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  • morning 

    hope you find your pictures by eck!

  • They were some eye candy for us well behaved ladies. Jenson Button in all his tri glory, and Dr John Carter from ER (scrummy yummy). I did think about putting up some pics of Thandie Newton but thought Mr by eck may remind everyone she is 40 now.
  • NOT JENSEN !!!!!!!

  • What's wrong with being over 40 image????


  • Or even (ahem) over 50 image ????


  • Morning All

    Hi Loula sis sorry didn't get back to you last night..my phone battery died ...lol How are you hun?

    Good training Chilli.

    Well parkrun for me today after 2 mile warm up made up for my 5 sheduled miles image

    Work at 2pm for me Booooooooooooo

    Have a fun day everyone and happy running/swimming/shopping etc.

  • oh I love Dr Carterimage and Jensen isn't bad. by eck - find the pictures!!!!

    went to a trial for the masters swim sessions (master = over 25) was nervous in case I wasn't going to be good enough, but loved it, really hard session but felt so good and they were really nice, in the slow lane with 2 other women who have been going for 10 years now! 

  • Hi all...

    AF and other Misters, I think the laydies are well in credit now for some pics of nekkid men.

    Ecky, hope things are going well with your Appeal.

    By 'eck, I think if you fall asleep for 4 hours then what you needed was a sleep not a run!

    This week training kind of normalised; did a circuit session on Wednesday for the first time in aaages, so like RR I have some unaccustomed achey bits.  Did the Wadi Bih relay.  My sections added up to 16k, of which almost 3 was a brutal climb, I could only walk it at 12+ minutes per k (!).  But rather up than down with my knees, and the purple tutu made anything possible.  It took us just under 8 hours to  complete the 71k course, and we were runners up for  'best dressed' team.


  • well done Louiseimage

  • We need picturess!!!

    Just back from choosing tiles for the new kitchen. So tough. We have two options
  • by eck - when they did our kitchen a few years ago I just left it up to the guy who did the kitchen! He chose well as it looks great. Getting the same folk to do our bathroom, and I will probably leave it up to him again!

  • the kids have killed my swiss ballimageimage

  • i have new trainers!!!!!!!!!

  • Ooooo Any pics of your trainers Loula?

    Or any pics of your race Louise? very well done by the way!image

    Or pics of men By'eck?

    Well, did another 4 miles this morning.  I think I'll forget any future marathon possibility and become the 4 mile diva?image

    Hubby has made cheesecake so all is right with the world.image

    BFN x


  • /members/images/623379/Gallery/chris-evans.jpg

    Is this any good to anybody?

  • Just been offered donut or carrot cake - went with a banana smoothie instead.  Mmmm, nice - gonna chuck some strawberries in next time! image

  • image Jude, I like you!

    I have made some cheese and mustard sable biscuits. They are a bit moreish.
  • Jude, thanksimage

    RR - how can you forego cake?? although I love a nice fresh banana smoothie too. Not that keen on dougnuts, always taste a bit greasy

    by eck those biscuits sound good

    I seem to have baked a bit today - home made pitta breads with lunch, some bread rolls, and a lovely banana and chocolate cakeimage


  • mathschick wrote (see)


    RR - how can you forego cake?? although I love a nice fresh banana smoothie too. Not that keen on dougnuts, always taste a bit greasy


    Well, y'know - I looked at both, and then Mr Healthy Option kicked in and I thought - nah, I'll just stick a couple of bananas and milk in the Magic Bullet! image

    Donuts can vary - you can usually tell by just looking at them in my opinion: if they're light and golden in colour, they shouldn't be too greasy, but if they're darker then they're almost always too greasy in my experience.  Can't stand greasy donuts...euuuch.

  • too much hair on that guy jude!!!

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/imagesCAM3EEQY.jpg

    these are my shooz! look at the underneath! skeleton footprints in the rain!


  • Oh Loula, they are pretty! image Love the skeleton.

    Had a study day in London and was very happy cos one of the other attendees is a runner doing london marathon for the first time so we partnered up.

    Just a few miles of walking today. Legs feel surprisingly good considering how much training I've done this week. I have slept well too which is quite unusual for me but has made such a huge difference.

  • loula - love the shoesimage

  • Shoe envy. I was looking at some inov-8s ths other day.
  • chili- aw you do so much. missing seeing you, must arrange a run to chat lots , and the girlies too!

    hope you had a lovely study day in London.image

    thi innov8s were a treat to myself-love them!!!

  • by eck, they are lovely you should try some.

  • RR, good for going for the health option! im not really a doughnut person so dont have too much trouble staying away from them. my down fall is biscuits!!!image

    oo my funky new tune on my iphone ive listemned to today over and over is A.M.E -play the gameboy-fab!!!

  • LLB - your shoes are gorgeous image

    Jude - thanks for swiss ball laugh and cheesecake AND beefcake. 

    Pics of Wadi Bih run should be coming soon and I'll post a link.  I still haven't mastered posting pics directly - what format do you need them to be in?

  • morning

    I don't really like biscuits much, but if there are some available at school I eat them, which doesn't make sense at all, I think it is the feeling that I am having a 'treat' which is sometimes necessary after a hard class 

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