image

  • Well done mc and roadrunner

    I did 5.5 miles. It wasn't as cold as I expected but there were still hills in the way. Kit is in the wash ready for tomorrow image
  • RR - hope you aren't too sore this morning

    did a little gentle turbo and some core this morning, not hard enough to be training, but good enough to stop me from moping aroundimage

  • My feet ache this morning. I have all the kit in the wash ready for tonight. Moo goes back to see the dietician. We have kept him off all milk protein and I think it may have worked. Hmmm, if the scales show he hasn't dropped a stack of weight this will be his new diet.

    Mc, how is the knee? Are you on half term next week?
  • morning by eck

    going downstairs is worst - well, I can't do it so I have to go one step at a time without load bearing on the left leg - takes ages! We are at school next week and half term the week after. It has only been a short half term, but I am ready for a break!

    Hope it goes well with the dietician

  • Morning all.  Question if I may.  I was in the gym this morning (working from home, out at the usual time just to the gym rather than the station image) and did a 5k run on the treadmill.  I'd set the speed at 10kph, and had to walk 100m at the halfway point.  Having done the walk, I picked straight back up again and started back at the 10kph, completing the 5k in about 30 minutes or so.  By 'Eck's advice was to drop the speed back a bit and don't take the break, whereas my thoughts are to keep going at the current pace, trying to push the break further and further out until I don't need one.  Last time I think I needed 2 breaks, and the first was after 2km, so I think my plan is working.  Any other thoughts on how I should be doing it?


  • you are a brave man to question your wife's adviceimage

    well, I would say that you should be running at a pace that you could have a conversation at. And it depends why you felt the need to stop for a break - was it because you honestly couldn't continue moving at that pace, or was it because mentally you felt like a break? it can be hard to figure out sometimes - I often have a walk break, for all sorts of reasons - have a drink; break it up a bit; just feel like it. I don't think my breaks are ever really because I didn't feel that I could actually keep moving at the same pace

  • Brave or foolish - I tend to err on the foolish side.  I wasn't at physical breaking point.  I was at the 'I need a break to see me through the next 2.5k' point.  More of a pacing mechanism than an 'I'm going to fall over now' point.

  • if it is pacing, then you need to go slower for the whole run. try putting it on 9.5km/h next time

  • (chocolate on its way to MC)
  • Mmmm.... I have to say I agree with the other ladies. Drop the speed so you don't need a break and then begin increasing speed.

    Byeck - hope Moo's appointment goes well today.

    Chocolate Chip Cookies anyone? They taste far too good and I'm a bit worried that I'm going to end up eating them all myself.

  • Oooooo, yes please
  • Mr byeck- I think the ladies are correct - sad to say image. Not that I am very good at take it slowly!

    byeck-Well done on your 5 miler and fingers crossed for Moo.

    MC-Well done on your core workout. Hope that knee gets better.

    Managed 7.1 miles this morning,biy of hill work and speed work chucked in. 23 miles this week so far.

    Have a good day everyone....; 

  • mathschick wrote (see)

    RR - hope you aren't too sore this morning

    did a little gentle turbo and some core this morning, not hard enough to be training, but good enough to stop me from moping aroundimage

    Nope, not too bad. image

    Some muscles are more sore than others: left hamstring much more noticeable than right, both forearms, both shoulders, one bicep more so than the other.  Stuff like that. image

  • Afternoon

    Mr By'eck...I agree wiv the others image well done

    AF...well done on your 7 hilly miles

    RR...seems you have had a good workout

    By'eck...well done on your run yesterday and good luck with Moo at dieticians.Hope you get your run in tonight.

    Hellooooooooooooooooo everyone else

    Well I went out and did my 9 miles which is my Long run for this week. Cranking up the miles again for my 4rth Marathon.image Plan seems to be going well so far.


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